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  1. The test was negative. It was the PCR test and I'd had symptoms for days so a false negative seems unlikely. 😅
  2. All that was said was that they were discussing whether to drop the testing requirement for vaccinated people. It's one sentence near the end of the second speaker's report. No likely to drop - more neutral; maybe, maybe not.
  3. If you test positive in the pre-boarding test because you have COVID, you shouldn't go on the cruise. I'm willing to rely on vaccine protection being good enough that that's a pretty low risk. I'm slightly worried that it would be possible to have a false positive which would keep me off the cruise without having COVID, but apparently the false positive rate for the antigen tests is quite low. I'll be continuing to check on that. Meanwhile, I'm currently waiting for results of a COVID test that I took today due to symptoms that I think are more likely an unusually bad
  4. Since our fall cruise starts in the EU (Greece) I expect that all the non-EU crew (which is most of the crew) will have to be vaccinated to get into Europe and I'd hope that any EU crew is also vaccinated. I'd be uncomfortable sailing with unvaccinated crew. I think the vaccinated (passengers and crew) should be able to go on shore without taking a Windstar excursion. From the excursion descriptions, I don't see how they will provide much if any additional protection and the vaccine protection should be enough.
  5. It's not just you. The link is the one for this thread. Perhaps the OP copied and pasted the wrong link. I tried to google the press conference but didn't get anywhere.
  6. I think the person who gave you that answer may have been confused. It's the deck barbecue that's usually on the longest day/overnight in port. That's because it is nice to be anchored in the evening during the deck bbq though they may sometimes do it while sailing. The beach bbq has to be at a port where there is a beach near the ship that works for it so it's based more on whether the local facilities work for it.
  7. I sincerely hope that Windstar does drop the requirement. Even though I've purchased Windstar excursions in case they don't drop the policy and we still decide to take the cruise, I'm also considering cancelling the cruise if they don't drop or loosen the policy. I don't think that the policy provides meaningful protection against the virus yet it significantly restricts passengers. There are 5 port days (out of 15) where we aren't able/willing to book an excursion: Limassol has only one excursion and it is currently wait-list 2nd day in Haifa only has the private car/va
  8. That's not my experience. For our Fall cruise, there was one Windstar excursion that I knew we wanted take even before we booked the cruise - an overnight trip from Port Said to Cairo and the pyramids. So, as soon as the booking was live on My Windstar, I purchased that excursion and then went back to the purchase shore excursions page to start browsing what was available for the other ports. All the Port Said excursions were gone from the listing - they would all have conflicted with the one we already bought. Last week I went to purchase the other excursions for the cruise
  9. How can you see that they are sold out when you've already booked excursions? When I buy excursions on My Windstar, the excursions I bought and any that overlap them in time disappear from the available excursions.
  10. I'm booked on the same Star Collector. I think the Star Collector got broken when they took down the Caribbean cruises to reconfigure them without US ports. Our Collector covered the last one they took off-line and the first one that stayed up. They may put it back eventually. I booked it when it was on the reduced solo supplement list as my husband isn't interested in ocean crossings.
  11. For those who prefer small ships (400 or fewer passengers), Windstar currently has a bunch of cruises with reduced solo supplement (25% compared to their usual 75%). Star Clippers has sailings with no solo supplement.
  12. Here is an example of a Windstar tour description: Trapani, Walking Tour with Sicilian Coffee Break (Moderate) 3 hours - Approximate Tour Departure 8:30 AM Trapani is an attractive old port town, rediscovering its charms after years of neglect. Halfway between Europe and Tunis, it was a rich trading center throughout the early Middle Ages, then, flourished again in the 19th and early 20th centuries as a stronghold of the tuna-canning industry. After that, it went into decline, and became a salty old port. Then, it was selected to host the 2004 America’s Cup and rec
  13. 95% effectiveness doesn't mean that 95% of participants got COVID. It mean that the vaccinated group got 5% of the cases that the unvaccinated group got. E.g. if 300 unvaccinated people would have had 20 people who got COVID, than a vaccinated group would have had about 5% of 20 get COVID - that's about 1 person. And the vaccinated group wouldn't have severe cases - for example they wouldn't end up in the hospital because the vaccines are extremely effective at preventing severe cases and death. The effectiveness may be somewhat lower now - it is possible that the better numbers f
  14. Since some of the Windstar excursions include time to wander around a market or town on your own, they don't maintain a "bubble." Some descriptions of excursions where that time is at the end of the excursion someplace near where the ship is docked even say that you can go back to the ship after the wandering time with the excursion group or make your own way back. Then a bunch of excursions are to hire a car, driver and guide to a private excursion based on your own agenda (which could include things such as museum visits, eat in restaurants, explore town). How does that maintain
  15. Mostly back online. My ocean crossing Star Collector isn't there even though it's two segments are. Maybe that's the only one missing because it includes the last cruise they took offline with the first one that stayed on line. So it might need some extra handling to re-establish. Anyone here booked on one of the cruises that's back online? I'm interested in whether you can manage the booking on MyWindstar to see the detailed itinerary, add excursions and such. My cruise booking is on MyWindstar (was there even when it was missing from Find a Cruise) but the ManageBooking button d
  16. Generally it takes 5 or more drinks per day (obviously with some variation depending on what you drink) to break even on the drinks package. We don't drink that much so we've never gotten the drinks package. We often buy a bottle of wine for dinner. They will store your bottle and bring it to your table the next night. There are usually some free drinks during the cruise - fizzy stuff or punch when you come on board for embarkation, wine at the captain's reception. wine or simple cocktails at the Yacht Club reception. I like the laundry package and we've usually gotten that. Often
  17. We have been using a TA for our Windstar bookings. For some cruises, we have gotten a better fare with her than the one on Windstar's website. We usually get some OBC; sometimes the amount is small and sometimes it has been pretty large. I'm not sure what you mean about TA's holding back something. Also, what is "r&rd"? We are fortunate in our TA. She has always been available when we needed her and she has been helpful when something went wrong and needed to be straightened out. E.g. when Windstar changed our room assignment in the process of getting a fare re
  18. I'm wondering how policy that you can only get off the ship with Windstar excursions policy is going to work with turn-around days. That is, the days between sailings for those on Star Collector and other b2b bookings. Generally, the only excursions that Windstar has offered for the last day of a cruise segment (debarkation day for passengers ending their cruise) are ones with a transfer to the airport or hotel. They usually don't have anything for the passengers remaining on board for the next sailing. Our fall cruise has a turn-around day in Athens. The only excursions showing up fo
  19. The first Star Pride cruise showing on the website is still the April 1, 2021 Lisbon to Lisbon that's the second part of my Star Collector. It seemed like the cruises should be back up by now so I called Windstar to see what's up. The agent said that the cruises for fall and winter are still happening - they are just still tweaking the itineraries. He said the cruises are on their booking system and they can still make bookings. He's expecting them to be back on the website by sometime next week.
  20. We haven't been to Tahiti but the Windstar dress code is the same everywhere. I don't do dresses or skirts so I wear slacks (e.g. khakis) and a polo or other top that's nicer than a T-shirt.
  21. Source? Is it based on the website not showing the cruises? I'm booked on the crossing back to Lisbon in April. I got an update email 3 days ago that they are changing the departure port from San Juan to St. Maarten. Possibly they have taken the cruises down to while they update the itineraries to remove US ports.
  22. The price is per car, not per person even though it shows up on the excursion booking page as bookable for each of you - checking both would get you two cars. Still really expensive. I'm seeing prices on our Med cruise of $500 to $1200 depending on port and half or full day. If you doubled $800 to get $1600, it's just $800 per car.
  23. I have no problem with being cautious, for example mask wearing when close to others even if vaccinated. I think caution is appropriate. But I don't like illogical restrictions like it's okay to wander around town during a Windstar excursion and even to make your way back to the ship on your own but not okay to go into town on your own? How does that distinction increase protection? The private car/van excursions from Windstar have always been super expensive. It is for a car with a driver and a guide (two people), not a single person, but still really expensive. I hope it's a real
  24. Usually the same day or, if it is late in the day, the next day. Generally, I send a email with a specific question. I usually don't expect a response on the weekend especially when it concerns my cruise booking because Windstar's offices are only available on weekdays. But she usually drops me an email anyway to let me know she will contact Windstar on Monday. If I phone, we usually talk then or if she is unavailable she calls back in an hour or two. I wouldn't keep working with a TA that was sluggish or non-responsive.
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