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  1. We are in Gatun Lake now having completed the transit up.
  2. There is some conflicting info out there on Wind Star beam & a site I saw had it at ~58 feet, but the 51 feet on Wikipedia is probably correct - stateroom dimensions are very similar on Wind Surf and Wind Star, but Wind Star has a central hall between the two sides while Wind Surf has a hallway for the odd cabins & one for the even cabins with device areas and stair ways between the two hallways so around 15 feet width difference makes sense. I've been on bother ships and the life boat mounting is similar. So width or width plus practical considerations, e.g. partial vs. fu
  3. It is a bit hard to pick out if you don't know what you are looking for. It's a dark olive green toward the back of the picture. The man with the orange hard hat is standing in front of it and a white crane (for lowering lift rafts?) is behind it.
  4. I'm on a ship that will be entering the Panama Canal for the first time tomorrow, Windstar Wind Surf. It hasn't been in the canal before because it's masts are too high to fit under the Bridge of the Americas so it can't exit into the Pacific. As part of a journey around the Caribbean, it will do a partial transit. Part of the preparation is installing a Panama chock at the stern. It and accompanying hardware are being welded on today while we are at anchor off Colon. I understand that - a strong attachment point is needed for the lines from the mules & the ship didn't have one
  5. I thought someone else would post something, but since no one else has, here goes. Since last afternoon, Wind Surf has been at Colon preparing to enter the Panama Canal for the first time. It is too tall for a full transit (can't go under the Bridge of the Americas on the Pacific end) so it hasn't been in the canal before. We will be doing a partial transit tomorrow as part of the Surf's journey around the Caribbean. They have to install a Panama chock and associated hardware at the stern. That's a very strong attachment point for the lines to the mules (en
  6. There is a banner with a link to the letter at the top of Windstar's home page. This is the link to the letter PDF. https://windstarcruises.blueconic.net/s/17n?profileid=f6e47bbf-ff63-4797-a4d7-bbd271ab721f We haven't received an email with the letter. Perhaps they are only sending it to those cruising soon.
  7. There are also small ship cruises that do full transits. Windstar generally goes from Colon, Panama to Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica or vice versa with a stop in Fuerte Amador.
  8. Agree with those who say it's hard to give advice as there are many different kind of cancer and kinds of treatment. Over 10 years ago, I was treated for breast cancer; stage 1 but because it was an agressive type, I had surgery, chemo and radiation. My chemo was once every 3 weeks. I was able to schedule it so some week long business meetings fell during the 3rd week of the chemo cycle when my immune system & energy would be best. The meetings were all in the US so flights weren't terribly long and I wasn't far from medical care. I skipped one outside the US.
  9. I'm currently in the middle of 31 days on Wind Surf. I didn't take WiFi during the first two segments as I could use roaming and wifi in ports and there was only one sea day. The current segment has a lot of sea days and we had only booked the last half of our cruise a few weeks ago so I'm still planning what to do at the stops. Others had said WiFi was working well so I've gotten it for this segment. It's working great. It works from our cabin, from veranda, lounge, yacht club, etc. It's been more consistently responsive so far than cellular data and some of the WiFi hotspots on l
  10. They are offering a reduced* solo supplement on many crossing so even if it sells out, the number of people may be low. *They say it is 20% instead of their usual 75%, but the price I received on my booking was actually slightly less than the website per person double occupancy fare so it doesn't show any solo supplement. The booking had pick-your-perks. My cruise was on 7-for-7 last week so my agent called Windstar and got the fare reduced by ~$800 - lost pick-your-perks because that's not combinable with 7-for-7, but apparently reduced solo supplement is combinable with either.
  11. Our ship was anchoring in Soufriere. We had had earlier stops in Castries & Pigeon Island so we wanted to focus on the are around Soufriere with a hike along Tet Paul Nature Trail and a visit to Diamond Falls and Botanical Garden. Based on a recommendation here, I contacted a few taxi companies. Vicky from More Than a Cab responded. She already had a couple from our ship who wanted to go to those spots plus the volcano and we could join them. Vicky met us at the dock. She was a very good driver and gave us interesting info as she drove. She set us up wi
  12. Thank you for the help. We had a great time in Soufriere. I had emailed several of the taxi services you suggested. Vicky from More Than a Cab responded that she had another couple from our ship who wanted a similar tour and she could take us too. They were going to Tet Paul, the volcano & Diamond Falls and Botanical Garden. We didn't care much about the volcano, but we're okay with adding it. Vicky was great. She gave us info on the area as she drove. At Tet Paul, she set us up with a guide, Denver. At the volcano, she took us to the interpretive center for a film about the g
  13. Well, that article is inaccurate on both lines where I've booked guarantee cabins so I'd take the line specific info with a grain of salt. We and our friends booked guarantee cabins on Crystal because they were at a lower price but the article says that line doesn't give a lower price for guarantees. We booked a guarantee on Windstar for our Feb 1 cruise on Windstar and our booking had a cabin assigned when I checked a couple of weeks ago. The cruise was almost fully booked at that point. We ended up with a TX, but would have been okay with any cabin.
  14. If there is one late night in port (e.g. departing at 10 PM), that will almost certainly be the deck BBQ night. None of the restaurants are open that night so you won't be able to book in conflict with it.
  15. Perhaps I should have mentioned that we would be there on Sunday. Taxis were very scarce. There were none when we arrived at Anse Mitan. The tourist desk had a very short list of numbers to call. The first couple weren't available, the next said they would be there in 10 minutes; didn't show & when I called again said he wasn't coming. We got instructions from the garden on a bus we could take from Fort de France, but no info on schedule. We took the ferry to Forte de France and decided to check there for a taxi before looking for the bus. The first two were only interested if
  16. That's different - the b2b was a round trip from Miami so any foreign port makes it okay. Starting & ending in different US cities is what makes the OP's cruise require a distant foreign port.
  17. We are on board Wind Surf but didn't sign up for WiFi. They say they have upgraded their WiFi service and that's why they are now able to offer free WiFi as a perk.
  18. You can't see menus on the TV screen (at least they weren't doing that a year ago and I doubt that it has changed). There is usually a copy of the dinner menu in the Yacht Club and another outside Amphora that you can check out to see what's for dinner that evening. I don't know about TV inputs - probably you can access something on the TV or DVD player. The official policy only allows bringing on wine for consumption on board at embarkation. (A few years ago it did allow for bringing it on at other ports, but that text isn't there any more.) I'm fairly sure that there is no ch
  19. We will be anchored at Anse Mitan, not Fort de France. I'd like to visit Habitation Clement and Jardin de Balata. Any recommendations for a taxi service or guide to take us to these places? Since the garden is North of Fort de France, should we go from the garden to Fort de France and then take the ferry back to Anse Mitan from there?
  20. The winds are supposed to be easing off a bit starting Tuesday. Wind Surf is headed to the South East Caribbean where conditions are a bit better. Hopefully the winds and seas will have calmed down before she heads back West toward Columbia and Panama.
  21. We love Windstar and I'm looking forward to having a full month on Wind Surf starting this Saturday. It will be my husband's first time on Wind Surf and I haven't been on since 2005. I hope they are able to get more treadmills working. I like to spend some time running as part of my workout and that could be inconsiderate or dangerous to do on the decks. I spotted dolphins while running on the treadmill on Wind Star a year ago. If they don't have them working, it won't ruin the trip for me but it will be a disappointment. At least, we will have plenty of ports to get exercise in. H
  22. My husband and I will be in Barbados for a few days before boarding our cruise and would like to go snorkeling from the beach before the cruise. The cruise ship, Wind Surf, provides snorkel gear to passengers for use during the cruise so I'd rather not have to pack it for the trip (other than my prescription mask). Is there someplace we can rent the gear for a day?
  23. When I was in Vienna for a week, it appeared that the locals didn't spot me. I was wearing my usual polo or t-shirt and slacks or jeans. Several times I had someone come up to me and start chatting in German - sometimes asking me for directions. I guess that my Eastern European genetic heritage made me look like a local regardless of what I chose to wear.
  24. I've done 9 consecutive days and loved it. It was on a small ship, Windstar Star Legend, ~200 passenger capacity but about 70 passengers for the crossing. There was a time when I dreaded anything with more than one sea day in a week, but I've gotten more relaxed over time.
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