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  1. You can't see menus on the TV screen (at least they weren't doing that a year ago and I doubt that it has changed). There is usually a copy of the dinner menu in the Yacht Club and another outside Amphora that you can check out to see what's for dinner that evening. I don't know about TV inputs - probably you can access something on the TV or DVD player. The official policy only allows bringing on wine for consumption on board at embarkation. (A few years ago it did allow for bringing it on at other ports, but that text isn't there any more.) I'm fairly sure that there is no charge for using the steam room but it isn't my thing so I've not tested that.
  2. We will be anchored at Anse Mitan, not Fort de France. I'd like to visit Habitation Clement and Jardin de Balata. Any recommendations for a taxi service or guide to take us to these places? Since the garden is North of Fort de France, should we go from the garden to Fort de France and then take the ferry back to Anse Mitan from there?
  3. The winds are supposed to be easing off a bit starting Tuesday. Wind Surf is headed to the South East Caribbean where conditions are a bit better. Hopefully the winds and seas will have calmed down before she heads back West toward Columbia and Panama.
  4. We love Windstar and I'm looking forward to having a full month on Wind Surf starting this Saturday. It will be my husband's first time on Wind Surf and I haven't been on since 2005. I hope they are able to get more treadmills working. I like to spend some time running as part of my workout and that could be inconsiderate or dangerous to do on the decks. I spotted dolphins while running on the treadmill on Wind Star a year ago. If they don't have them working, it won't ruin the trip for me but it will be a disappointment. At least, we will have plenty of ports to get exercise in. Having weights and machines to do some lifting is important for our health too. Having a fitness center is one of the advantages of Windstar ships over Star Clippers for me.
  5. My husband and I will be in Barbados for a few days before boarding our cruise and would like to go snorkeling from the beach before the cruise. The cruise ship, Wind Surf, provides snorkel gear to passengers for use during the cruise so I'd rather not have to pack it for the trip (other than my prescription mask). Is there someplace we can rent the gear for a day?
  6. When I was in Vienna for a week, it appeared that the locals didn't spot me. I was wearing my usual polo or t-shirt and slacks or jeans. Several times I had someone come up to me and start chatting in German - sometimes asking me for directions. I guess that my Eastern European genetic heritage made me look like a local regardless of what I chose to wear.
  7. I've done 9 consecutive days and loved it. It was on a small ship, Windstar Star Legend, ~200 passenger capacity but about 70 passengers for the crossing. There was a time when I dreaded anything with more than one sea day in a week, but I've gotten more relaxed over time.
  8. I've worn shorts and carried a very light weight broomstick skirt that could easily be slipped when covered knees were required. Sometimes I'll wear light weight pants instead. Capris sound nice but they never look right on me - I'm short and feel like the proportion never looks right.
  9. The quake was on the Southern side if the island. Everything I've read says that the airport and port are operational and cruises are unaffected. San Juan is on the North side of the island.
  10. You can call Windstar at: 1-866-713-3382. If there is a Canada website, they might have another number on it. I expect that the bed set-up defaults to queen because when we don't make a request that's what it's been. I did travel with a friend once and had it set up as two twins but it was a long time ago so I don't remember what we did to request it. We probably asked for that when we made the booking.
  11. I think it would be best to call Windstar to ask those questions. I rarely drink soda so I don't know if they stock Dr. Pepper of any kind. I did ask the room steward to ginger soda in the fridge because if the seas got rough, I might want some of that and he did. If they have it on board, the room steward can make sure it's in your fridge.
  12. On the Pacific crossing, we had a lecturer who gave lectures about Asia so on some crossings they have lecturers. 1. The library is hit or miss - the selection of books is small. Depends on your tastes whether you will find something you want to read. Too bad you can't read off an e-reader. You might want to bring enough books for the whole thing. 2. It hasn't been on any of the sailings I was on. 4. Some walls are magnetic (I checked when I was on board because it has been asked before.) A lot of the walls have wood, mirrors or padded fabric coverings (e.g. padded fabric "head board" area above the bed). Where the walls weren't covered a magnet would stick. That was true of the walls inside the walk-in closet and the walls around the bathroom and closet door. Also, the wall above the couch (but a picture takes up a lot of the area) and, possibly, the parts of the wall above the desk that don't have the mirror. 5. I don't recall any but I was drinking regular black tea - they had a decent brand. 6. Yes, they have both voltages at the desk. Not sure if there is an outlet close to where you might want to use a heating pad. 7. No binoculars. I can't recall whether there was an umbrella.
  13. There was a similar thread not long ago and some people had done cruises much longer than 20 days. I've been on a 28-day cruise. Part of it was an ocean crossing with 9 successive sea days (the itinerary showed it as 8, but we crossed the date line so had one calendar day for two days). Shortly, we will start a 31 day cruise. Windstar packages some cruises together as a "Cruise Collector" which often has a lower price than the separate cruises and includes free laundry. Our 31 days is two Cruise Collectors, 4 individual cruise segments. We will be starting in Barbados, visit most of the Southern Caribbean ports than head up along the Western Caribbean to Cozumel.
  14. I read about the turtle hatchery. It sounds like it's a pretty questionable place - something more to make money from tourists rather than truely using best practices to conserve turtle populations.
  15. They counted my Star Collector as one cruise. It was a 27-day one - 13-day crossing plus 14-day Alaska. I'm hoping that the program goes mostly by days. We are starting b2b Star Collectors in a couple of weeks.
  16. New customers are getting input on this forum to help them decide on a Windstar cruise so a referral from here is totally appropriate. I'd be willing to give a referral too, but Ski Mom was first.
  17. It's not on all sailings; it's on "select" sailings. For instance, that currently includes 4 Mediterranean sailings. Oddly, when I've checked pricing in the past, they are priced much higher in the Caribbean than Windstar. In some cases (especially if you catch a good price on a Star Collector) with the solo supplement in Windstar for the Caribbean. It's generally the opposite in the Med & Asia with Windstar much higher than Star Clippers. Especially Greek Islands itineraries which Windstar has priced very high. I've been on Star Clippers once so far taking advantage of the no solo supplement. That cruise they mostly used the engines - the winds weren't favorable. There was one sail-away when they went in the wrong direction for a while to give us time under just sail power. Mostly, I liked it & would use them again if price & itinerary were right. I missed having a gym and there were a couple of other small things, but generally the cruise was very enjoyable. Climbing the mast and having a chance to steer was fun.
  18. The ones at the time I inquired were: Asia: Cairns to Singapore 16D Wind Spirit 03.07.2020 Singapore to Benoa 12D Wind Spirit 05.04.2020 Benoa to Cairns 16D Wind Spirit 05.16.2020 Benoa to Cairns 13D Star Breeze 11.16.2020 Northern Europe: Edinburgh to Copenhagen 10D Wind Surf 06.30.2020 Crossings: Noumea to Cairns 7D Wind Spirit 02.29.2020 San Juan to Lisbon 13D Star Pride 03.28.2020 St Maarten to Lisbon 14D Wind Surf 04.04.2020 Seward to Yokohama 15D Star Breeze 08.25.2020 Lisbon to St Maarten 13D Wind Surf 11.16.2020 ??Lisbon to San Juan 14D Star Pride 11.28.2020 - this one is in an empty stretch on the Windstar website?? Lisbon to San Juan 13D Star Legend 11.30.2020
  19. I checked with Windstar and they are still offering some cruises with reduced solo supplement. It sounded like it's the same ones. They don't have anything about it on the website - you have to call or contact a TA for the info. They say it's a 20% solo supplement, but the pricing came out less than that for the one I booked. My price is slightly less than the per person double occupancy price on the website.
  20. Which sailing will you be on next month? We're on board from Jan 18 to Feb 18. I like both kinds of ship. Love the big cabins with a couch & big windows on the Stars, but love the decks & ambience on the sail ships.
  21. You could start a roll call thread for one or both cruises.
  22. I'm not sure what's going on with Windstar pricing, but I also noticed some glitches (in our favor). The price our agent got on our booking last week was a bit lower than the Windstar website price. The agent doesn't know why - it is the price the Windstar booking system priced it at. We have a copy of the Windstar invoice. I also booked a solo cruise last week now that they have reduced solo supplements on some cruises. They say they reduced the solo supplement from 75% to 20%, but the price I received was the same as the per person double occupancy price on the website. The solo cruise I booked wasn't on the agent a few days ago when I looked at it there, but the Star Collector cruise starting the same day was. I used the email on the wizard to let e39 know - he replied that he's on a cruise and would check it when he got back. The cruise had reappeared before he sent the email. The temporary placeholders are on the edges of the time that the Legend had no cruises for the refit so perhaps they are due to some uncertainty as things settle down around the new refit schedule.
  23. I don't see how the current ownership/office staff can magically have records that the previous owners didn't pass on to them. It is reasonable to blame the current company for flaws in the process they set up to try to rebuild the records: e.g. sending letters out in December, stating they wanted responses in less than a dozen days from the earliest letters being received (and before some received their letters at all), getting their own address wrong, not providing for email responses. But I can't blame them for the prior owners not having kept good records. Bottom line, I'm far more concerned about what the new loyalty program will be than any glitches in getting the records to use for it - as long as they handle making the corrections so that we all get credit for our past cruises.
  24. They have a lot of sailings listed with no solo supplement, not just the Seychelles one.
  25. I'm surprised, I wouldn't have thought to look at them assuming they would be too expensive. I'll have to consider Ponant in the future. Ponant redirected me to the US version of the site: https://us.ponant.com/ships Another tip for those interested in solo on a smaller ship (140 to 300 passengers double occupancy) is that Windstar has just started having some sailings with a lowered solo supplement. Currently, they have it on about a dozen sailings - mostly ocean crossings, plus a few in Asia and one in Northern Europe - Norway fjords. They say the supplement is 20%, but the price my travel agent got is actually slightly less than the website's double occupancy price on the Norway cruise. They don't have the info on which trips have the reduced supplement on their website. You can get it by calling them or calling an agent.
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