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  1. We've prepaid our gratuities to make life easier but are bartenders getting a cut or do we have to tip separately? I hate having to carry cash for every single drink.
  2. I'm on the same cruise and was as well. From what I was told, bottle/cans of soda are not included but fountain soda is free.
  3. Great review and pictures. We're on the Sun next Monday and I am looking forward to a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Thanks for sharing.
  4. So I guess there is no need to rush from our hotel if we can't board at 9:30.
  5. New to NCL so I'm not 100% certain about what time we can get the party started. My check-in time says 9:30 but looking at the Edocs, boarding time is noon. Does this mean we're hanging out in the port until noon or will that let us on once we've provided our passports, etc.?
  6. Is the Veuve Clicquot a bottle or glass? If a bottle, are you getting 40% off with the PPB? We were fine with the regular open bar but PPB was our “free” upgrade. Now I have something to look forward to.
  7. Looks like we’ll be on the same cruise. We’re looking at a day pass in Nassau but are at a loss for Freeport/Grand Bahama.
  8. Highlight of my honeymoon cruise was cheering for the late comers from our balcony. It wasn’t too fun when we were on the cusp of being late in Cozumel.
  9. Thank you for posting. We’re taking our 12 & 16 DD’s on their first cruise. I have been struggling with how much freedom to give them. The 12 yr old is a city kid who takes public transit during the school year. Our 16 yr old is being raised in the burbs and isn’t as independent. The age difference makes it hard to enforce the buddy system. I like the idea of limiting them to main areas and avoiding corridors.
  10. Thank you but how does this work when the girls aren't with us? ie if they're in the Splash Academy and Entourage?
  11. First time on NCL with the family. DH and I have the Open Bar package but wondering about a drink package for our daughters. We are not a soda family but want to treat the girls to the occasional smoothie or milkshake. Is it best to buy them ala carte or get them a drink package?
  12. We got a move-down offer for a cruise that leaves in a week. DH left a VM in hopes that we get the offer. It'll pay for our Christmas cruise.
  13. Your review and pictures are great. Can't wait for my trip.
  14. Love the idea. Hammock sounds like a plan.
  15. We're getting the package because they will lose money on my husband. I think he sees it as a challenge to hit 15 drinks.
  16. We're on the same cruise and plan to get a day-pass in PV on our own. If you book through Princess, at least you'll know that you can get back to the ship without issue. I'm more worried about my second language being French and trying to navigate in Spanish.
  17. For all of you who got sail-away streamers, I'm super jealous. My hubby and I did our honeymoon with Carnival, and we followed certain bartenders to their various spots. So maybe Isaac was just that good, to have a ship following.
  18. I watched Love Boat as a kid and couldn't wait for the sail away party where everyone on deck tosses stuff to the people at port. Imagine my 14 year old surprise when they didn't do it. I was rather disappointed. Over the years, I've seen formal night go down in dress. Maybe it depends on the line?
  19. Is there such a thing when you're on vacation?
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