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  1. I was referring to a minibar in the cinema, or help yourself to a bottle of beer/cocktail. And I wondered if any of the suggested ships had a cinema (perhaps OT).
  2. I quite like the Cinema on Explorer, it would be nice if they had a minibar in there where you might get a little drink before the film started, just like their theatre. Are any of the possible new ships likely to have a Explorer type cinema.
  3. Just beware that the group of 4 single cabins nearest the bow (5000 - 5003) have portholes rather than picture windows. I had 5002 last July and was a bit disappointed, still I got the daylight I suppose.
  4. Thanks for that information Davecttr. I have noticed that Marella prices change like the weather and have been trying to guess their logic. Usually solo travelers don't have much choice in cabins, but on Dream I agree for me, it is better to pay the £48 rather than chance a noisy cabin.
  5. Yes that's me, where did you get the photo from ? 😎
  6. I found the flight home was worse for me, they dropped us at the airport 4 hours before the flight, chaos, not enough seating, trying to find a loo which was actually open and I got stopped for a bag search (this was the third time in 3 years). Why they pick on me I don't know, I am pushing 70 myself, must look a bit dodgy, must have a shave and wear a suit.
  7. My luggage is usually packed full of pants just in case I should get "The dreaded Lurgy". 😕
  8. My flight out to Naples was at 8:40, the aircraft circled for about 40 minutes for a landing slot and I had to wait 30 minutes for my luggage. Maybe I was lucky. The walk to the coaches wasn't too bad, the only worry was that the TUI reps were gathered in groups about 10 feet apart then no-one for a large distance which gave me a brief worry that I might be lost. Not as bad as I feared really.
  9. Explorer 2 docked in the town, well it did in July.
  10. I made an enquiry at my local TA about a cruise with P&O, they brought up a previous P&O cruise from 2009, I was impressed. Unfortunately the points, or whatever they are, had expired. The only proof of my Thomson/Marella cruises are my cruise cards. I agree with Nancyneptune that the main attraction of Marella is they fly from my local airport, however they do seem to be reducing the frequency of the winter flights.
  11. As Vitalsign has written it is usually on the top of the web page. The code will seemingly randomly appear for a week or two and then disappear, wait a while and another will pop up. They seem to vary from between £50 to £150 per booking, however you might find the base price of the cruise might have increased, but not always. A bit of a lottery the whole price thing.
  12. Might there be a free meal on a five hour flight ?, I believe it's between a 4.5 and 5 hour flight from Cyprus to UK.
  13. I have been on 8 Marella cruises in the past 3 years but only found out about the "Party" from this forum a few months ago. I On the last cruise I spotted the party announcement in cruise news, added myself to the list, and the party was cancelled. But a I did get a special Badge. I didn't bother to fill in the Marella cruise questionnaire this time, the thought being "If you can't be bothered to acknowledge me as a customer then I can't be bothered the time to fill in your questionnaire".
  14. I am booked on this cruise next April, looking forward to visiting Casablanca, it's not a destination I have seen available with Thomson/Marella before.
  15. I have just noticed that Marella seem to be cutting back on Cardiff winter flights for the Winter 20/21 season.They have dropped the December and January flights to the Caribbean reducing to 2 in February and 1 in March 2021. Meanwhile there are 54 flights from Gatwick to the Caribbean between November and April 2021. Seems like I will have to leg it up the M4 if I what to stay with Marella. However when I noticed the price of the March cruise has increased to £3400 for a single outside cabin I looked at P&O which seems to be cheaper and fly they from Cardiff.
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