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  1. dreamofcruising

    Help! Snow coming, but I have NCL Insurance

    Thanks for the advice. It will be interesting to see how this storm plays out. Columbus, OH is kinda right in the path that could go 5 inches or 18 inches lol. If we leave 2 days early (this Saturday) that puts us leaving the day of the brunt of the storm and the worse chance. So our plans to leave Sunday is arriving 1 day early and probably the best bet as the highway should be more clear than Saturday. We have 3 possible non stop flights on Sunday so hopefully that will work. Cruise leaves Monday and it would be hard to get a flight that day to arrive in time. Leaving Friday is not a option due to other commitments. So...…….fingers crossed. Worse case, it seems I can apply for a credit for a future cruise. It is just a quick 4 day on the Jade, but would be nice just to have that at this point! I would be more worried if it was a nice long 7 day! :) Not sure I will plan another January cruise unless it was for a 7 day.
  2. Hello, My cruise leaves this weekend and if by some chance I can not make it to the airport because of the snow, (airport is 2 hours away) what happens to my cruise fare? I have the standard NCL Insurance. I have been on hold forever with NCL and thought I'd just ask here if anyone knew. It may be better to change my flight to the morning of the cruise, as far as the weather and roads would be clearer. But that is risky as well. As of now, my fight is for 1 day before the cruise leaves. Hopefully I won't have to find out. But want to at least be prepared somewhat. Thanks.
  3. dreamofcruising

    Update on W Miami (Brickell Ave) Pool

    Any pictures of this pool online? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Is the solarium on the Mariner of the seas covered? I have only been on the Anthem and loved all the glass which kept it warm. Is it similar. From pictures it looks uncovered. Or is that a retractable roof? Thanks!
  5. I arrive to MCO at 8 40am the day our cruise leaves. How easy is it to find the NCL bus? Our return flight is at 1 30pm. Will the NCL Transfer be good for me. Is it confusing to find when you get off the ship. Is it pretty much "right there."? Will I make my return flight time of 1 30pm ok? I will either use the NCL Transfer or private Ground Link. Just want opinions on which is easiest to do in my case. I will be alone this time and hate the confusion that comes when you get off the ship. Cost isn't an issue, it is more of which is easiest, less headache. Thanks for any help!
  6. We sail in 2 months and I took the NCL Cruise Insurance at the time of booking. Can I cancel it now? Would I get back all the cost of it? Thanks for any help.
  7. Hello, I noticed the small print says "only original certificate can be accepted." So will the ones I printed off be valid? Thanks
  8. This is interesting since I just bought a Cancel For Any Reason policy that was quite expensive, for a quite expensive cruise. I had used 250.00 from a Cruise Reward Coupon I bought in 7/09. I just booked the cruise last week. My paperwork says Payments Applied: Paid by Visa on 9/22/11......................................$xxxxxx Paid by Cruise Rewards Coupon on 9/22/11..............250.00 So (using my example) your paperwork basically says you paid by Cruise Rewards in 7/09?? Mine only shows the 9/22/11 date on the confirmation. Do you think I am ok?? This is NCL reservations. OP, Let us know how your issue works out!
  9. dreamofcruising

    Cancel for Any Reason Insurance

    I called Insure My Trip and they were very helpful. I picked a Cancel for any Reason Policy that will pay 90 percent if we need to use it. For us this was the best way to go because it is a high cost trip (over 20,000) for a probably once in a lifetime Garden Villa. We are cruising out of New York and have some in our party with possible preexisting health conditions and possibly a work issue that could cause cancelling. So I feel fine with our choice! We have cruise many times and normally do not get the insurance, but this time I just felt we should have it. Thanks!
  10. dreamofcruising

    Cancel for Any Reason Insurance

    Hello, Where can I get a cancel for any reason Insurance Policy? Should I take the one NCL offers? I booked last week and did not take it then if that matters. Thanks
  11. dreamofcruising

    Aqua Theatere Guarentee?

    Oh Thank you for explaining it. It should be worth the extra money having the extra space! All booked with a room number now.
  12. dreamofcruising

    Allure cabin 9330

    Babyberger, We are in 8730 in June 2012! So I will look forward to what you think of this room. We also have a son with ASD which is why we are getting the big suite. He eats most meals in the room and I thought he would like to watch the shows from the balcony. Would be nice to have a hot tub on the balcony. Oh well can't have it all :)
  13. dreamofcruising

    Aqua Theatere Guarentee?

    You are right, you do have to call to reserve the ATS. This is for June 2012! I called RCL today and then had my TA book the ATS suite. They gave me a A3 Guarantee. It was on my reservation confirmation like that. My travel agent called RCL twice and I called them twice asking about this. The agent from RCL told me he discussed it with his supervisor and they had never seen this before. My concern was 1) I REALLY want a ATS 2) If I did not get a ATS, then what? What's the upgrade? Finally my TA called and a room number came up but it was a A1 ATS. BUT it would cost me an extra 1700.00 to book that room and get a room number!!! Well I did it, but personally it all has left a bad taste in my mouth. Why did I have to pay 1700.00 to get a ATS room number?? So what is the difference between a ATS A3 vs A1? My room number is 8730. Thanks.
  14. dreamofcruising

    Aqua Theatere Guarentee?

    I want to book a ATS room on the Oasis. The website for the date I want says the ATS is guarantee? I think normally that means you would get a ATS room but may be upgraded. Of course we don't want an upgrade! Is this normal for the ATS? I really want a room number when I book!
  15. dreamofcruising

    Help with Westerdam Aft

    If you were going to be in a VA Aft room, would you pick deck 4 or 5? And why? Any major differences? This would be on the Westerdam. Thanks.