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  1. if you have 2 days in Cienfuegos - definitely go to Trinidad. We had 1 day and did both cities
  2. its an interesting place but I would not say that this is night and day experience compared to walk/tour around Cienfuegos. For me the best part was the drive there, admiring countryside and stopping on the road to get some various fruits that they sell along the road. The air is clean and the hills are pretty. You will miss all that being in a bus. I do not regret we went but granted the distance of the drive you will be rushed to move along. If you stay in Cienfuegos you can just pace yourself and spend more time in your point of interest.
  3. both Larimar and Amber are complete rip off in DR in my opinion. Prices on ship were cheaper and quality is better and anything on the ship is far cry from the "good deal" range. I am talking price after extensive bargaining. First named prices were like they were selling diamonds in platinum and not larimar in silver. My 0.02
  4. Buena Vista Social Club type of music show
  5. tunafish

    Santo Tomas

    Las escobas? I wound make sure there is water there before going. the taxi ride there would be at least 2 hours. There are plenty of taxis in that port around the market building and just outside the gate. Negotiate hard!!!
  6. if taken from an english speaking passenger point of view. I totally agree that it may cause discomfort to surrounding people if unknown language is being used around them and I personally always switch to english even with my family when surrounded by english speaking passengers, but the sad fact that 99.9% americans can not do the same in an opposite situation and continue to use english, often rather loud too, while abroad. I do not know, I always blame my poor spanish in Mexico or Guatemala with frustration of my conversation limitations rather than blaming that taxi driver not speaking english. After all, I am in his country, not opposite. Mandatory eternal gratitude for brining tourist dollars is questionable in my book, but providing security for tourists is a must for example.
  7. If it was forbidden indeed, that would be an appalling example of cultural disrespect. Just my 0.02
  8. costa maya to bacalar drive is over 100km, so 90 minutes plus/minus. we just did both (ruins were a run around in 30 minutes) but we had a 3 hour on the water in bacalar. taxi was $100 and $90 for the boat. All private.
  9. yes, 2 year old was with us. She liked it at her level we hope. we did private tours with sightseeing and walking the streets
  10. tunafish

    Classic c

    Thanks captain obvious, the point of my post was to tune people expectations and plan accordingly.
  11. Forgot to mention, if you can avoid exchanging money in Cienfuegos please do. If you can, bring euro. Port exchange booth was a rape for usd. 0.86cuc for a buck one way, 1.25cuc back to get a us dollar before departure. Doing a simple math, you are losing 31.2 cents on a dollar with two way exchange.
  12. Everyone and their brother is a taxi driver there. There are some official looking yellow cars and I was told they are the most expensive. All my experience in Havana was you negotiate the price and go. $10 fare started at $30. Land of opportunity as I said, everyone is hustling and ready to make a quick buck. People are educated en mass making the process more sophisticated comparing to Jamaica for example.
  13. Just did it. It was great. Online booking has rates starting at 10 bucks a day. Office right in port. Our car with car seat and full insurance was under 50. Gas is $5 a gallon. Plenty of gas stations. All sights are easily accessible even with a basic map. Driving is intense with bikes all over but nothing crazy. Most dangerous thing was a big moat at the edge of roads for storm water drainage. Need to be careful if doing three way turn.
  14. tunafish

    Classic c

    My thoughts based on recent visit. They are fun to be in but suck for long drives or extended drives. I was very excited to have one as a mode of transportation while in Havana but what you get is a completely gutted car with remade Diesel engine. The aftermarket ac units are cool at best, you often see wooden steering wheel parts of the interior. The cars are driven on crude diesel fuel from black market that sold as leftover from government cars and trucks. Essentially you are ina tractor 🙂 without cat converter. Exhaust is everywhere. It is what it is and it was a lot of fun for a day, but I wanted to warn those who expect car show sample of old Detroit and needs a car for a day
  15. 20 cuc each way. Make sure you agree on the price before you go. Yellow cabs are newer car but most expensive. Not sure if Christmas adds a premium
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