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  1. The problem just appeared a few days ago, although I am logged in, it tells me to register, every time I want to post a message I have to logoff and login, I delete the cookies and the problem continues either with the Firefox or the Edge.
  2. @margo2011 For the UK there is a different promotion
  3. There is a big online TA selling this cruise, group rates
  4. I would be more concerned about the new mandate that Austria and Croatia are already applying and that it may be expanded to other countries: The vaccination certificate is valid for 270 days from the date of the 2nd dose.
  5. Also no more 14 nights cruises to New England and Canada, Iceland and Greenland etc
  6. Can't tell you where I find them, CC rules don't allow me to post it, No more 2023 itineraries available yet
  7. New rules for International air travel to USA begins in November US easing virus restrictions for foreign flights to America (apnews.com)
  8. US easing virus restrictions for foreign flights to America (apnews.com)
  9. I'm waiting for the Fall Foliage New England and Canada plus the Repo to Miami
  10. There is no comparison between the ice cream at the Buffet and the Gelato from Cafe al Bacio, I love Gelato
  11. You will get your money back only if Celebrity cancel's de cruise , if you cancel you will get a FCC
  12. Flexible Cancellations & Best Price Guarantee | Celebrity Cruises
  13. Flexible Cancellations & Best Price Guarantee | Celebrity Cruises Best Offer Guarantee If the fare on your sailing is reduced or the promotion gets better, give us a call and we’ll honor your choice right up to 48 hours before you sail. You may change your offer as many times as desired up to 48 hours before sailing. For bookings within final payment, any amounts owed will be refunded in the form of nonrefundable Onboard Credit. For bookings outside of final payment, any amounts owed will be refunded to the original form of cruise fare payment. Bookings made after October 31, 2021, will be covered with our existing Best Price Guarantee policy. Bookings made by UK & Ireland guests after October 31, 2021 will be covered by the existing Price Promise policy.
  14. Yesterday price increases in my bookings : 1) Millennium/Panama Canal April 18 veranda 2C $2,200, 2) Eclipse/Alaska May 15 veranda 1A $520 and 3) Summit/Iceland & Greenland August 19 Inside 12 $886
  15. Yesterday there were substantial price increases on all my cruises, it seems that this discount is a joke
  16. If you are before the final payment the price is adjusted, if it is after the final payment it is on board credit
  17. Haha, After yesterday's price increases this discount is a joke, the discount it's not valid world wide 🤬
  18. If you haven't tried Crystal, do it, it's expensive but worth it on a special occasion.
  19. It's good to hang out, better than RCI's Tattinger, but you'll never find a free one from Moet, Widow, Crystal, etc.
  20. I have received as a gift several of this bottles in different cruises
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