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  1. John will wear a mask when required. We flew to Vegas last Nov and had to wear masks then. He thinks the vaccines were pushed through too quickly. Perhaps they were, but they were also needed quickly. Anyway, he will be stubborn as a mule if I push him. I just keep making sure he is aware of latest news, etc and I know he will change his mind if I let him think it was his idea in the first place! 😉
  2. Personally, I think everyone should be allowed to make their own choice about the vaccine. I am vaccinated, John isn’t. Most people have reason for their decision. I don’t agree with all of John’s reasons, and I wish he would get the vaccine. But he will, in his own time when he feels better about it. Me yelling at him to get it will never work. And him yelling at me to not get it, wouldn’t have worked either.
  3. We are booked for our 1st B2B on Oasis in Nov. Funny enough, we will probably cancel. Our dog has cancer & kidney disease. I doubt we will still have her then, but we will have a puppy. It just doesn’t look like a good time to be away. Due to the cancelled cruises DH hasn’t taken any time off from work. He was informed last week that he is over the limit on earned vacation and he MUST take days! 3 & 4 day weekends for awhile!
  4. DH and I have (temporarily) lost the desire to cruise. We took the $ refunded from our Nov cruise and went to Las Vegas. It was the first time we’d been there and we spent most days in the National parks. We also had reservations at fine dining restaurants. Had to wear face masks everywhere in Vegas, but not when we were hiking in the desert. Now we are waiting to see if our March cruise will be canceled. We had just made the final payment when other cruise lines canceled through the end of March. If it is, we will use the $ to fly to Missouri later in the summer where we will be picking
  5. Just got the call from our TA. Not surprised that our Nov cruise is canceled, but disappointed. And glad they finally made the announcement.
  6. If someone is denied boarding, do they get a refund? I hope we will make our Nov cruise, and I’m okay with wearing a mask, getting tested, etc. But it is going to be hard to sell my DH on this. He hates wearing a mask, although he does it.
  7. Next cruise: Allure Nov 15, 2020 Next I think will cruise: Oasis March 2021 Most disappointing if canceled: Allure in Nov. Scheduled to be our 1st on Allure & 1st CLS. We have a CLS in March, but our next 3 cruises will be on Oasis, so it will be 2 years before we MIGHT be booked on Allure again.
  8. We are booked to be on Allure Nov 15. I am willing to wear a mask to get on board, but my DH is not happy about that. Our adult son said he is willing to sacrifice the time to go with me! 😜 If cancelled, we will be disappointed but okay. I really hope to go, though.
  9. Our sailing is the very next one after transatlantic. If that is already canceled ours will probably be also. 😢
  10. Friday we made the final payment for our mid-November cruise on Allure. We know there’s a good chance it will be canceled, but if somehow it does sail and we are not onboard we would be very disappointed.
  11. I’m so sorry about your cat! We lost a beloved dog to kidney failure last Dec. We didn’t even know she had kidney disease until November.
  12. We are also having a hard time dealing with continued pandemic restrictions, canceled cruises, social unrest. We spent many years saving money, doing without extras so we could enjoy the lifestyle we now have. I am aware how very lucky we are. But it’s still hard dealing with so much change and restrictions. I’m retired and DH works from home. You would think we see enough of each other, but he actually works 10+ hrs a day, 6 days a week. When we are on a cruise we are totally focused on each other. This is important time for us. Yes, we may need to find an alternative; but we don’t want to.
  13. It’s a much smaller area on Freedom, no hot tub or cabanas. I thought it was still very nice. Comfy seats and tables, some in shade, some in sun. I actually took a nap out there one day. Very true! I think I misunderstood the question. I forgot about the tiered area as we found it too hot and preferred the Solarium or our own balcony on the preAmped Freedom.
  14. We were lucky enough to be on Freedom’s only (thank you Covid 19) sailing after amplification. There is a new, beautiful suite lounge and outside seating area on deck 14. You can access the area from the exterior with your sea pass card.
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