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  1. I’ve checked several tour companies and private guides but they all tell me I have to get my own ticket. They will give me the tour and entrance to van gogh museum but the only way to get an anne frank ticket is online or that day. Hoping our flight arrives on time (8:20am) I will go straight to the museum and hopefully be able to get in line or find someone selling a ticket. Thank you all for the suggestions.
  2. Yes, I find it very interesting.. some do and some dont..... so safety hazzard cant be the real reason...or it would be prohibited on all ships. Could be right about the wiring system. Maybe their fuses blow? Ladies, lets let our voices be heard and our hair be seen! We just might get a new ruling! Maybe a female captain?😂
  3. The viking rep could have easily lied to me about the scanning of luggage. What I did tell him was that most of the curling irons and irons have an automatic safety feature that turns it off when not moved. He told me that irons are not allowed either. Sounds more like a business to have to get clothes ironed and paid, instead of loaning me an iron, but I do see how that can start a fire.. How can a hair blow dryer start a fire? They even said no to a steamer, The rep told me to take it because I am going to other cities after the cruise and they will give it back to me. I’ve never done a river cruise or been on a viking ship but have been on other cruises and never had an issue with a curling iron or steam iron, or in any hotel for that matter. For whatever reason, I’m just going to let my hair roam wild! Hahaha.
  4. My husband and I are on the may 27, Modi Grand European A-B. We didn’t purchase any tours because my husbands father was gravely ill, and is still frail, and we are hoping not to cancel. I have always wanted to visit Anne Franks house and now that we’re set to go, there are no more tickets available.... I am devastated. If anybody knows how I can get just one ticket, Or willing to sell there ticket, I will pay asap. There are no other ways to get a ticket except online and directly through them. We will only be in amsterdam may 27. I was also out of luck for the van gogh museum, but I’m ok with that. Also just praying my father in laws gets better. Happy cruising!
  5. I called viking (should have done this in the beginning!) and they told me no appliance that radiates heat is allowed, not even a blow dryer. They also do not let you take extension cords. This is for the river cruises. They said I could take it but it would have to be cleared when luggage is checked and if it is not allowed they would hold it until we disembarked. Also, they are going to have distilled water set up in my room because my husband uses a cpap machine. Very nice of them!
  6. Thank you so much! I am new to cruise critic and I will search it!
  7. Please cruisers, I want to see if I can take my electrical styling brush on board. It has one side like a curling iron and the other side is a brush. I read curling irons are not allowed and although this has a one side shape of a curling iron, it is not considered one. I know they have blow dryers on board, but they dont work for me. If someone is one a river viking now, please help me by asking! I know it sounds silly, but I struggle alot with my hair and there is not a styling salon on the ship. I would really appreciate the help. Dont want to carry excess stuff if I cant use it! Thanks!
  8. Glad to know. Thanks. How were the water levels? Did you have a nice trip?
  9. I was told by Viking that they will leave two envelopes in your room, one for the regular tip andtheother envelope is in case you had a special person you want to tip on their own.. everything is shared except the personal envelope with the personal name on it. I've always been hesitant to prepay a tip anywhere. It seems they don't feel the need to please! This is what I've lived in daily life, not specific to cruising..
  10. Thank you all! Great suggestion with google map..
  11. We are doing viking river, grand european tour, and I didn’t see that town offered.
  12. Hello, my husband and I are risking a river cruise. I say risking because we are doing a 15 day grand european cruise. I need help with these topics. From the point of disembarkment, more or less how far are the included tours? We are purchasing several and we don’t want to spend hours on the bus. The Wachau winery is how long a ride? The otwn of Szentendren is how far away from where the cruise ship is? We just don’t want to waste so much time on a bus when we could be walking around the cities. Are these tours really well worth it? Can you recommend the ones that are really worth it? We just want a special first time river cruise and not experience all the horror stories I’ve read. Thank you! We will be on the may 27 Modi.
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