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  1. Hi does anyone,have any information Regarding Booking ref ********* on the Arcadi 24 nights the 15 september 2021. At present the canadian government have a Ban on cruise ships,till febuary 2022. Despite emails to P&0 there have been no notifications. yours respectfully G watkin
  2. Hi just a ray of hope to all those people waiting for a cruise refund.hats well done p&0 Just received my full refund for our cruise 11 april 2020. This was for the Auroa 13 nights from southampton. Kind regards Greyhound 1950
  3. thats a shame thought cruising was more than club nights,cruise ships are floating hotels taking us too fantastic ports of call
  4. don't wish to rude there are no fast rules regarding threads as long as we treat others we disagree with respect if any of the posts,we don't agree with we can enter into debate or just ignore yours respectfully
  5. hi zapp 99, amusing reply don't understand the relevance grey hound 1950
  6. HI folks regarding black tie nights,is very controversial subject.the ladies like to dress in evening dresses and express their individual personalities.if they were all asked to wear the same dresses they would understandably be upset. so begs the question why do dress codes require the men to all look the same. my solution to this dilemma is for cruise lines to relax the dress codes for men.suits or jackets with open neck shirts' very few celebrities,on special nights out wear the penguin look.
  7. saga princess cruises have suspended further cruises,why hasn't p&O any answers happy cruiser😂
  8. sorry to disagree,over a 14 nights cruise over a 7night period on P&0 there were 4 black tie nights this was on the cabin literary. with respect unless you where on the same cruise you could not dispute these facts as i say would not dare dispute your information on 2 formal nights on 7 night period no bull ---- yours respectfully Happy Crusier
  9. first of all my apologies to those offended by my facts regarding Black tie nights which the evidence people ask for would have been in the cabins Itinerary.I do not have a problem with black tie nights only when guests that wish to wear smart casual are barred from certain bar areas.1 do not dispute guests information on previous cruises so take issue when my facts are disputed. yours respectfully MR happy Cruiser
  10. to my knowledge on past cruises with p&0 2019 there have been 4 black tie nights in 7 days on the aurora the year april 11 2020 there are only 4 black tie nights in 13 nights cruise. yours respectfully
  11. 😊 Black tie nights on p&0 Criuses. Glad to see p&o have reduced black tie nights and remembered Guests come on cruises to relax.
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