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  1. I think I worded this poorly. I'm getting the cheapest cabin with no window so no balcony. I'm just wondering if there is a spot on the ship that not too many people go to where you get good views.
  2. I might be getting an indoor cabin with no window. On glacier viewing days, are there any "hidden" locations on the ship where you can get great views, a chair, and actually have space?
  3. Thanks guys :) Very helpful comparisons! I've only been on 1 Princess Cruise which was 10 years ago and the food was probably the worst tasting food of any cruise that I have been on (and this is compared to lower end cruise lines). My parents have been on a number of Princess cruises and they said when they took the Sapphire in Alaska that the food served on it was the worst!
  4. I realized I asked this poorly! I mean like different Princess Alaskan cruises such as Star, Coral, and Island. Sorry about that :)
  5. Have a number of questions! Have any of you taken different Alaskan cruises with different ships? Did one have better food than the other? Has was the entertainment on each ship? What was the age group you encountered at the solo cruisers meet events (if you attended)? Were there many 20s-30s people on the cruises?
  6. I did it last year on NCL (on the ship I went on, they actually had a luggage hold area like when you drop something off at a hotel). Unless you think you will be going in and out of your bag, I always check in and bring a backpack with me with things like a book, bathing suit, ipad, etc if I want to make use of the amenities before I can go into the stateroom. That being said, there were plenty of people on my last cruise that did just take luggage with them. It wasn't a big deal as they just basically ate lunch in the buffet and had their luggage with them. I do however carry my own luggage when people need to get off the ship.
  7. Just got off today. I had salads with romaine. It's only lettuce from certain parts of the US that was affected.
  8. Although I only dined solo at the buffet on Carnival, I dined solo all the time last year when I went on NCL both at the buffet and in the main dining room.I just selected the anytime dining. I would always go really late when the place would be empty. I find when it's the end of the night, service is faster because everyone wants to leave. I sat by myself. It was lonely, but in the end I just wanted to eat and didn't care about being lonely lol.
  9. In case anyone was wondering the prize you get for getting your photo taken with the cruise director was just a Carnival Cruise ribbon/medal thing. I was hoping for a mug or keychain :D Got off today where I take my own suitcase. Line was long to leave but it moved quickly. It was maybe 45 minutes to get off the ship and to the parking lot. Cost was $60 for parking (thought it would be $80 so happy).
  10. Final Thoughts Yesterday (Sea Day): Don't remember too much about it (I'm someone with no memory whatsoever). Woke up early and hit up the breakfast buffet. Not particularly great. The only thing that I have really liked was the Mexican restaurant's breakfast burritos. Oddly enough, they are really good to me! Disappointed that they won't be open tomorrow when I get off the ship. Went to the spa to use the steam room and dry sauna. Don't bother coming in before 9 (they open at 8) as the steam room and sauna takes a long time to actually become fully active. I had the same problem on NCL. Changed in cabin and caught the end of Towel Theater since the thing I wanted to see was right after it. It was geared towards kids but was kind of cute to see (keep in mind I'm not a kid person and I'm not the kind of adult who watches kids movies for fun like many people do). "Towels just want to have fun" was one of the songs that the towel animals sang in the Towlent Show lol. I watched the thing that Nono the cruise director was doing (basically to sell excursions to Ensenada and to get people to get the Carnival app and credit card). Played the raffle but didn't win anything. I got my picture taken with her so that tomorrow morning I can get my prize (you get a prize by taking a selfie with her). Only problem is, I'm not sure where to find her or if they meant that the last day was the last full time, or the day we actually get off the ship. Joined my group for an activity in one the room that we were able to use. Then went briefly to the lunch buffet. Like breakfast, nothing particularly amazing (the Carnival buffet imo is maybe like Hometown Buffet). I am a "foodie" so this didn't make me have the oooooohssss and ahhhhhhhs that some buffets have. I think I just got a sandwich from the deli which wasn't bad. I wanted to try the pizza but the pizza stand had a huge line. I later went to the Serenity area to use the hot tub. Was unsuccessful actually getting into either tub. One tub had a lot of loud women blasting rap music that said the n word repeatedly, and the other had people in my group but there was no room. I ended up just laying briefly on a lounge chair but the weather wasn't particularly great so I didn't stay long. Went to the room and napped. Met my group in another group for an activity before went to the dining room for dinner. Had the prime rib (was excellent although it would have been nice if they trimmed the fat), a side salad (slightly better than the day before), a baked potato, and a small bowl of ice cream (thankfully not the soft serve from the buffet which imo is gross). Service was slightly better and the waitstaff put on a good show. I don't really remember what I did at night for entertainment. I think I ran to the bathroom in my room immediately after dinner and stayed in for the night (I'm introverted so my group's dinner was enough social time for me lol). I went to the casino briefly and spent $16 trying to win $100 at Cash Crane but didn't win. TODAY: Ensenada Day Woke up early again and same as before, breakfast buffet was unimpressive so I had the breakfast burrito again. I actually did order room service earlier and just got coffee (horrible coffee), a bagel (actually a good bagel imo), and a small croissant (not bad tasting). Went to the spa to use the steam room and check in for my massage. Massage was 50 minutes and cost $59 after the $100 spa gift card I won.Massage was good however there were interruptions 4 times on the loud speakers regarding Ensenada and how there was going to be a practice drill for the cruise staff with alarms going off). This was during the massage. A lot of aggressive up-selling. They automatically add on a 15% gratuity and then a section for another gratuity which to me was really tacky (I did add $7 because I felt pressured to give an additional tip). Went to the room to change and then got off the ship to go to Ensenada. I took the $2 bus that gets you to downtown. The driver told me that the tour buses that go to the blowhole Bufadora are at the bus station so he dropped me off there. I tried to ask different drivers how much their tours would be. All wanted $17 and haggling didn't help. I just paid the $17 since one bus was about to leave. Got on the bus and heard the tour guide say that they would drop us off after the tour at the bus station. I was annoyed because the guy I bought the ticket from flat out said that they drop off right in front of the ship. I spoke privately to the guide and she said she would see if the guide would drop me and other people off at the ship instead of having to take another bus. Guide pointed out stops on the way such as the casino where the margarita was allegedly invented, where asparagus grows, Ensenada's version of a mini San Diego, and Costco and Walmart lol. The bus stopped at a Corona themed liquor store to use the bathroom and buy snacks if people wanted. Continued to the blowhole. Guide gave us 2 hours to see it, shop, and eat. She walked us through the shopping area showing us how you know silver is real and how leather is real.I went to the blowhole which was crowded. I had to wait awhile from 2 different areas to actually get to see it (I'm short). It was interesting to see and hear, but I wouldn't do it again. I saw it because I heard it was a must. Walked through the stores. Went to a pharmacy and didn't realize Oxycontin was legal in Mexico (didn't buy any lol).They include with the tour and transportation a margarita at Anana Banana (something like that). It's maybe 1/4th the size of a normal margarita. This is the place where you can play with baby tigers for $20 (around that). There was a wait so I didn't do it. At first when I heard about this I believed it was cruel to steal wild animals in order for profit but then I realized the organization actually saved the babies from death. Walked around and got a small pina colada in one of those pineapples for $. Got 2 more from a different vendor where the pineapples were almost double the size and it was $10 for 1 with a free refill. One was enough for me. Don't want a pina colada for awhile now. Tour thankfully dropped me off by where the cruise ship was so I didn't have to take another bus (gave the guide a good tip for doing that). Got back on the ship for a late lunch/early dinner since the Fun Times listed what would be open at around 4. All that was open was the pizza place which again had a huge line, Guy's (long line, but moved fast), and the soft serve. More was supposed to be open but that was it. Went to room to put on bathing suit and headed to Serenity. One hot tub was full of people I would not want to share a hot tub with (snobby? yes). The other one had what appeared to be 2 families in it with 2 little kids and a baby. So much for 21 and up.... There was a towel person there on and off who didn't do anything while seeing this. Could I have said something? Sure, but when it's me 1 person and 2 families I kept my mouth shut. Left the Serenity area and headed back to my room. Took a shower, changed, and took a very long nap before having the last dinner with my group. I wasn't particularly hungry. I did order the beef tenderloin and had a few bites of that and a plain salad. Everything seemed okay but I had no appetite. Me and a few people in my group went to see one of the comedians from the first night of the cruise, and then caught the last 15 minutes of karaoke (they should allow the karaoke to run later imo). The people I went to karaoke with headed somewhere else and has soon as I could I quietly left to go back to my room to back, get ready for bed, and go sleep. Even on vacation, I'm not a night owl. DISEMBARKATION (PRESENT) Hit up the breakfast buffet at 6:30. Got an omelet (no line...went as soon as I saw). Was good...Had sticky buns with it which could have been good if they could have heated them up for me (I asked). Headed back to the room to finish packing and typing this. Waiting for my deck to be called so that I could leave and sit in 1hr5min-2hr of traffic :)
  11. No problem. Glad to be help someone :) I would not spend the $$$ on FTTF based on my experience Friday at Long Beach. I was the 12:30-1:00 check in (at least on the boarding pass that I printed out). There was hardly anyone in the parking lot, checking in, or on the boat when I came on. The experience from the time I parked to got on the ship was maybe 15 minutes, 20 minutes to be conservative. If I had FTTF I probably would have felt that I wasted $. Not sure though if that's common in Long Beach for these 3 day booze cruises. The cruise I did before this was a NCL in Alaska out of Vancouver. There was maybe a 40 minute wait in a waiting area where you sat with water until you could eventually check in. That being said though that experience wasn't too long...maybe 1 hour total until I got on the ship.
  12. What I did yesterday (that I can remember): When I got on the ship I walkedaround a bit and ate a burger and fries from Guy's. Burger was good, and friescould have been great but I didn't like the seasoning. Had dessert at thebuffet (nothing was particularly great except the strawberry pops). Took a spatour, did the foot thing where you get a print, and participated in the sparaffle and was the last person to win a prize ($100 spa credit!). Booked a 50minute massage. Just in case anyone is curious, spa credit can only be used on certaindays and for certain spa services based on the full price (they give you a listyou can choose from). You cannot use it on anything so if there is a specialpackage or you have a day in mind, you are out of luck. In any case, I'm usingit on Ensenada Day as all I want to do there is see the blowhole. Next I didthe safety drill and had a little chocolate soft serve from the buffet (wasokay). I really wanted hot chocolate but at nearly every machine was out ofservice. The one that did work, only gave out hot water (you could see all themix on top, but it still wouldn't work). Watched a little of the party thatthey do when the ship departs.I think because of the weather, it affected theinterest of it as they moved it inside. It was your standard cruise ship cornything, but all the workers were very nice and seemed to enjoy it. Went to thecabin briefly to just go online. Wifi was dial up slow, but good enough. I hadhousekeeping also change my 2 twins to a king since I had the cabin to myself,and to change my bedding as I found hair on the sheets (as well as a few longhairs in the shower and in the toilet). They changed it but there were still acouple of hairs on the sheet so I then decided to just shut up about it becauseit would probably happen again (hair freaks me out when in a hotel room). Gotthe chocolate getaway drink from the lobby bar. Was pretty good. Finished ittoo quickly. Went to meet up with my group for a talk and mingled with somepeople in it. Changed for dinner at the dining room to meet the group fordinner. Complete mixed experience on that dining experience. Caesar salad hadold lettuce (you know the taste of old lettuce), however, the flat iron steakwas surprisingly very, very good (Carnival knows how to make a steak!). Theynever brought out my iced tea, it took forever to get the entrees as we saw peoplein our group get dessert before most of us got our entrees (not kidding and weall were there around the same time), and the broccoli with my steak waspartially defrosted (and the waiter gave me a potato instead of the whippedpotatoes). Service was terrible, some bad food (at least how it was prepared),but a great steak and tiramisu (hope they have it again). For dessert Iselected a date pudding (was really a partially baked muffin imo and notexactly pudding, and the nutella tiramisu which was excellent). Went to roombriefly and then went to watch the 2 comedians that they had. They were betterthan the comedians I have seen before on other cruises. I went because theywere listed as 18 and up, an explicit LOL. A lot of poking fun of people in theaudience and talking about a well known body part of certain men (cause a lotof people to leave!!). I watched from the bar (had a “sex on the stage”….nothingspecial). Thought I would do karaoke but I returned to the cabin to check emailand get to bed (got back to the cabin around midnight….time does fly whencruising). It's now 7:15AM. My tentative plans for the day include breakfast buffet, hot tub on Serenity, steam room, possibly going to the gym, get my picture taken with the cruise director for a prize (anyone know what the prize is?), and then need to join my group up for a 2 hour thing. After late lunch maybe use the hot tub again. It's evening night where I'm joining my group for dinner. I then want to see the comedian or karaoke (wish they weren't at or around the same time as I want to do both!), and then do the Quest!.
  13. Thank you for the kind words. The group organizer said that the girl is a no show and not canceled and that they would end up having to eat whatever extra fees that there may be
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