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  1. With so many requirements Princess must meet to resume cruising including securing crew and provisions, and the restrictive "Rules" we are reevaluating our decision to sail in April 2021. The overall value of paying the equivalent of a first class plane ticket for economy class service is our conundrum. Will the shops in Charlotte Amalie be open? Will the casino, buffets, specialty restaurants, shops on board ship be open? Will the perks of paying for a premium cabin vanish ? Will everything we enjoy and are willing to pay a premium for be in place by the time final payment is due in February? We have a few months to see what decision Princess makes.
  2. It is painfully clear IMHO the details, specifics have not been ironed out. For example, why are cruise lines requiring passengers to wear non- medical masks? Will Broward and Miami Dade county mask mandates and associated fines be communicated by the cruise lines to all visitors, tourists? Will the health risks to healthy people wearing non- medical masks be communicated by the lines to passengers or will the lines eliminate informed medical consent? Will the welcome back Captains Circle gala be eliminated? Will early, late seating be eliminated and replaced by a reservations required version ? What type of COVID test is acceptable for boarding? Evrything I've read reveals a PCR test does not test for COVID and Florida labs differ in sensitivity resulting in false positives. An antigen test tests for antibodies. Is a positive antigen test result good or bad in the eyes of the cruise lines? Lots of questions. Final payment deadline for our April voyage is February and February will be here before we know it.
  3. IMHO these published guidelines are only to make people feel good about BOOKING a cruise, paying a deposit versus actually SAILING on one.
  4. Requiring passengers to wear a medical device ie: mask that has not been prescribed by nor recommended for you in consultation with your physician with an explicit threat of negative consequence should IMHO really be reconsidered by the cruise industry. If they want to prevent one passenger from harassing another passenger onboard and the situation escalating into a physical assault then the travel industry has bigger problems than they are letting on--kinda like the State Department issuing a Level 4 do not travel to The Bahamas. Are the cruise lines implying "bare face" is a type of criminal activity with bans for failure to comply?
  5. These published aspirational goals will no doubt be comforting to some potential passengers. I'm curious how they plan to deal with the legal liability of requiring US passengers, as a condition of passage / boarding at US ports, to contract away their right to informed consent.
  6. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/4592?q={"search"%3A["S+4592"]}&s=4&r=1 Per Congress.gov it appears the bill filed in the Senate is S. 4592, however there is no published bill text to read.
  7. Princess exclusive port-of-call, Princess Cays, is in The Bahamas. https://www.princess.com/ports-excursions/princess-cays-bahamas-excursions/ The Bahamian Government announced the requirement of a "health visa" to be completed prior to arrival, including an upload of a negative RT PCR COVID- 19 test. https://travel.gov.bs/international.
  8. This Florida folk and her hubby are doing just fine during the Florida summer. We don't wear masks and on the one occasion when a restaurant in a neighboring town told us we had to wear one to enter, we left and found another place to eat that didn't.
  9. 2020 vs 2019 TSA passenger count https://www.tsa.gov/coronavirus/passenger-throughput .
  10. The report provides comprehensive data on the Luxury Cruise Tourism market and its trends to assist the reader in formulating decisions to accelerate the business. The report provides a complete overview of the economic scenario of the market, along with benefits and limitations. https://www.icruiseguide.com/2020/08/24/luxury-cruise-tourism-market-size-2020/
  11. Mask mandates, cleaning protocols, cutting service to small cities, lowering airplane ticket prices, sidelining airplanes, not taking delivery of new planes are all a smattering of steps the airlines have taken to improve profitability and those steps are clearly not working,, not with reports of up to 75,000 airline employees facing layoffs and address their pension issues. The airlines must get smaller. Its the last step they must take to restore profitability. The cruise industry would be wise to pay attention.
  12. IMHO more detail is needed however this CC post is a good start. "The family of four left an organized shore excursion in Naples to explore on their own, directly contravening the line's new conditions of carriage that require passengers to stay with the group. Because they broke the "bubble" onboard, they were subsequently denied boarding, the line said." https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5540/. So the family did take an organized excursion (per the rules) after all. In what port & on what excursion did this occur? Did someone not "stay with the group" b/c they had to go to the bathroom? This event reveals another issue. No more "free time for shopping on your own and lets meet up in the town square to take the bus back to the ship" kind of thing?
  13. Except mandatory mask policies and banning passengers for refusing to wear them has not helped the airlines at all. And all the airplane cleaning isn't helping either. The business travelers are not flying and the domestic leisure traveler isnt flying either. CLIA would be wise to pay attention to why the flying public has a sour taste for the domestic airlines.
  14. Forget uncertainty around which ports the ship will visit, what about even uncertainty over EMBARKATION? Imagine two couples book a Caribbean voyage. All four show up for check-in at Port Everglades. The cruise is supposed to stop in the USVI, so according to this CC news item, as a condition of BOARDING the ship all four must show "proof" of a negative COVID-19 test. One person gets a positive; the remaining three test negative. Would the three people who tested negative drive to Port Everglades, embark and leave the fourth person behind? Who in the world would even BOOK a cruise under those circumstances? Oh sure, the person denied boarding might get their $ "refunded" in the form of a FCC but what about the other three? Then there's the "oh, we don't accept test results from THAT company.... IMHO this has not been well thought out... https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5530/
  15. I hope MSC is successful however imagine two couples boarding the ship; one of the four tests + for COVID and is denied boarding. Gotta think the partner, spouse, relative of the person denied boarding would not sail without their partner. The MSC COVID-19 Protection Plan is currently available only to guests from Schengen countries. This really looks like a scam designed to artificially inflate revenues from people who buy the MSC COVID-19 Protection Plan; and it looks like only the person denied boarding due to sickness can leverage the MSC COVID-19 Protection Plan benefits and not their partner who is ok. If a passenger tests + under item #6 they could be put off the ship; what does their traveling companion do? I would not book a cruise under these circumstances. Perhaps the residents of Schengen countries would but not me.
  16. Comment posted two days ago in response to CDC RFC: "Restaurants, hotels, airplanes, stores, hotels, etc. We are not tested to go in or on any of these. Stop targeting the Cruise industry and let us be adults"
  17. Correct. Public comment period is 60 days. Takes us to September 22. Another 30-60 days for CDC to compile, analyze responses. Take us to October 22 - November 22, 2020.
  18. You are correct. Not a surprise if you've followed the RFI posted by the CDC on the Federal Register. Nothing to do with masks or vaccines; its all about the CDC https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=CDC-2020-0087-0001
  19. The CDC posted yet another RFI on the Federal Register yesterday. With public comment period of 60 days (through September 22, 2020) anyone watching the Federal Register could see this was coming.
  20. Another intrusive and time-consuming request for information was posted 7/21 by the CDC on the Federal Register: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=CDC-2020-0087-0001 Considering the comment period is open for 60 days, IMHO the 60 day public comment will end on September 21, 2020, the CDC will to review comments, and the CDC will just submit another round of RFI's as a stall tactic; meaning IMHO there's just no way my November 2020 Caribbean Princess voyage will set sail. The CDC's request reveals over 30 questions no doubt resulting in the cruise lines having to spend endless hours compiling, researching and submitting comments as if the CDC was conducting interrogatories or depositions, treating the cruise lines as defendants. I called Princess today and transferred my November 2020 booking to a voyage in April 2021.
  21. Port Everglades in Broward County and the Port Authority of Broward County are the entities to watch as it relates to Princess sailings, IMHO. We're now seeing news investigations of the data published by State of Florida. Local Orlando news investigated fudged(overinflated) lab test results that falsely inflated positivity rates.
  22. I think there are too many people to scared go, vacation anywhere and b/c THEY feel that way no one else should be able to either. No way would I go to Aruba now with their requirement I show them test results; they seem to want to destroy their tourism economy in the name of lord knows what hysteria.
  23. Crewmember Visa Generally, a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States must first obtain a visa, either a nonimmigrant visa for temporary stay, or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. Crewmember (D) visas are nonimmigrant visas for persons working on board commercial sea vessels or international airlines in the United States, providing services required for normal operation and intending to depart the United States on the same vessel or any other vessel within 29 days. If you travel to the United States to join the vessel you will work on, in addition to a crewmember (D) visa, you also need a transit (C-1) visa or a combination C-1/D visa. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/other-visa-categories/crewmember-visa.html The title of the post sounds a bit over the top.
  24. H1-B definition: fashion models, specialty occupations with business degree. Foreign workers such as engineers, teachers, computer programmers, medical doctors, and physical therapists may be employed under the H-1B, H-1B1, and E-3 visa classification. https://webapps.dol.gov/elaws/elg/h1b.htm. H2-B definition: The job opportunity is a bona fide, full-time, temporary position of at least 35 hours per workweek.In order to find qualified and available U.S. workers to perform the labor in the job order, the employer must conduct all required recruitment activities according to the regulations. The employer must also continue to accept State Workforce Agency referrals and hire all qualified and eligible U.S. workers who apply for the job until 21 days before the job order starts.
  25. Oh, it's about "climate change" ? Lol.
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