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  1. We were on this cruise too! Enjoying your review and pictures!
  2. We sailed from San Juan on Superbowl Sunday and were able to watch the entire game on the big screen and various places on board. Alot of fun! They delayed sailing until the game was over. It was a few years back and the first win MVP Eli had over Tom! 😆😆😆🏈🏈🏈 Only downside on watching the game on board was they weren't showing those great Superbowl TV commercials!
  3. Hi All- Looking for clarification! Ok so I have the $50 per stateroom excursion 'perk' too. Say I pre-book and pay for an excursion costing $150.00 that gets cancelled for whatever reason. Do I get my $100 put back into my shipboard account or does it become a credit on a future NCL cruise? I was always under the impression that it would go back onto my shipboard account. What would happen to my $50 'perk' then?
  4. Pier Runners! 😄 Pier Runners!😄 On the Escape last year in Bermuda there were like 25 runners and we were cheering them on! I yelled out 'Last one on buys the whole ship a round!!!'.
  5. Once...because of a power strip. RCL Security left a card in our cabin stating I had to report to the 'Naughty Room'. It was located behind the Customer Service Desk. I was shown an x-ray photo of my small rolling duffle bag and told to open the bag and take out the power strip. They tagged it and said I could pick it up after the cruise. We were doing a B2B so when I picked up the power strip that was rolled up in plastic and taped up I just surrendered it to security on the next ship. It may have been because it was a surge protector power strip because our last cruise I had an 'approved power strip ' and had no problem.
  6. Great review! Love your photos especially the snorkeling/diving ones! Hope you're feeling better!
  7. Hi Oakman58- So far no letter on itinerary changes. Our NOLA Getaway cruise was a 12-day. I do see its replaced with a 7-day. I'm still waiting to hear from my TA to see if she's gotten anything.
  8. Hi- We are on Jan 26th Epic Cruise too. We did not get a letter saying there was an Itinerary change. Did anyone get one? We were booked on the Getaway for the same date from NOLA and got a letter stating that cruise was cancelled. No explanation-just cancelled. Re-booked with discounts and refunds for airfare changes to the Epic from San Juan. I've sailed NCL several times and this is the first time experiencing cancellations etc. I understand that 'stuff' happens but a letter with an itinerary change would have been nice. This will be my friends first time with NCL and they are already not happy with them. 😪 Oh well...any cruise is a good cruise!
  9. Well I got an email this week stating NCL would be sending me a refund check for my airfare change from NOLA to San Juan. It's supposed to come in 6-8 weeks. My friends who sent their airfare info to NCL before me have not heard back yet. I originally booked the NOLA flight with 'miles' and according to Delta I had to purchase more 'miles' to cover the difference. 🙄
  10. I have not heard from NCL yet. Neither have my friends who are cruising with me. I attached receipts to a form and sent it to NCL. Had to use the date I sent it because it wouldn't accept the cruise date. Got an email back saying I'd hear from them in 15 days which would be the 23rd of April. So let's see what happens. I used airline miles to book my flights and had to purchase miles in order to use them to re-book!🤬
  11. We were canceled too for 1/26/20. Rebooked an 11 day from San Juan. NCL says they'll refunded the deposit which I already got. Offered 15% off the new booking and a refund of up to $300 for airfare changes. Luckily the hotels we booked in NOLA were easily cancelled. Still no explanation from NCL on the reason for cancelation.
  12. Thank you everyone! We rebooked the Epic for an 11 Day to the Southern Caribbean. NCL offered a small percentage off the fare and reimbursement of change fees for the airline tickets. 😎😎😎
  13. I don't know the reason yet...so frustrating!
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