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  1. Yes, all staterooms have mini fridges. Love the Pride! Enjoy your cruise.
  2. They didn't have or ran out buckets on the Pride's 9/8 sailing.
  3. Been on the Pride 10 times, we like decks 5, 6 and 7. Unless I review the deck plans and can determine what is locate above or below and feel there would be a lot of noise. I would take a room below Serenity or Spa.
  4. Just return from the Pride yesterday. I don't have any ship cons, we love the Pride and the easy layout. Some rooms have had the curtains bed coverings and skirt changed to the blue colors. While walking some had the blue carpet too. It appears they may have address the vibration too during the February dry dock.
  5. On the Pride we returned late to Baltimore and our steward let us stay in the stateroom until we docked around 10:30am.
  6. This was just posted on Carnival's web page. BALTIMORE Carnival Pride 09/01/19 – Will depart today as scheduled on a modified itinerary to Grand Turk and Amber Cove. Our calls to Half Moon Cay and Freeport have been canceled.
  7. After sea day brunch, being on deck and reading a book with an occasional cold drink.
  8. Here you go, right from CCL. Carnival Pride completed dry dock: 2/03/19-2/16/19 Routine hotel maintenance Cosmetic enhancements such as new carpeting and tiling, etc. in lounges and public areas Relocated and renovated the Arcade (replaced the chapel and the library) The Cove (replaced original location of the arcade)
  9. In two weeks it will be our 10th Pride cruise, the vibration helps put me to sleep.
  10. We love the Spirit class, just the right size for us and they have a great layout.
  11. Just renewed my passport, mailed my passport renewal on May 17 received it on June 25th.
  12. We went to the beach a few times in the past, now we get off the ship walk the market and get back on the ship and enjoy the time on deck!
  13. Our favorite is the Spirit class of ships, we love the Pride. It has the best floor plans. We are on our 10th Pride cruise in September.
  14. The published return time is 10am, but often in the summer the Pride is back between 8 and 9. Yesterday it arrived at 8:23. As I recall check-in start at 12:30 and if the ship returns early they start boarding early and the rooms are available around 2:30.
  15. Priority boarding, debarking and tendering and free laundry are our favorite perks.
  16. Any purchase you make on your sail & sign card.
  17. I had a similar situation, but my PVP was promoted.
  18. We have never had to remove tips for lack of service, because we never had service that was below the advertised services that CCL stated they would provide during a cruise. On most of our cruises, as great service is provided we give additional cash tips to the people that provided us the outstanding service. Of our 17 cruises I can only remember one that we did not give additional tips, we just gave the amount added to our sail-n-sign card.
  19. It is the mid sized suitcase in my set.
  20. With the more relaxed cruising style now a days, I use the sports jacket for both elegant nights (7 day cruise) one dress shirt and two different ties since we change right after dinner. In days past, I would have a different shirt, tie and pants for each night and for Formal Nights I would carry two different suits. The less restrictive Elegant Night dress code helps me pack less. For dinner I carry 5 shirts, one dress shirt, a sports coat and 2 pair of pants. I also, carry 2 bathing suits, 6 tee shirts and 3 pair of shorts along with underwear and socks. I also take 3 sets of footwear, a shoe, sneakers and a water shoe. In the pass we found we would take home a lot of clothing we never would wear.
  21. Big Chicken, will be on the Carnival Radiance and Mardi Gras.
  22. Of the people I know that cruise a lot, as the number of cruises increase, the amount of items they pack decreases. I have several friends that only use one carry-on bags (aircraft size carry-on) for a 7 day cruise. If you need to pack a lot I don't care, you are carrying and paying for it if you are flying. It is your vacation and if you need these items to have fun, I'm happy you can carry them. My point to the list was not packing, you used the term "cutback" in your post. If you want to pack a mattress pad, a tray etc (your list), once again I don't care, it is your vacation and if you need these items to enjoy your time on a cruise bring them all. My point is, I don't see them as cutbacks, I see them as changes and I pointed out many positive changes that has happened since I started to cruise. From my list I see two thing that addresses bags, FTTF is a change that you can receive you bags early which was added a few years ago and with the Hub App, they will deliver food and drink to you anywhere on the ship, so they are carrying the tray of food and drink to you.
  23. No false assumption on my part, it was a joke that must have hit home. I don't see them as cut back, I see them as changes, here are a few changes that I can think of quickly and I'm sure I will miss some: The Hub app Guys Burgers Blueiguana Big Chicken FTTF Ol' Fashon BBQ Mongolian Wok Punchliner Waterworks Skyride Dive-in Movies Hasbro Game Show Serenity Sky Course Drink Packages None of the above items were NOT available when we first started to cruise in 2001. I believe these changes add much more value than pillow chocolates, food trays and drink umbrellas. But that is why there is chocolate and vanilla. We are still happy with all that Carnival has to offer and will keep on sailing.
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