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  1. We do the same thing because we have much better chances of getting a table for two. I like the flexibility of it in case we are late back from port and want to go at a different time. I am not an arrive late type of person so I don't have to worry about that with the YTD.
  2. The Fantasy has not been able to make it into the Port of Mobile due to heavy fog. The ship is not expected in to port until 7:45 tonight and the cruisers who were supposed to board today will now be boarding tomorrow morning instead. So their 5 day cruise just became a 4 day cruise. http://www.shipmobile.com/cruises/weather-information/
  3. Thanks - we sail on the Fantasy in April and it will be my first cruise on a ship with a Guys burger. My last Carnival cruise was on the Dream 3 years ago.
  4. I have wondered about that myself. I go up on deck very early in the morning to watch the sunrise and I see people (sleepy people) some in pajamas come out and put their towels and books on chairs in prime spots and then go back inside, probably back to their cabins and back to bed. One day I saw one lady put on 6 of them. It wouldn't take much for someone to get up early and walk around and "find" some to take home with you. You can find books to read too because they seem to like laying on those chairs all by themselves very early in the morning too.
  5. Command hooks and Command strips are the approved/preferred method of attaching things to the doors. Here is the link to the information https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3256/~/decorating-your-stateroom-door-and-stateroom
  6. Make sure that all of you go do the spa tours on embarkation day and go back for the Spa drawing right around Sailaway time. They give some good prizes away but you have to be present to win something. I won a $100 spa gift certificate. You will love the Spa Balcony cabin. I spent a lot of time in there and it was just me, my daughter and her friend so with 3 females I took all my showers in the spa. The showers there are really large and nice and you have plenty of room. I took a small bag with me to carry my stuff with me so I could get ready and do my hair there.
  7. I find comments like the OP and this interesting - it seems like to me that you are unhappy with what Carnival is providing and you seem to want the "old" Traditional dining experience where everyone dressed up and you saw lots of floor length gowns and most of the men wore tuxedos and everyone stayed in those clothes for the entire night. Well times have changed and Carnival is adapting to what it's customers are asking for and more casual is the way that it is heading. If you follow John Heald on Facebook you can even see it in the Poll questions that he asks now. There was a lot of talk a year ago about how important the table cloths were and then they went away except for Elegant nights. They have been slowly changing the menu's from what was very nice meals to now what is the American Table menu which is nothing like what it was 10 years ago when I started cruising. Nothing fancy about it - quite Casual actually to match the tables. So my question to all of you that want the Fancier dress and dinners is why don't you start booking your cruises on a cruise line that still offers that experience rather than continuing to spend your hard earned dollars with Carnival and not be happy and come home and complain about it?
  8. I can't stand dressing up so I would vote for Elegant nights to be a thing of the past. My husband and I wear work type clothes on the non-elegant nights and we dress up just a little more for elegant night with him in dress pants and a collared shirt and me in black pants and a top. I would never buy something new to wear once on a cruise.
  9. I have used the clear plastic sleeves for several years now. I upgraded this year to ones with the steel cable type loops instead of the plastic ones. It is just so easy to use them and I don't have to have packing tape or a stapler. They are re-usable and I used the same ones for years. I have seen luggage outside in the rain but ours are completely protected inside the sleeves so ours has always been delivered promptly. For such a small cost it is definitely worth it to me just for the convenience.
  10. I am also using the Gift Cards to pay for my cruise and I think I will try Cheers this time since it includes the extra non-alcoholic things now and I intend to pay for that with the gift cards. I buy them from AARP and Allstate Drivewise Rewards - all at 10% off so that is an extra savings on my cruise. I will also buy them for my tips and excursions. I buy the gift cards with my skymiles credit card too so I get miles for all those purchases too. :D
  11. I asked a question one morning and had an answer within a couple of hours.
  12. Both $100 and $500 still available now. I normally have good luck finding them very early in the morning if anyone Is looking.
  13. I have only been there once and really don't know if we will ever go back to either port. The pier in Freeport is in a very industrial area so it isn't like a lot of the ports where there are lots of things to do as you walk off the ship so that is probably why a lot of people don't like it. You need to plan ahead for that port. We went to a resort for the day and the beach is beautiful there. As for Nassau, we went to Atlantis and it is very expensive for the time that we got to spend there. I really didn't feel very comfortable walking around in the town there like at other ports and it seemed dirtier than other places we have been.
  14. It must be complicated because what is in print means absolutely nothing because it isn't consistently enforced . On my last cruise on the Dream on Elegant night there were 2 guys at the next table with baseball caps (tags still attached - I guess that was in fashion) in the dining room and they wore them throughout the meal. It didn't affect my meal but I did notice them.
  15. I do the same thing. I change them out daily and I carry an extra one with me at all times. I have had one go bad on vacation before and lost all my pictures so at least this way I only lose one day. I usually carry my laptop with me just so I can copy all the photos to it as back up but I don't erase the card until I get home.
  16. I sent mine a little over a month ago and received it back exactly 2 weeks from the date I mailed it.
  17. The prices for bottled water have decreased and it isn't much more that you would pay at a store and I plan to order some next time. You can no longer bring on bottled water or soda. You can still bring soda but is has to be cans and is limited to one 12pk per person. You can still bring one bottle of wine per adult.
  18. I must have background noise to sleep and I used to carry around a machine but I have an app on my phone that I use now instead of a machine. The one I use is called "white noise" and it has all kinds of sounds you can use. I just plug in my phone and let it play all night.
  19. http://www.cruisecritic.com/store/product.cfm?ID=46 These things work really well, I bought a set on Amazon that have metal straps on them. I will never tape them again.
  20. I also noticed the code to get the points back when the cards are received. If you have a FitBit you can connect that to your account and will earn points for the steps you take.
  21. I have stayed at the Drury Inn - you may find a deal on Booking.com for it. https://druryhotels.com/locations/new-orleans-la/drury-inn-and-suites-new-orleans
  22. Thanks for posting - I just picked up another card - 8:30 AM Central time - they had both $100 and $500 cards available.
  23. I agree - it had no butter and no salt. I threw mine away and I love popcorn.
  24. I normally book aft balconies because I love the view of the wake. Booked the Fantasy that has no regular balcony cabins but I booked the aft oceanview (first time in one) because it has the same view of wake.
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