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  1. We are looking at going over their next week; was going to buy ahead of time but not sure what the weather will be and the tickets are non refundable. Our ship is in late so will only have about 3.5 hrs till they close. Have any of you come into port late and still had no issues with getting in?
  2. I am hoping they are 😉 oh I am sure we will since going with my kids, husband and their friends so there are 7 if us!! Plus it's 5 datd away from work!!! I was so looking forward to Guys!!!
  3. Thanks for the review!! We leave Monday... Hoping for a good free days!!
  4. I just realized this to but we are leaving next Monday and my daughters boyfriend showed me his birth certificate that actually has a raised seal as well as signed signature that it was a certified copy. My concern is that it is not very legible, looks like the copy from vital statistics copier malfuntioned so there are places where the toner did not print words, dates, etc. He told me that this is what was used to get his DL, though I am a little concerned that this will not work to get him on board....:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  5. 10 Days!!! Victory with my family💓 August 6th can not chime fast enough!!!
  6. My family is going on her Aug 6-10!!! I have read many negative comments and about of great ones! Try not to let the negative deter me.. Its a cruise and we love them!!!
  7. Great review!! Do you happen to have the entire navigator showing all activities.? Trying to see what they have going on for teenagers. TIA
  8. thanks!!! Definately packing some summer stuff just in case😉
  9. :halo: Thank you.. Good to know about the jeans.. She will be happy about that!! She usually dresses them up with a nice top normally!!!
  10. My 16 yr old daughter going on her first Alaskan cruise on July 14th. We are from Florida and trying to figure out what to have her bring--we wear shorts all year long..lol She has a rain/wind jacket, several sweatshirts/sweaters and some other long sleeve layering shirts, plus jeans foon r when she is off the ship. Question is on the ship would it be acceptable to walk around in shorts and sandals if comfortable temp? I think temps may be 60-70 during day. I know she can bring her swim suit so she can swim if they have the dome closed. She has sneakers and will have hiking boots as she will be zip lining. Do you think I need to bring gloves? Anything else? TIA
  11. thank you for the review! Any chance you have Funtimes? Just trying to get a glimpse of what is going on for the 4 day :)
  12. Thank you everyone! This is making feel feels much better!!! I am so excited to go!!!!
  13. Heading out Aug 6 on a 4nt sailing with family. Almost all reviews of this ship has the dining room meals being less than favorable :( Big complaint I saw was that meals never came out hot..mostly cold :'):'):( We have done many Carnival cruises and the meals have always been top notch and greatly presented. Has anyone been on her lately and had better experience? I have looked at other carnival ships and they do not seem to have this issue. I wonder why this one? I know that the lines at the buffet are sometimes an issue as well. Either way I am excited to go!!!!
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