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  1. might be worth calling Royal. That sailing has not shown up on the website in a really long time. There is a 3 night on may 6th. but the may 9th one is not on the royal site. So it is either 100% sold out, or the ship has been chartered.
  2. One possibility. I believe in suite class on the oasis class ships, you can order room service from the MDR or coastal kitchen menu. It may be possibly for that night to have a nice dinner on your balcony and you can each get what you want? I apologize if I am remembering incorrectly. perhaps someone can jump in if I am mistaken.
  3. Thats very strange. I sail allure often both in crown lofts and in star class and have not had any communication issues. I know this is a silly question but are you sure that their emails are not somehow going to your spam or junk folder? I know I have had issues in the past where I have not received emails. Even had to create a gmail account just to email royal because their it dept could not figure out how to deal with mine. I know thats not of much comfort. But it is highly unusual. Did you just book in the last week?? or has it been booked for a long time?? wonder if you got someones room that was cancelled and through the wonders of IT the original reservation holder are getting your emails?
  4. You should have definitely heard from them by now. Why don't you try emailing the concierge AL_Concierge01@rccl.com and inquire with them....
  5. I travel weekly for work and this is my method as well. When I first get into my room. I do exactly as stated above. Then I just let them chill for a while in the bathroom. Typically by the next day they are unwrinkled and ready to go. I would also add.. Just the increase in humidity alone in the Caribbean seems to act as a bit of a natural steamer.
  6. I am sorry that you had to experience this. It's obvious that you are a first time cruiser from your lack of general knowledge here .. But there seems to be a few things omitted from this description, and for us that you are complaining to, it would help to better understand with a few more details. 1. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that the two of them were not allowed to leave the port? 2. At that point, since they had not left the port, I would have thought the security would have just said " go back to the ship and get your id" I am certain this happens often, as people are not aware or they just dont listen. 3. What could the ship have done at that point??? 4. how long were they "detained" and you have yet to provide any details of what that actually means? 5. how many others were detained??? I am sorry you had this happen... but honestly, I think you are making way to much of it. You should always have your photo id with you (and technically I would never step foot on foreign soil without a credit card and my id. In case I needed to travel or purchase something large ) ps. On all my nassau cruise compass on the first page there is a section called Seapass card and proof of citizenship that says to bring seapass card and photo ID with you. Perhaps you missed it, or perhaps since the navigator just got back from the TA it was omitted?
  7. My guess would be 1. Trying to add more value to those paying higher dollar for suites so they can board quicker 2. It 100% eliminates all of the people who are diamond plus and try to sneak their non status friends into the line causing issues for security and generally upsetting other guests. this new plan just simplifies things.... Makes sense to me
  8. I think we get it. you don't want to sail out of Miami. But why are you so angry???? maybe you should take a break for a minute 1. if you think the oasis class reference was old (which I thought was a fair point) .... why did you use a fred and lamont sanford reference from a TV show that went off the air in 1977? 2. AS for tons of people avoiding that port.. you are probably right. Lets see..... 1 ton = 2000lbs and lets say you travel with 6 of your friends. Yep. thats about a ton LOL take a break... try to enjoy life
  9. So if A and C both walk into the diamond lounge... which one selfishly reserves 8 seats for their friends? A or C?
  10. Yes... LOL it's shocking why Royal Caribbean would even consider building their new terminal at the port of Miami IN THE PORT OF MIAMI. LOL Happy sailing... I like port of Miami. It's easy to get to. Close to the airport, and can now accommodate the larger classes of ships. Win Win. I have been lucky (and I do mean lucky) enough to sale from many cruise ports, and Miami is nowhere even close to the bottom of my list... In fact, it's in my top two .... and If I am being completely honest, Port of Miami, which you think is so dirty, is most likely substantially cleaner than the cab I take from the airport to get there. LOL
  11. Actually, If you think getting to the port of miami is bad.... you have no idea how long it takes to get down the embarcadaro in san Francisco in traffic to that very small port. And while the view once you have sailed (and I have done it) is beautiful (assuming the bay is not fogged in, as it often is). if you are shore side on your balcony... it's not very nice. oh..... and there is really zero parking....... we all get it. for some reason this port makes you very angry... but the thought if people not sailing from the port because POM is and industrial port, is simply not going to happen. I dont mind sitting on my balcony watching container ships and what not go by while we are docked. I think it's interesting.
  12. Hey everyone..... While I absolutely think ANGRYcruisefan0001 is grossly over dramatizing their "opinions". There is some good news here. I know with 100% certainty since ANGRYcruisefan0001 is avoiding and running from the new terminal like the plague (as previously announced) . There is 0% possibility of me having to sail with him. LOL There is a number of reasons why I pick a cruise port. Distance from airport? Cruise Ships that sale from them. However What the port looks like has never even been a consideration. If thats the case there is a multitude of Caribbean ports I would have to avoid as well
  13. I found this online today which shows a drown pilot peering into the aft balconies for about 50 seconds
  14. Yes... I can appreciate that you have said that some people are overwhelmed by the oasis class ships. However, there have been many many posts on cruise critic about someone who tried Royal for the first time after loyally sailing other lines. They say they were looking for the amazing and wow that they have heard so much about and yet they booked there cruise on the Majesty?????? So... as others have said, It is really about what is important to you on a cruise...
  15. The vip area starts on the right hand side of your screen at 3:13 and goes past 3:19. it just so happens at 3:19 it was a closeup of one of the tables in the vip area. and yes. Ignore thorben he spent an entire thread bashing someone about how terrible they were because they wanted to take their kids swimming with the dolphins. Thorben is just a troll that likes attn and has nothing to contribute. Please just wait for the host or the manager and look at the "block" of time in the video and you will see what they refer to as the vip area. It's not simply a different room, it's more like a roped off back corner. However, in this video it looks like that have that area set up with electronic machines, maybe for a tournament. so it does, and can change. at any rate. I wish you all the best, and hope you enjoy the ship it's beautiful. Please get the detailed information from the ship casino. best of luck
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