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    Glory Tours -- Absolutely Outstanding

    Sounds like we would really like Best of Barbados but it does not occur on Thursday (when we will be there) according to the website...when did you all go? Would you suggest Taste of Barbados instead?
  2. justwanahavefun

    Tour Recommendations for St.Lucia/Barbados

    What are the websites for those two places?? Thanks
  3. justwanahavefun


    what is the website for sea-fari? I haven't heard of it before on the Eli's tours. thanks
  4. justwanahavefun

    Signed up for Eli's NEW tour!!

    My husband and I are going on the Serenade Nov 26 and we are trying to decided betweent the 2 tours...we emailed last night and it seems like the Xtreme tour gives you more opportunity to see the whole island and have some unique opportunities (swim with sting rays) that you might not get on another island or tour. The eco tour has the hiking and snorkeling that are probably available (altough I am sure not as good) on other islands. I think we are leaning toward the Xtreme tour because we like to go fast :) but I would love input from someone who has done both...we have never been to Antigua before if that makes any difference.