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  1. I've tried finding a recent thread on this but couldn't and couldn't find info on Celebrity's website about this. I really want to go on a Celebrity Cruise. Just everything seems so posh, modern, professional, and excellent on it. Whenever I look into rates though with being the dreaded singleton, naturally it's double the price or almost double so I end up going on NCL's cruises because they just are more reasonable for parties of 1- they have a good amount of studio cabins, and often times on some cruises in a regular cabin the single supplement is really low or even waived (just had it waived but it was on the Sun which is an old ship). Does Celebrity ever have deals were the single supplement is waived or low? Do they have any really small cabins meant for 1? I know Holland America and Royal Caribbean have finally started to add on a decent amount of ships small cabins for 1 waiving the single supplement. The only thing with that is you have to book these room wayyyyyyyyy in advance and I have a schedule for work that is constantly changing.
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