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  1. CSClark

    AMA Africa

    We went last October. I TOTALLY understand about the colors- I just tried to avoid seeing myself in the mirror! However, I've decided I LOVE my Columbia shirts and have ordered some in "my" colors to wear in "real life!" I agree on the long sleeves, but I'd say they're pretty much a requirement for safaris, between bugs, dust and sun! I'm NOT being compensated by Columbia, but once again.... the long sleeves roll up and have fasteners to KEEP them up, and they're really not hot, despite being polyester. For what it's worth, Some People who were in our truck one day had on REALLY bright colored shirts and we didn't see as many animals.... and we were judgey!!! I DID leave one pair of pants behind that didn't suit me.... don't know if anyone used them, but I left them on the bed with a note.... you might not want to even haul them back to Tulsa!! Have fun.... and I can't wait to hear about your trip!
  2. CSClark

    AMA Africa

    They ask that you wear neutral colors, and no “camo” as it’s illegal in game parks/reserves. You shouldn’t wear bright colors or white because they can startle the animals. Black, navy and other dark colors may attract bugs. I had Columbia shirts in gray, beige, light green, light blue, a teal.... and a lavender one to lift my spirits as I don’t like neutral colors!!
  3. CSClark

    AMA Africa

    I never dreamed I could pack in a duffel with that weight restriction but I DID! Obviously I did sink laundry tho the lodges had a fast turnaround doing laundry. I did get tired of the same clothes especially as they had to be in “safari” colors which are NOT my favorites! I admit my “personal item” was pretty heavy but it wasn’t weighed and it squashed under seats etc. Ziplock bags to the rescue!!
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