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  1. Hello. Last year, I was on Harmony of the Seas. In a few weeks, I will be on Symphony. When I was on Harmony I put my gratuities of $101.50 on my credit card. I like this convenience. I don't want to have to deal with cash. Please forgive me if I sound cynical. I have heard a few people say that if you put the tips on your credit card, Royal Caribbean may keep some of it and not give 100% of it to the staff who earned it. Does anyone know if this is true? I want the hard-working staff members who serve me to get what they earn. If the reports of staff not getting their tips that fi
  2. @charlesbl My partner and I will be on Symphony on 9/28/19 (same cruise as you) with his mother and sister. We were on Harmony last year. Are you going to any of the LGBT meet and greet events? I know they had one official one last year that was announced in the cruise compass.
  3. I contacted them with my concern about my poor swimming skills and they told me that they have kids come through there. My suggestion would be: 1. Contact them and ask them 2. Search the trip advisor reviews and search for kids or children to see if anyone else has brought their kids Wish I could offer you more specific help but I haven't been there... yet
  4. I have read rave reviews about the Amazing Secret River in Cozumel. I have a couple of questions. 1. I'm a terrible swimmer. I read a review on a cruise line's Web site saying that they provide life jackets. Can someone please confirm this? Also, it is easy to navigate through the waters if you're not a swimmer? 2. I also read that the lockers are provided and are free. Is this true since you are not allowed to bring watches, cameras, etc.? 3. (Edit - forgot something) I wear eyeglasses because I'm nearsighted. I have prescription water goggles for going in pools, going o
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