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  1. Thank you again, blue_water. I just posted a question on the Tortola board re: getting from the cruiseport via the mountain road to Cane Bay Beach. You are a great ambassador for the Caribbean region and we appreciate your help.
  2. Thank you blue_water for this update and being a great ambassador for the Caribbean region! Very kind of you to be unselfish with your time and help people. Kind of a goofy question but I will ask anyway...since I'm a scaredy cat...lol... I'm reading that from the cruise port to Cane Bay Beach there is a scary winding road that the cabs take over the mountain to the other side to Cane Bay Beach. I know "scary" is personal/all relative; however, Google maps gives a couple of differnt routes. From your personal experience either driving your own car, or from watching the cabbies, or from speaking with residents, what route would you suggest which doesn't take you over this crazy road people are saying? What is the route which is scary so I know before getting in the car and ask them, AND What is the route you'd suggest that may not be scary? I could ask the cab driver to go the less crazy way if we just go privately as a family in the cab. We don't want to take an hour and hug the perimeter of the island, but if there is a way of going the 20 minutes and there are less crazy ways, that would be good to know. Obviously people do this all the time, but I'd like to know in advance, if possible. We've driven mountains in the USA but this trip sounds kind of dicey according to travelers on diff websites. Supposedly Cane Bay Beach is one of the top beaches in the Caribbean so definitely want to go for 2-3 hours but just like driving options to suggest to the driver , if possible. We will be on the Equinox with only one other ship in port that day (a Costa ship.) Thank you for your advice in advance!
  3. Thank you blue_water for helping us and everyone on the forum. Your experience and knowledge are so helpful as well as from the other readers. We are leaning toward Sapphire for the ship excursion -- hopefully it isn't windy when we get there with rough water. Just wondering, blue_water, do you know about Tortola, if I ask a question over on that forum? Would you be able to answer something there about Cane Bay Beach via taxi? There are mixed reveiws about the switchback driving by cabs from cruiseport going to Cane Bay. Do you think it's worth it to CBB for a beach day? Or is Tortola not your specialty? Thanks again.
  4. Thank you 02B@Cagain for your response. Funny line about more taxis than people in St. Thomas:)
  5. Dear blue_water, Thank you so much for your prompt reply. We see that you are so kind to answer so many questions for so many people on the boards. Originally didn't want to go with ship excursion, but ship recently posted an excursion to Sapphire Beach for about $30pp It says there's a drive through Red Hook to Sapphire Beach. Then, a complimentary lounger, snorkel gear and beverage. Beach time - but they don't say how long. They take the "Skyline Drive" back to port. We are only ship in port that day. Total time 3 hours and 30 min for entire excursion. If it's $22 per person rd trip for the cab as you mentioned, plus we would add the cost of a lounger, and the excursion gives the snorkel gear and beverage, this seems like an okay deal instead of going independently. What do you think, blue_water, and others? You know the island well enough to know -- do you think the route they use is about 30 min drive each way? Or does it seem like they are driving more like an hour each way, and then it only leaves an hour on the beach? Figure 2 hours total beach time?? What's the advantage if any, in this particular case to go independently vs. ship? Virtual punch drink with little umbrella to say thank you!
  6. Hi Cruisecritic experts - I need your advice, please. Background info: March 17 will be in port with Celebirty Equinox in St. Thomas. 8am-4pm Researched and found it's docking at CrownBay. Only cruiseship at this time scheduled to be in St. Thomas on that day. Don't want to do a cruise excursion. Been to Havensight many years ago and things were closer. Now going to Crown Bay. Would like to take a cab or transportation to: Nice beach with bathrooms, calmer water if possible but that's hard to know Want to rent chairs, Little restaurant with snacks nearby a plus ** most important don't want to miss the ship if there would be a problem getting a taxi back. ** Trying to figure out how much time we need to get to a place via cab and back. Magen's Bay vs. Sapphire Beach vs. Emerald Beach vs. WaterIsland/Honeymoon Beach or Secret Harbor? Called the USVI tourist office and they said: Magen's Bay -- 45 min one way by taxi (?!) - $12 rd trip but that's waiting to fill up a cab Sapphire - 35 min one way - $10 pp each one way Emerald - few minutes by cab Secret Harbor - 35 min one way - $12 each way WaterIsland - ferry and then walking over a hill to H.Beach- $8 for the ferry one way, 1. Which beach would you choose or someplace different? 2. Anyone know if 2 people are taxing straight to Magens, how much would that be if only with 2 people and not with a larger open van? Can it really be 45 min one way? 3. Do these times seem accurate to get to these beaches? Seems pretty long? 4. Re: WaterIsland/Honeymoon Beach - how long to wait for the ferry over? How long is trip? Would you worry about returning? 5. Does Emerald have lots of jets flying overhead or jet fuel smell? Picturesque? 6. Posts are saying that Secret Harbor might be hard to get a cab for the return?? Many thanks for your help!
  7. Back in the 60's, my family and I (a youngster at the time) were fortunate enough to sail transatlantic from NYC to Italy (Raphaello) and back (Michaelangelo). I celebrated my 7th birthday on the ship. Those were the days of cruising! The Italian food was fantastic and the activites for kids were great! I remember the children's playroom. There was an actual registered nurse as well as crew staff to help the children. One ship even had a childsize merry-go-round on board! The food and service was something I have yet to experience in cruises today. Anyone out there who cruised on the Italian line back in the 60's? Have you found anything comparable to that today?
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