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  1. HI, I wish you the best, it's clear you are not a happy person and feel the need to attack other people. But you seem to confuse "aggressive behavior" with defending MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE when a complete stranger calls me a liar and says I did not experience something? LOL enjoy your Trolling day.
  2. Correct. That is what I am saying. Because of the "bad people" and OUR personal experience. we chose not to go there. And enjoy the ship.
  3. LOL .... So you must be god now? I am constantly amazed at the arrogance of some people on cruise critic. How dare I have a different experience than yourself? And you feel the need to attack me simply because I have had a different experience than yourself? OMG what a joke! If you have never experienced it, it is not real? LOL Exaggerate much????? LOL Please forgive me your lordship. Not only are you the foremost authority of MISINFORMATION on coronovirus, you now are the ONLY royal Caribbean customer allowed to have an opinion? LOL I love Royal. I too am well p
  4. I have seen multiple temper tantrums in the lounges, and people disrespecting staff. It's embarrassing to watch this.. so we simply remove our self from the situation. Of course there are nice people. However. Listening to someone complain, or talk down to the staff is enough to make me not want to go. Besides? Whats the point? there is a whole ship to enjoy your beverage? Why smash yourself into a crowded room ?
  5. AS a D+ my friends and I hate the lounges. Mostly full of unhappy complaining people. The thought that someone will plan their day, go to the lounge at 4:30pm and save ten seats for their "friends" coming at 5:30 is laughable. We simply have better things to do. We think the 3 drinks are great. We can do what we want, sit where we want and enjoy our day. Unless I am in a suite on the oasis class, I simply am not interested in a lounge.
  6. Yes for sure..... it has proven deadly to elderly people 100% true. But... I am not sure that a television DR is who we should be getting our information from. IT will be years before there is enough data to know for sure.
  7. HI Brett, most of your very few posts are about panic. so clearly you dont want to have a discussion ... and thats fine.... However, because many people have mild to no symptoms, it 's also possible that the number is much lower then the fast moving and very innacurate numbers in the press. THIS IS A VERY FLUID SITUATION> However. I stand by what I said. if there was this much outcry over the flu. (which is way way way worse) ... and to clarify . I guess you are ok with millions of people dying?????? you must be or wouldnt you want to focus on this a little m
  8. I was just wondering. If there was this much media hype and all out panic and fear mongering over the flu (which is way worse) maybe we would have a cure for it now?????
  9. HI Kate, Not sure how you did your set sail. However, I have noticed that I get expedited arrival 100% of the time when I do check in on the mobile app and scan my passport. When I enter the information online, I do not. I have even checked in online (all the way through the process) then gone to the mobile app, updated my passport by scanning it... AND POOF!!!!! I know have expedited arrival. I think it must have something to do with the passport scan as opposed to the entering of the numbers online.
  10. ** I attached an online copy of the cruise compass for the enchantment for 2015 showing the casino hours. on that one the slots and tables opened early as noted .. but the casino bar did not open till later ** I guess everyone has a different experience. Prior to Last july. The casino WAS ABSOLUTELY open for me on every sailing at coco cay. the slots and the casino bar opened around 9 am and the tables around 2 pm. However, on my sailings late last year, and this year (three total) The casino was indeed closed at coco cay until about 5 pm. I too (signature)
  11. I was on the Navigator a few weeks ago with the UDP. While playmakers was open, they were NOT serving food. I went upstairs to deck 11 to see what was actually serving ... To my surprise, both jamies and chops were open for lunch , so I opted for chops. Not sure if JR was open or not.
  12. It is per visit. You can go to as many specialty restaurants per day as you like. I was just on the Indy and we went to playmakers during the day for desert, and then izumi for dinner, etc. On the royal description it even says Savor the savings with the Unlimited Dining Package! For one low price, you can enjoy multiple entrees and visit multiple specialty restaurants every night of your sailing. And as an added perk, this unlimited package also applies to lunch at specialty restaurants on sea days. two of us went on the cruise and we found it to be definite
  13. and now this: after I sent them the link... Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I'd like to confirm this with our ships to ensure we're all on the same page. I'll report this now and get it corrected. So I guess they are just going to remove text from the website now??
  14. And this just in from the Royal caribbean facebook messenger. This is why it's so frustrating dealing with them. every day different information. Hi, . Regardless of the ships, the Ultimate Dining Package includes Izumi. It's considered an a la carte venue and guests are given a $35 food credit each time they dine for the sushi, as hibachi is not included. -Paula
  15. Thank you. this is what I was hoping to see. At least something from their website that I can so. I appreciate it
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