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  1. Not sure, but I will increase the additional tips I provide.
  2. For us: 1. The staff is wonderful and is attentive to our wants, which brings me to #2 2. Forget about everything in "real life" and having a great time without being forced to do anything or wear special cloths 3. The overall atmosphere of the cruise, very enjoyable and lots of fun!
  3. I just completed a mock booking for the Pride in Dec. 2020 and didn't have to enter CC info.
  4. I agree, and the changes to the VIFP program...
  5. Won't cruise if we have to wear a mask! The people at work keep touching their mask and face because of the mask, after which they touch different work surfaces like door knobs, shared PC, etc.
  6. We will be booking one for September and can't wait to go!
  7. I could see selling some of the their ships and I could understand first thinking of the Fantasy class ships since they are the oldest of the fleet, but I would think the cost to operate this class would be lower with higher profit/passenger rate. Shorter cruises, less staff, higher spending by each passenger since it is a shorter cruise, and new passengers twice a week eager to have a good time on a short vacation. Just guessing, but would think the cruise lines make high profits earlier in the cruise with declining profits as each day passes. In any case, I will be back cruising with Carnival and I hope it is this fall.
  8. I received a docking notification in Miami for the Pride.
  9. We have been on the Pride 10 times and often arrives early if there are no weather issues slowing ship. The earliest time we arrived was 7:30, debarked at 8:15 on the road driving back to NE PA by 8:30. Out of our 10 cruises only one I can recall that we arrived very late, had two medical emergencies were the USCG helo them off the ship. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. The time it happened to us, as they did this time CCL gave on a $15 OBO for lunch and we did not alter our ports. Heading south the ship should cruise faster then the normal 15 to 18 knots to make up time.
  11. On one of our 10 Pride sailing we didn't depart until around 9:30 - 10:00. They did the muster drill after the MDR closed.
  12. Happy to hear he is moving to the Legend!
  13. Muster stations on the Spirit class of ships is on deck 3, for the Pride the deck name is Atlantic.
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