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  1. Received this refund update email today even though I received my refund last month??? Their system seems weird. Good luck all.
  2. Yey, Just received my cheque for $2,102.00 for cruise April 5th which was cancelled on March 13. Was losing hope but looks like refunds are happening.
  3. Pleased to see some refunds coming through so I spoke to Princess Cruise Holiday Planner today and she looked into my booking and told me my refund cheque has been triggered and should arrive this week or next week. I asked her if she was just saying this or if she was being genuine and she assured me it was genuine. Will post again if true but it has given me some hope. My cruise was 5th April and cancelled by Princess on 13th March.
  4. Thanks for your comments. I guess we'll wait until 6th April and see how things are then. Glad P&O gave us the extension of 2 weeks as we're not feeling comfortable about going.
  5. Is anyone paying balance of cruises booked after April 15 with P&O? We have P&O 7 night Barrier Reef cruise 06-13 June with final payment due 23 March but phoned P&O today and got extension until 6th April to pay balance. My question is do I cancel and lose $500 deposit or pay another $2,000 approx and if cruise is cancelled, receive all money back via refund which is taking up to 8 weeks to process. There is talk on other boards that cruise lines may go bankrupt. Any advice/opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. There is a limited room service menu but you cannot order from main dining room menu. Cheers🥂
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