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  1. The time it happened to us, as they did this time CCL gave on a $15 OBO for lunch and we did not alter our ports. Heading south the ship should cruise faster then the normal 15 to 18 knots to make up time.
  2. On one of our 10 Pride sailing we didn't depart until around 9:30 - 10:00. They did the muster drill after the MDR closed.
  3. Happy to hear he is moving to the Legend!
  4. Muster stations on the Spirit class of ships is on deck 3, for the Pride the deck name is Atlantic.
  5. I hope he stays with Baltimore sailings, but he told us the Pride was his favorite ship.
  6. We also like the smaller Fantasy and Spirit classes of ships. The Pride also has a retractable roof over one of the pools and the Dive in Movie area, which will be closed if you are leaving next week. There is a lot of open space on the decks too. Have a great cruise!
  7. Per CCL FAQ for the VIFP Club: Will guests automatically receive recognition/benefits or must they be requested? VIFP Club members will automatically move from one level to the next level based on their VIFP Points and will receive the benefits of their level on each sailing. Guests graduating into a new level during a cruise will receive the benefits of the new level they are graduating into from the beginning of the cruise (e.g. those graduating to Gold on the 3rd day of a 5-day cruise will receive Gold benefits for the entire duration of their cruise). Please note that ‘debarkation day’ is not considered a ‘cruise day’, therefore, points are not earned for that day.
  8. I believe Ken is on vacation.
  9. Cruised on the Pride 10 times, your return can differ depending on the weather conditions. We have arrived early and late. Once the ship docks, debarking starts in about 45 minutes for self assist. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. We have sailed on the Pride 10 times, yes, it is an older ships and shows her age, but we feel it is well maintained and clean. We love the Pride and the staff that provide outstanding service. The Legend (inaugural cruise: 8/24/2002), which is replacing the Pride in 2021, is about six month newer than the Pride (inaugural cruise: 1/12/2002). These ship have been in many dry docks to maintain the functionality and decor. You are the only person that can determine which reviews are correct. I have been on ships when they were new and didn't like them at all. But what ever you decide, enjoy your cruise!
  11. Been on the Pride 10 times, they start debarking about 45 minutes after docking.
  12. My guess is to extend the Pride's service life and phased maintenance. The Pride often has to cruise at top speed, 22 knots, to keep on schedule.
  13. We love the Spirit class ships, design and size.
  14. It would be nice to see a ship like the Sunshine, but it is too large and would likely not be able to sail under the bridges.
  15. Also, the Legend does not have all the updates the Pride currently has, example: Dive-in Movies, updated youth area, arcade move to where the library and chapel were located. The legend is going into dry dock in 2021 and my guess these will be added.
  16. 1 & 2. Punchliner is located in the Butterflies Lounge, deck one forward and they don't use reservations on the pride. 3. Good question, We have been on the Pride 10 times, if running as normal your should arrive around 8:00am, and be on the road by 9:00, if you self-debark. We are Platinum and are off the ship and in our car driving home within 45 minutes after the ship docks. Of our 10 cruises, our return has been delayed at least 3 or 4 times. If you are flying, I would recommend not to schedule an early flight in case the return is delayed. 4. We stay on the ship in Freeport, so I will defer on this question. I would be happy to answer any question? Enjoy your cruise! We love the Pride and crew.
  17. Me too! I've read the Legend is scheduled for a major dry dock in Spain. As you, I hope CCL will add the Dive-in movies. Similar to the Pride, I think the library and the chapel will be replaced with an arcade. With the arcade moved, they will enhancement/enlarge the youth space. I hope they add a new food venue, similar to what is on the newer ships. I hope the crew is as friendly as the Pride's crew. We have made friends with some crew members and have seen them on multiple cruises.
  18. Per Carnival website the Legend currently has the Alchemy Bar. I've read the Legend is scheduled for a major dry dock in 2021 in Spain prior to arriving at Baltimore in November 2021. My guess, CCL will be adding the Dive in movies, the library and the chapel will be replaced with an arcade. Assuming the arcade is moved they will enhancement/enlarge the youth space. My hope is they add a food venue that is similar to what is on the newer ships. The only thing that will be missing is the crew, we have made friends with some crew members and have seen them on multiple cruises.
  19. In the past after he rolled out new ships he would return to the Pride. He said that it is one of his favorites ships in the fleet.
  20. We have sailed with Ken several times, he is the best. He and the rest of the crew will be missed when the Pride moves to Tampa.
  21. We have been on the Pride 10 times and love the Pride and great crew.
  22. It has been a mixed bag, but mostly good. Our worst storm was when we sailed from New Orleans. Sailing from Baltimore we had one cruise that was very cold, but by mid afternoon on the 1st day we were on deck enjoy the sun, we were delayed about 2 - 3 hours returning due to ice in the Chesapeake. We still had a restful and fun week being away from work!
  23. We have been on the Pride 10 times and truly love the ship and staff. The terminal has easy access and parking ($105/wk) is very reasonable. The Pride doesn't have all the amenities of the recent ship builds, but has the 2.0 upgrades and Dive-in Movies. Also, the staff that we have dealt with were top notch, we have had past waitstaff and bar tenders come up to us and talk. On one of our repeat Pride cruises we had the same head waiter, don't understand how. The bottom line is, we always have a good time on the Pride and will continue to do so. What ever you decide have a great cruise.
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