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  1. What are they feeding you? You must not be getting any fresh salads, vegetables, or fruits. Do they have food deliveries out in the middle of the ocean?
  2. Viruses spread quickly on cruise ships. Also before arriving on the ship most people have come through airports and been on air planes so there is a greater risk of someone having been in contact with the virus. And even if you are on a cruise and you do not get the virus if one other person does get it the whole ship is quarantined. The risk of catching the virus if you are home is not as high as it is being on a cruise ship with a group of people who have all been through airports and airplanes. I think the precautions are reasonable.
  3. Now I am not sure what to do. I was originally scheduled on a B2B March 22 and April 3 on Encore. I was given cruise credit when that itinerary changed and with that cruise credit I booked on Encore for April 17. Seabourn cancelled that cruise today. Seabourn is giving a full refund to passengers who paid cash for that cruise... but I booked with cruise credit from the B2B cruises. Does this mean I get a refund for the monies I spent for the March 22 and April 3 or do you think they will refund the cruise credit I used to book the April 17th cruise to my account. The value of the credit for our two tickets is close to $18,000. What do you think? Also I spent a good amount of money on trip insurance which travel guard will not refund. After the first trip was turned into cruise credit travel guard gave me a trip insurance credit which I used to cover the cost of the April 17th travel insurance. Now with this trip cancelled, I am not sure what my options are? Any legal scholars or cruise experts who want to take a crack at solving what will happen?
  4. In response to "You got what you paid for"... That is not fair or empathetic. I prepared properly for our trip. I bought trip insurance which covered us if we were sick or couldn't go on the trip we would have been covered and the cost would have been reimbursed. I did not expect for the cruise line to change all the ports and the embarkation point as well as the disembarkation point. We have been cruising since 1979 and I never would have guessed this could happen. To us, we are retired - the tickets weren't cheap. We needed business class because my husband has a history of blood clots and is 6 feet 6 inches so to be in coach wouldn't work for us. It is definitely money we can't afford to flush down the toilet. I never heard of a consolidator so I now know this exists.
  5. My business class tickets were purchased on Philippine Airlines from Sydney with a stop in Manila and then on to San Francisco. I never heard of non-refundable, non-transferable and non-re-route able. I bought the tickets through Skylux travel. I only found out when I called them to let them know about the change from leaving from Sydney to leaving from New Zealand. I did complete a form with Seabourn to get my money back since they changed the itinerary. I haven't heard anything back from them. I hope I can get my money back.
  6. You are not wrong. I have lost more than $5,000 and have filed with SB but haven't heard back yet about reimbursement. We had nonfundable, nontransferable and non rerouteable business class air from Sydney to SFO but disembarkation was changed to New Zealand. Prior to that we were supposed to embark in Singapore and I had booked from SFO to Singapore thru Hong Kong. I had nonrefundable hotel arrangements in Singapore. I had to change that air as well and cancel my air. Everything was very last minute. I switched my cruise to Sri Lanka to Athens April 17th and now am hearing about problems in Sri Lanka. Initially when I wanted to cancel Seabourn told me I could receive a 100% cruise credit on a cruise that was within a 0% non refundable rate period. I was told I had to take a cruise that was going to leave within 30 days of my March 22nd cruise. This caused me to panic because I had to try to find new air in a short period of time. Once I decided on the April 17th sailing of Encore and got the air SB sent an email that said I had until December 2020 to rebook but I was tired of spending so many hours on arranging business class air, hotels and looking for new tours and also I didn't have time this summer or fall before December 2020 that would work so I Kept the April 17th cruise on Encore. If from day 1, I was told I had until December 2021 I would have waited but that was not an option for me and we couldn't afford to lose the cost of our 38 day cruise for two. We had saved for that trip for many years. I feel stress and trying to put together hotels, air and tours for a whole new trip was not the fun that we had planned especially not knowing if we will be allowed to disembark or if I will lose my investment in tours. Also with new out breaks if we could cancel it until 2021 I would definitely take that as an option. But to date that option has not been offered to us.
  7. I disagree. There are many that can't afford health coverage. My husband and I are 60 and 61 respectively. We pay $1300 a month for health care which is very expensive. Even with that we still have a copay and coinsurance of 20$. So if we are billed $100 to see a doctor we have a copay of $40. That leaves a $60 balance. Then we also get billed 20% of $60 which is $12.00 so we pay $52 for a $100 medical bill. I know many individuals who have health insurance but can't afford to get necessary medical care because it is very expensive. Then there is the working poor who work at retail stores like Walmart or work in fast food restaurants and barely make minimum wage. They do not get dental coverage, prescription coverage, coverage for hearing aids and other necessary medical equipment. Having worked in the health field before retirement I have seen people in the ER who bought cheap insulin because they couldn't afford pharmaceutical insulin. The US health care system is a disgrace.
  8. Please provide update on Seabourn Encore April 17th sailing. It was to depart from Singapore but SB has pulled out of Singapore. Where is the ship embarking on April 17th... Columbo??? I had a B2B (38 days) scheduled on Sojourn. It is now Australia/NewZealand. I don't want to spend more than 20 days in Australia. So I am cancelling and rebooking. The big problem I have is the Seabourn website has not been updated to reflect the new itineraries. So when looking for an alternate cruise all I am finding are cruises out of Singapore and I know that Seabourn has taken their ships out of Singapore. I don't know how to find updated itineraries. If anyone is on the Encore April 17 please let me know the new itinerary. Thanks.
  9. Thank you for the input. I don't know anything about how travel agents work with cruise lines and what the base rate meant. From my understanding this agency bought some cabins at a very low price due to their relationship with Seabourn. I will do as you suggested and see what she says.
  10. On Febraury 13th I received a letter from Seabourn offering to allow me to cancel and rebook our back to back sailings on Sojourn for March 22 and Apr 3. There were two conditions. First the cruise was to have the same base rate or below as my current cruise and second it would be purchased with 100% cancellation penalty. I called guest services so I could know what they meant by cruise base rate so I could understand what cruises I could do in this exchange. The person I spoke to told me to call my travel agent. I did and she does not know which cruises those would be so I again emailed Seabourn and they referred me back to my agent. I have been waiting days, calling my agent every day as well as following up with email. She states she is waiting to hear back from her contact at Seabourn. Is anyone else having this problem. To me since Seabourn made the offer in a letter to me they should tell me what cruises I can rebook to. My agent has been taking my calls and emailing me back telling me she has sent correspondence to Seabourn but to no avail. She has been a very efficient agent and I am not sure what the situation is. I called Seabourn and asked to speak to a supervisior. I was told one would call me back but no one did. Any thoughts as to what I should do? Any help is appreciated. I have my cruise confirmation and the amounts on that for the 26 day sailing is $8299 per guest and the 12 day cruise is $3,299 per guest. However, Seabourn will not answer me when I asked them if this amount is equal to the base rate and whether I can find a cruise for the same price to rebook. They just keep referring me to the agent. If anyone has chosen to cancel and rebook how did the process go for you and do you have any suggestions for me?
  11. Thank you for the information. Just got the shingrix. Ouch! Most painful shot ever! But definitely better than the shingles.
  12. Thank you for the information. The new changes do not look that interesting to me. 😪
  13. Thank you for your thoughtful and well articulated reply. In addition to what you mentioned a key consideration for us is we bought travel insurance from Travel Guard. I called and spoke to them regarding the cancellation portion of the policy. If the cruise line cancels due to mechanical failure, weather issues such as hurricanes or tornadoes, civil unrest, or terrorist then we would be covered. If SB cancels the company will refund our cruise fare. However, if SB cancels due to the pandemic we do not get money lost on our air, pre or post hotels or excursions we booked because neither Travel Guard or SB covers it. We booked non-refundable business air, 5 nights of non-refundable hotel in Singapore, and private tours that were not booked through the cruise line. That being said my husband and I are seniors and would not fare well with any flu and have taken flu and pneumonia prevention shots. So our option will likely be to stay home unless SB comes up with a vastly different itinerary.
  14. We are on Sojourn Singapore (3/22) to Sydney (4/29). We have been worrying about the same thing as many other guests. What if someone gets the Corona Virus while in Singapore or along the way? Does that mean we will all be quarantined? We received notification that there will be an itinerary change but have not been told what the change will be. I am hoping they will avoid Asia altogether but I guess that is doubtful. We were offered at our option to cancel and rebook another cruise with the stipulation that the new cruise is 100% nonrefundable and must have the same base rate. I called Seabourn to see what options that would afford me because I have no way of knowing the "base rate" and they referred us to ICON which is the company through which we booked the cruise originally. I sent an email to ICON and hope to have a response within a few days. I would like to know what the new itinerary will be before making a decision as to whether to cancel and rebook. Also I need to determine whether my return airfare from Sydney which is non-refundable could still be used with the new itinerary. This has been an extremely difficult situation for all the passengers not knowing what will happen next. I appreciate that Seabourn is willing to do a cancel and rebook. At this point I only wish I had the information needed to decide if this option will work for us. If anyone hears what itinerary changes there will be for Sojourn please let us know. I am aware the ship will not stop in Hong Kong however, Singapore has as many if not more cases than Hong Kong. Other countries such as Thailand have cases as well. AT present these are all stops for Sojourn.
  15. Interesting article from the Telegraph is called Is it safe to visit Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the rest of south-east Asia? Published Feb. 10th. It looks at the facts and data from countries in south east Asia omitting Hong Kong and mainland China. I agree the problem might not be contracting the virus from your visit but getting it from someone else on the ship who did not follow proper precautions.
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