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  1. Great suggestions all, thanks so much! The river cruise is interesting too. Will go and check out your tips now. And we're from Europe, so they're in fact coming our way ;-) But Europe in the summer is sooooo busy in the usual ports of call.
  2. We're looking to book our next holiday, preferably with cruise, for July 2020. I have been looking (also on this site) for cruises in that month, but find there are so few options. We would have loved to cruise the Panama Canal, but they don't sail in July. We'd love to do Central America, but only find MSC Seaside to Caribbean. (We have done this itinerary already..) I'm now thinking: is this just a bad month to cruise around the americas? (South America search only produced one cruise in the Galapagos Islands) Or maybe I'm searching in the wrong places, that's also very possible. Would love to hear your input and advice on where to cruise in July. Best regards, Marlou
  3. Sounds like a good plan! 😉 we were just on this cruise, loved it!! We were allowed to take our luggage off ourselves at 7:30 am, we docked at 7:00. We opted for assisted disembarkation and were off the ship by 8:05. Very efficient, but we did have priority. I’m also curious where the reviews are? Want to post one myself!
  4. Hi Dex!! How are you, good to ‘see’ you!! How was your Bermuda trip? Apart from the butler confusion 😉 we absolutely loved NCL. The size of the Star appealed to me more than the size of the Divina (although Divina is prettier) , but we preferred the more English/American crowd on NCL. Suite on deck 12 was fabulous, we loved it, stayed there with the girls, plenty of room, modern bath etc. The girls still regret they didn’t hang out more with your kids on Divina, they were too shy at the time. This time they did, with a family we met and they had a great time. My only problem I haven’t got a next cruise planned!! How about you?
  5. Quite right, and something I learned this time around......... I guess I kinda panicked when the concierge mentioned they didn’t share in the service charge.
  6. AH, so they DO charge for the drinks brought to your room? Now I’m even more confused. BTW we had the premium all inclusive, so that is the drink package, but hard to calculate exactly what the difference is.
  7. Too right!! Will last longer too ;-) That’s a lot extra though. For us it was quite cost effective as we shared the suite with our daughters. So for the 4 of us it wasn’t bad.
  8. I can relate to that!! I’m already dreading having to make our own dinners again ;) Your tips and experience are very helpful, thanks for sharing. And I notice you also sailed YC with MSC. How do you think it compares to NCL Haven? We sailed YC last year and obviously loved it. Never used the butler then either ;p
  9. Our phone seemed to have a cord. But then, I missed more things I’m Learning about now, so it was probably cordless after all.
  10. Oh dear, as great as it sounds on paper, imagine the response of my 2 teenage daughters. They would be BEYOND mortified if anybody touched their clothes. Mind you, the shape their suitcase was in, so would I!! :')
  11. Thanks all for your insights. I really wish I had known some of these things upfront, if you’re new to cruising, wouldn’t be so strange if the butler explains to you what they are for and what you can use them for ...? To think I sent my poor husband all Over the ship at 11 pm to fetch me a glass of wine. I better not tell him 😝😝 Well, first world problems, we’re able bodied and self sufficient and we had a wonderful time regardless. The best part of the suite service in my opinion is the Priority embarking and disembarking.
  12. We didn’t have a portable phone? Maybe only in Haven? We were on Star in a suite!
  13. OMG I wished I had posted this question before. We were told by the butler there would be a charge, also for the items in the Mini bar? Also we didn’t have a portable butler phone...? I’m wondering whether this was different as we weren’t really in Haven, but in a suite on a ship that has no Haven? (Star)
  14. Hahahaha that is so funny!!! If I’m at the pool without sunglasses I’d have to go to the room to call the butler , and then can pick up the glasses myself?? Plus I’d never know how to describe the Location of the sunglasses. :cool: I guess I’m not cut out for royalty, really
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