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  1. I think it is just part of the general Windstar website quality issue. I love cruising on Windstar but their office operations have a lot of room for improvement.
  2. Or the vaccine storage and administration requirements are easier for them to meet in San Juan. St Martin is working on getting their own population vaccinated.
  3. In some cabins, one side of the bed is against the wall. I don't know how to tell which cabins that applies to. My Star Clipper cruise was a solo trip so it didn't matter but if my husband and I were to take one, we would like to avoid that configuration. Which cabins have both sides of the bed accessible?
  4. I'm also somewhat skeptical. However, I can see some reasons that might help explain why two people sharing a cabin might have had vaccine-breakthrough cases even though the vaccines are highly effective. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are around 95% effective against the original COVID strain, so two people randomly both getting breakthrough cases would be around 5%^2 times the probability of two unvaccinated people getting COVID^2. 5%^2 is 0.25% However, the vaccines are less effective against variants, perhaps around 75% effective against some variants. Two closely associated p
  5. Hooray! Our fall cruise has a number of Greek ports. I hope it goes well and the policy expands.
  6. We always get the package, but their per piece prices aren't bad. The only time I've noticed a per bag special was on an Alaska cruise, but since I have the package, I may not have noticed other bag offers. The laundry package is included for Cruise Collecors. Out of curiosity, I priced out what I was putting in the bag and I'd have had to stuff hard to get much better than the per piece price. Perhaps, a bag price would work out better on a warm weather cruise with shorts and light shirts than for a May Alaska. We've been happy with the laundry quality. I generally ha
  7. They have improved their WiFi. I used it last January/February on a cruise with several sea days and was pleasantly surprised.
  8. The beverage package plus beverage and hotel service charges are $82.35. The All-in-package is $6.65 more which is slightly less than the laundry charge and a lot less than unlimited WiFi. So, it's a good deal if you would otherwise buy the beverage package and either unlimited WiFi or laundry. The beverage package daily break even is about 5 drinks if you tend toward drinks that are near the package max ($11.50 per drink). Obviously, it takes more drinks to break even if you tend toward beer, the daily cocktail and other less expensive drinks (there are a fair number that cost aro
  9. They have a lot of cruises on reduced solo supplement so some capacity reduction might be due to having cabins with one occupant. I've been on nearly full Windstar cruise 3 times. The way you could tell is that the price stayed constant or went up. Two of them had sales early on (6 or more months out) and the third never went on sale. As the cruise dates got closer, the price never dropped. If they are pretty empty, you will see them on 7-for-7 or last-minute sale price reductions. Since most of the cabins are the same size and similar layouts other than the "Star" vs old layout on
  10. I don't think that's why they have the policy. If it is, they aren't doing a very good job of getting profit out of it on our fall cruise. They appear to be having trouble lining up enough excursions. They have one stop with no excursions at all and the second day of an overnight stop only has the private car/van options. A couple of stops that we have been to before just have fairly generic excursions - ones that go to the places that anyone whose been there before has already visited. In any case, I really hope that they change the policy. It is too restrictive and we really like
  11. The Price Assurance Policy is about half-way down the terms and conditions page: https://www.windstarcruises.com/terms-conditions/
  12. Somebody either: misunderstood your question, gave you an answer specific to a cruise less than 90 days out, or gave you the wrong answer. Windstar has a price assurance policy that lets you take advantage of price drops up to 90 days before sailing. I've had my price adjusted many times. Sometimes the drop has been over $1000. When you change price, you get the conditions that go with the new price so if your original price had some perks and the current lower price doesn't you will loose those perks. For example, our 18 day Med cruise for this fall originally had $400 i
  13. Clear is only in some airports. It's not at my home airport. Even when doing frequent business travel it wasn't worth it to me. I had global entry and it usually had little to no line at my home airport and was reasonably fast & easy at other US airports.
  14. Yes, you are correct. Cruising shut down after work had started on the first one. There is an outlet in the bathroom. I should know but can't remember whether there in a night light in the bathroom. I avoid using built-in USB outlets anywhere because they usually don't indicate their charging capacity and don't deliver the power for fast charging. Some don't even deliver enough to keep up with modern device run power needs. There's always been at least one 220 V Euro outlet and one 110 US outlet at the desk/vanity. I take a universal plug adapter that
  15. The daily gratuity is $23.35 according to this page: https://www.windstarcruises.com/all-inclusive-cruise-package/ The gift form has all the packages: https://media.windstarcruises.com/media/plan_your_voyage/2019_gift_order_form.pdf
  16. You can buy the things in the all-in-one package separately. Usually we have just used the our cell service and wifi in ports and not paid for shipboard internet. In Jan 2020, we had a cruise with several sea days and I bought the unlimited internet for just me so I know you can buy that for just one person in a cabin. I don't think you can buy the laundry for just one in a two person cabin but we pack light and use it a lot so I've never asked.
  17. Thanks for asking. Yes , I'm feeling better.
  18. The test was negative. It was the PCR test and I'd had symptoms for days so a false negative seems unlikely. 😅
  19. All that was said was that they were discussing whether to drop the testing requirement for vaccinated people. It's one sentence near the end of the second speaker's report. No likely to drop - more neutral; maybe, maybe not.
  20. If you test positive in the pre-boarding test because you have COVID, you shouldn't go on the cruise. I'm willing to rely on vaccine protection being good enough that that's a pretty low risk. I'm slightly worried that it would be possible to have a false positive which would keep me off the cruise without having COVID, but apparently the false positive rate for the antigen tests is quite low. I'll be continuing to check on that. Meanwhile, I'm currently waiting for results of a COVID test that I took today due to symptoms that I think are more likely an unusually bad
  21. Since our fall cruise starts in the EU (Greece) I expect that all the non-EU crew (which is most of the crew) will have to be vaccinated to get into Europe and I'd hope that any EU crew is also vaccinated. I'd be uncomfortable sailing with unvaccinated crew. I think the vaccinated (passengers and crew) should be able to go on shore without taking a Windstar excursion. From the excursion descriptions, I don't see how they will provide much if any additional protection and the vaccine protection should be enough.
  22. It's not just you. The link is the one for this thread. Perhaps the OP copied and pasted the wrong link. I tried to google the press conference but didn't get anywhere.
  23. I think the person who gave you that answer may have been confused. It's the deck barbecue that's usually on the longest day/overnight in port. That's because it is nice to be anchored in the evening during the deck bbq though they may sometimes do it while sailing. The beach bbq has to be at a port where there is a beach near the ship that works for it so it's based more on whether the local facilities work for it.
  24. I sincerely hope that Windstar does drop the requirement. Even though I've purchased Windstar excursions in case they don't drop the policy and we still decide to take the cruise, I'm also considering cancelling the cruise if they don't drop or loosen the policy. I don't think that the policy provides meaningful protection against the virus yet it significantly restricts passengers. There are 5 port days (out of 15) where we aren't able/willing to book an excursion: Limassol has only one excursion and it is currently wait-list 2nd day in Haifa only has the private car/va
  25. That's not my experience. For our Fall cruise, there was one Windstar excursion that I knew we wanted take even before we booked the cruise - an overnight trip from Port Said to Cairo and the pyramids. So, as soon as the booking was live on My Windstar, I purchased that excursion and then went back to the purchase shore excursions page to start browsing what was available for the other ports. All the Port Said excursions were gone from the listing - they would all have conflicted with the one we already bought. Last week I went to purchase the other excursions for the cruise
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