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  1. I like the hull design. Always like when the ships had some color other than all white.
  2. I hope they don't because we love the space on a Spirit class, but both classes are able to carry about the same total passengers, Spirit class 2,610 and Fantasy class 2,606. Both classes have the emission scrubbers which are needed in Baltimore. However, the Spirit class has two more guest decks, a space ratio of 41 vs 34, about 100' longer and can travel at 22.5 knots vs 21 knots for the Fantasy class. If they did place a Fantasy class ship in Baltimore based on passengers capacity they would have the opportunity to make the same profit.
  3. Right now we don't cruise for the stops it is a getaway from work, so Baltimore is great for us. It is only a three hour drive and we don't have to deal with airports. We love Grand Turk and HMC. CCL had plans of building a new pier in Freeport and hope that we be similar to the one CCL owns in Grand Turk. Along with the Spirit class of ships (which we love) CCL still has four remaining Fantasy class ships that would be able to sail from Baltimore. I hope in the future CCL decides to build additional ships that can continue to serve the ports with size limitation
  4. Can't imagine they would remove a ship from Baltimore in the summer months when demand is higher from that port.
  5. John Heald post on FB Legend cruise dates into April 2024. The last one I see he posted was 4/28/2024, Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Freeport. Which is one of the regular cruise routes from Baltimore.
  6. Nice to see the all the activities at the pier!
  7. The port opens around 11:00am, but it varies based on the ship's return from the previous cruise. The earliest we have been allow in the parking lot was around 10:30. Once the ship docks in the past it would take 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours for debarkation. Not sure how it will work now with new protocols. We live in NE PA (about 3 1/2 hour ride) and I use a cruise ship tracking website to determine when we should leave our house. We have sailed a number of times from Baltimore and never had a problem, parking in on site located next to the ship. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. Governor Hogan order the Port of Baltimore reopened on May 15, 2021. The Governor indicated he wants to bring his state back to normal, not the new normal. Now we have to see how CCL and RCCL work the reopening.
  9. I don't consider the VIFP Club a "status" I consider it as a thank you from CCL for being a repeat customer, if I recall correctly one of the highest repetitive customer base in the industry. We have been on many cruises with CCL and believe in the product CCL provides. If my loyalty to a brand provides me a value add in my opinion it should not be given to everyone nor can it. In this case we are discussing priority boarding which we receive as a Platinum guests on Carnival. If someone that is not at one of the VIFP Club levels that provides priority boarding and the other perks they can
  10. Just check my documents for our December Legend cruise. We are Platinum and the luggage tags do not have priority listed as on pass cruises. I checked and FTTF is available for purchase at $89.95 and it still lists priority check-in as a feature of FTTF.
  11. Based on Governor Hogan's order it looks like the Port of Baltimore is reopening on May 15, 2021. The Governor indicated he wants to bring his state back to normal, not the new normal, before Memorial Day. The port indicated it is working with the cruise industry and CDC for restart protocols . I hope the CCL and RCCL work together to get this port up and running.
  12. When CCL changed to cruise elegant nights it became casual attire. For a four night cruise that you book, I would pack on the light side for dinners, you will be on the deck enjoy the fun and sun more. Have fun!!!
  13. I like some of the other suggestions. How about a virtual check-in: Completing check in at home, a barcode is created in your hub app you scan the barcode when entering the port for check in and board the ship.
  14. Just saw a a webpage the Legend is not scheduled to return to service until November 2021. They may push the dry dock back from April, if the shipyard's schedule allows. Carnival Legend Date: 11/14/2021out of Baltimore, 7 nights to Bermuda
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