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  1. After this awful covid restriction I have resolved to try and do a Caribbean cruise every year, but looking at the Marella prices for a solo cabin to the Caribbean P&O seems to be a cheaper option for me Around £3550 for a solo outside cabin in January 2023.
  2. Never mind, I can always drive down. My proposed train is direct from Cardiff to Southampton and the sail date is 10th September, not sure if this would bypass Bristol ?
  3. Do you mean September 2021? If so will see you onboard. I did intend to travel to Southampton using the Marella recommended Intercruises Coach, but their website does not seem to be working. I emailed them with no response. However for me rail travel to Southampton is an easy choice.
  4. If the "Iberian Explorer" you are referring to is the cruise from Southampton to Portugal and Spain in September, then yes it seems to be going ahead. I paid the balance a month ago and have recently received an email from Marella informing me that I will not need to wear a mask while out on deck. Regarding the possible need for a covid test on return to the UK: INTERNATIONAL CRUISES – sailings with non-UK destinations departing before 31st October 2021 " You may also need to take a test before you return to the UK. We’re cont
  5. I am hoping to travel to Southampton via coach using Intercruises. However their website does not allow me to enter Port/Ship/Date details so that I may make a booking. Have they not restarted their operations yet ??
  6. I have eventually managed to contact help at Marella . I have had confirmation that my boarding pass can be printed at Southampton should "My Booking" still be unavailable by departure date. They also said as I couldn't access my account they would email me with updates. The helpful lady also sent me a link to a new, partially working, Marella website which does recognise my booking reference number. Which is a relief. The Passport Information, Boarding Passes and Luggage Tags part of the website are labelled as "Still Building" but the Cruise Planner section is working.
  7. I have been able to get some sensible help. When I asked that Marella confirm I can get my boarding pass printed out at Southampton if "My Booking" was still unavailable by departure date the lady did consult with her colleagues before sending me a confirmation email. She also referred me to a new, partially working, Marella website which does recognise my booking reference number. Which was a relief. The Passport Information, Boarding Passes and Luggage Tags part of the website are labelled as "Still Building" but the Cruise Planner section is working.
  8. I have spoken to my legal advise helpline they have suggested that if I pay the balance over the phone I ask for written confirmation e.g. email, that they will issue a boarding pass at the boarding point in Southampton should I still be unable to access my account and print the boarding pass myself before sailing. They suggested it might be a bit tricky trying to cancel and requesting the return of my deposit on the ground that I can't access my account, that I will just loose my deposit. The problem with Marella is that the only way to interact with them is through my
  9. I've spent 3 weeks trying to log into my online account. The response from Marella is "Sorry they (the IT system) are doing lots of updates". So I can't pay my cruise balance, check the cruise details or enter my passport/covid information. I asked if I could have an extension on my final balance date , they said 2 weeks which they would confirm and then sent me the original booking confirmation with the same final payment date. Perhaps the parent TUI are looking at Marella and coming to the conclusion that they had better take over the operation for its own good. 🙃
  10. I have managed to contact Marella by phone, their response is that their systems are constantly being updated so they are having problems. When they suggested that I could make the final payment over the phone I responded that still would leave the problem that I would not be able to enter Covid/Passport information or print out boarding passes/ luggage labels. They suggested they could print out boarding passes at Southampton port. This is too big a gamble for me, I might book a coach, travel to Southampton and find out they can't printout boarding passes etc. My loca
  11. I have posted on the Marella forum but I thought maybe I might get a wider perspective from UK Cruisers. Perhaps someone might have had a similar experience with other cruise lines in the past. I have contacted citizens advice and am waiting a reply. My current thoughts are that I should just let it play out, not pay the balance because I can't, let Marella take my deposit by default, and then contact my credit card company to try and get a refund. I already have 2 cruises in the pipeline with Marella, but getting a bit distrustful of them with other experiences so th
  12. I have contacted the TUI store in the next town (my local store has shut) and they cant access my details either, I can pay them but they can't give me access to my account or print out boarding passes etc. I am going around in circles. They suggest I take my booking confirmation email with me to Southampton and they can printout labels there. I have to take it on trust that when I get there they will have my details. The email: "Thank you for booking one of our UK Coastal Cruises. As promised, I’d like to share an update with you on our testing process and proof of vaccination." --- "c
  13. What would you do ? I booked a cruise for this September with Marella a few months ago. The balance is due this week and I have received an email informing me that I will need to enter my covid and travel details, questionnaires etc online before I can printout my boarding pass and luggage labels. Three weeks ago I found I could not access my online booking, I phoned Marella who acknowledged it was a fault with there system, it’s still not fixed and my balance is due. It seems the only proof of my booking is the confirmation email I received. A week before hand I normal
  14. As a replacement for a previously cancelled cruise I almost booked this cruise from Corfu to Istanbul, but decided against it regarding the possibility of it not being allowed to dock in Turkey as being a bit wobbly. Instead I booked a cruise for 3 weeks earlier leaving from Southampton to Portugal/Spain. But Marella seems to have lost it. 😪 Maybe I will be able to replace the cancelled then replaced with lost cruise with a Greek Islands cruise for July 2022, I do love the Aegean. ☺️
  15. That works for the older 2 of my 3 bookings but not the third which is for this September. I just can't access that booking at all. The curious thing is if go to the "Marella Cruises" search page and select cruises from Southampton this September, that fails in the same way also. If I search for July or August the search works. It's as if the system has lost all the September cruises from Southampton including details of my booking.
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