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  1. Wonder bag snow boots! Bread bags work VERY good for this because they are narrow and long. My mom used to do this in the winter as they didn't have enough money for snow boots and she carried this on with us (we did have snow boots though). You'd be very surprised how well they work to keep your feet dry and you can't really tell that you have them on over your socks.
  2. I LOVE Harry Potter and have gone to Universal for that reason. I honestly think its doable but go in with some realistic expectations. The walk into the park from bus drop off/uber/parking is very long. It is another considerable walk to the areas in each park that are Harry Potter themed. If this is the only time you ever get there then you might find it worth while but you will not get everything done even in the Harry Potter portions. If you could swing this as a different trip it might be better saved. On another note, if you decide to do it. The train ride between the two par
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