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  1. I’m so sorry about your cat! We lost a beloved dog to kidney failure last Dec. We didn’t even know she had kidney disease until November.
  2. We are also having a hard time dealing with continued pandemic restrictions, canceled cruises, social unrest. We spent many years saving money, doing without extras so we could enjoy the lifestyle we now have. I am aware how very lucky we are. But it’s still hard dealing with so much change and restrictions. I’m retired and DH works from home. You would think we see enough of each other, but he actually works 10+ hrs a day, 6 days a week. When we are on a cruise we are totally focused on each other. This is important time for us. Yes, we may need to find an alternative; but we don’t want to.
  3. It’s a much smaller area on Freedom, no hot tub or cabanas. I thought it was still very nice. Comfy seats and tables, some in shade, some in sun. I actually took a nap out there one day. Very true! I think I misunderstood the question. I forgot about the tiered area as we found it too hot and preferred the Solarium or our own balcony on the preAmped Freedom.
  4. We were lucky enough to be on Freedom’s only (thank you Covid 19) sailing after amplification. There is a new, beautiful suite lounge and outside seating area on deck 14. You can access the area from the exterior with your sea pass card.
  5. I am really hoping we will be on our Nov sailing. I am anxious to see what protocols the cruise industry puts in place when they reopen. They are extremely invested in having a safe way to restart cruising. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand how serious this virus is. Looking forward to getting back to a favorite part of life doesn’t make me reckless or uncaring. We have followed the guidelines, including not seeing our granddaughter for months, and will continue to do everything we can to help stop the spread.
  6. I really enjoyed watching this! DH and I were on this cruise and had a great time. The corona rainbow in Aruba was amazing! Then again, maybe it was a warning. 😉
  7. Yes, there’s usually a little bit of Jana in each blanket! 😜
  8. Thanks! She needs a bath, which she will get this weekend. 🐶💦
  9. I’ve been crocheting a blanket for Baby Girl Wasky coming this July. She will be our second granddaughter! Jana seems to think I’m making the blanket for her. 😉
  10. Thanks! Last night we found out my cousin is sick with the corvid19 virus. That really brought it home to me. She lives in Massachusetts. And I think it made John realize how serious the situation is. He had been rolling his eyes when I wore a mask and gloves to go out. This morning I have to go to the bank, grocery store & the printer to pick up blueprints (construction is considered essential) and John set out gloves and mask for me. Will you be staying in Florida this summer, or will you try to head north?
  11. My DH works from home anyway, except when he needs to travel to a job site. Since I retired I help him with his work. No more travel, but he still is pretty busy. I used to pick my DGD up after school sometimes, attend a women’s Bible study every Tuesday, and my best friend and I took turns visiting each other’s home to work on crafts. Lately, I just clean the house, help John, read and play games on my iPad. we live in a pretty area so I take walks when the weather cooperates. I was taking the dog with me but she decided she didn’t like walking! I’m happy we have sites like CC. I really miss being out with people, so it’s nice to be able to chat with you all. Sadly, my cousin died earlier this week, not from the virus. My family usually turns out big time for weddings & funerals. Not this time, only immediate family allowed.
  12. Thanks for the terrific review, especially your Star Class experience. I’ve been bugging/nagging DH to book us in a Star suite, but now I’m pretty sure we would have the same reaction as you. Perhaps when (& if) we are able to treat our boys and their families to a cruise we will try it.
  13. I was going to suggest Beaches resort, no kids. You could stay in one of those amazing over the water suites.
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