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  1. Tipping with the Cheers package can be a touchy subject on some boards! 😉 I've started preparing my tips ahead of time--dollar bill origami. It only takes a single one dollar tip for the bartenders to remember you and your cocktail of choice, when that dollar bill is folded to look like a dress, a wine glass or a fish. It's fun for me to take an hour or so and fold some dollar bills while watching television, plus it adds to the excitement of preparing for the next trip, and I know it's something that will be appreciated. If i were at any other bar, I'd include that extra tip anyway for my drinks.
  2. So I'm not the only one doing that for next summer's cruise?? 🙂
  3. When I was first thinking about the Cheers package, I did my own accounting. I drank what I wanted, when I wanted, like I would have done with the drink package. I spent slightly more than i would have if I'd gotten Cheers. I like trying more expensive wines that I would normally buy for myself at home, so those add up. I love the Alchemy cocktails, the fruity drinks, will have a couple of soft drinks per day, and generally get a couple of bottles of water per day. The last time I cruised with someone else in the same cabin, she didn't drink at all. Like you, it was really not worth paying for two drink packages. (I'll break even or come out ahead with one package, but probably wouldn't have, buying two.) I prepaid for a bottle of vanilla vodka to be delivered to my cabin instead of getting Cheers. Took advantage of being able to carry on a 12 pack of canned Cokes and the allowable limit of wine, and kindly asked the steward keep ice in my cabin. Boom: vanilla cokes for the week and wine for dinner. I also took advantage of the discounted AARP Carnival gift cards and applied those to my S&S card in case I wanted to indulge for the occasional Alchemy cocktail or something other than what I had in my cabin.
  4. I love saving money anywhere and anytime I can. Even though I don't get double points by using my FunPoints mastercard, I'll use it to pay for my AARP cards since I'll be immediately paying off that balance. A few points is better than the no points I'd get for paying directly with my debit card. I usually get the Cheers package on my cruises, paid ahead of time to take advantage of the prepaid discount. I then use the discounted AARP cards to pay off the prepaid Cheers package. Win-win-drink!
  5. I'm platinum and generally take advantage of priority debarkation and self assist (usually have a fairly early flight to catch). I've not ever heard an actual announcement for the priority. Like others have said, you'll get an instruction sheet in your cabin on the last day, telling you where and what time to meet if you want to do self assist. They don't announce it through the PA system--not that I've heard anyway--but will announce it in the P&D waiting area. Enjoy!!
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