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  1. Some unforseen financial issues happened. So I had to cancel our all inclusive at Mr. Sanchos when we are there on October 3rd. Any suggestions for something we could do on a very limited budget. I'm thinking probably just walking around the pier, but just wondered if anyone had any other suggestions.
  2. T-3 hours!! Yesterday we got into Galveston about 11:30 and checked into our hotel (The Harbor House). We are in room 228. **pictures will be posted when we get back from our cruise**. I would rate this room an 8.5/10. Large King bed, amazing shower and the bathroom amenities were top notch to. Check in was easy. For Sunday night room was $124 (that included taxes). We will be leaving our car here for the week. The total cost for leaving the car here is $77. We walked around the area and felt very safe. Lots of tourists in the area, but also lots of locals as the Shrimp festival was going on. We ate lunch at the Shark Shack. DH had the Texas BBQ burger ($10.50) included fries. He rated the burger an 8/10 and fries 10/10. I had the killer Queso (7.00) and salsa. Very good as well. Sunday is happy hour all day. So drinks and appetizers $1 off. Great friendly staff. Met an amazing local gentleman there and talked about hurricanes! I had forgot to buy a lanyard for us and had stopped at several gift shops on the way with no luck. The manager suggested the shop across the street. Bingo!!.. 2 lanyards for $10 at the Dolphin Dock 2. We then came back to the pier and had a cocktail and desert at the Olympia to watch the Vista and the Liberty of the Seas launch. Great desert, but very expensive. I had 1 drink and 1 beer, DH had chocolate desert and a root beer and the bill was $34 . For some it wouldn't matter, but we are on a budget for this cruise. So just being transparent for those who are cruising on a budget like we are. Well time to get ready to head to the ship! I can't be late for our date with Valor :)
  3. Great day to cruise! It's grey skies, but that's ok I'm safely awaiting our boarding. No flooding. Chance of rain to come but we will be enjoying our ship rain or shine!!
  4. Uggg I wish I was more technically inclined LOL! To work on another day
  5. Ok. Have never used snapshot but will check it out! Thanks for the reply and info
  6. Headed to Galveston this morning... we sail tomorrow but starting the fun today !!!
  7. Our bags are packed ...I’m ready to go ... only hiccup is I suffer from major depression with anxiety and due to some circumstances at work yesterday I’m in full blown panic mode ... I pray my mind will still so I can truly enjoy this cruise! This disease is horrible
  8. how do I post pictures into my posts?
  9. Ok... after figuring out what cruise and where I'm gonna be at on the cruise I might be on .. LOL :) I managed to rip off my thumb nail in the car door last night... but it's ok I'm cruising in 4 days so all is good right now! I just finalized my on board treats! My first cruise I didn't do anything like that but I'm tying to surprise my DH since it's our first anniversary. So I got the stateroom Happy Anniversary decorations, a 12 pack of water just to have in the room (DH is a picky water drinker.. how can anyone be a picky water drinker lol smh) and a fruit wine basket for a treat on the 2nd day. I will have pictures of all on my cruise review. Today is to take our dogs the groomer so that they are good to go to their visit to big brothers house while mom and dad are gone LOL... oh and can't forget to go to the cleaners to pick up my dress i had steamed pressed for formal night ... :hearteyes::hearteyes: Well off to a Wednesday of bliss starting the finalizing of handing off at work (I'm a director of nursing so have to have staffing and such all in line) and that in itself will take the final 3 days at work .. Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!
  10. I would delete this post and start over but I don’t know how sorry
  11. OK to clarify my mess up ... that’s what I get for posting while trying to do 19 other things ... we are sailing on the VALOR out of Galveston in cabin 6348 balcony . I apologize for any confusion I caused by my typos !
  12. T-6 days ! My DH will be boarding the Vista out of Galveston on Monday October 1st! We are in balcony 6448 😁 I finalized all our packing today (minus the last minute only things) and double checked I had everything.. I’m a little OCD about that We live 3 hours from the port but we are gonna start our vacation a day early by staying at the Harbor House Sunday night ! I’m such a planner I’ve even been looking at restaurants.. as of today I think 🤔 Brews Brothers for lunch and Mama Teresa’s flying pizza for dinner ! Planning on leaving our car at the hotel for the week ..
  13. Newmrsvega


    Get off the Houston kick already!!!! We live in Texas , I’m married to a Mexican ! Don’t care about Tamales in Houston or Mississippi!!!!!! Just asked a simple question about our ports
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