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  1. Agree with Sheila on the butler. He's your first point of contact for anything you need on board. No need to go to the reception area to discuss anything, at least initially. A good butler (which we've had except for one trip) can really make a cruise extra special for you.
  2. Would be an interesting poll: - Would ONLY cruise if masks are required on board - Would ONLY cruise if masks aren't required on board - Would cruise regardless Not sure how to start those things on here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and feelings on this. The only sure thing is that cruising will be very different when things do resume. Until then we will sit on forums like this and give "what ifs".
  3. Consolidation is coming in the first half of next year.
  4. I wonder what his parachute is when they announce the merger early next year.
  5. Exactly, the money to spend is there. This executive said the focus would be on giving them exclusive and unique experiences, which is what they already do, just for a different demographic. Not many changes would be needed on the actual boats at this point.
  6. Speaking to an executive at another luxury line recently, this big shift in demographic is very much on their radar. Especially for getting the boats back out to sail ASAP. It's unfortunate for all the loyal customers, but as we all know, the cruise companies are in business to make money first and foremost.
  7. I'm not a doctor or in the medical field, but I've read in several places that for a vaccine to be approved it only needs to be 50% or more effective. If this is truly the case and with so many different versions coming to market, how do you envision a cruise line implementing this? Would a line partner with one specific vaccine maker?
  8. I think you are confusing Regent with Silversea. There was no take over that i'm aware of. They've been with NCL since 2014 I believe.
  9. You can make special requests for meals or a dish to be "always available". Regent will do all they can to try and get the dish you want or try to acquire a special food item. For us, we love pomegranate and make a special request for it, last year in the Med our butler started storing them in our room when he realized the ship was running out and wasn't going to get any more. We've also requested special dinners either in our room/balcony or outside by the pool (before they started opening the pool grill for dinner). On some cruises, they also offer going into town with the head chef
  10. We are currently booked on this cruise as well with our extended family (16 of us including the kids). We will miss not doing a xmas cruise this year, so that savings justified the extra costs for this one.
  11. The Carnival webinar was applicable to all their lines (including Seabourn). As other posters have mentioned, all passenger cruise ships are going to have to live under the same rules, regardless of price point or ship size. Agreed that some brands/ships will be easier to implement these new rules than others though.
  12. FYI - Last year on Voyager, our muster station was in Horizon lounge and we did not have to go outside. This was in Athens and weather was perfect that day. Also on Explorer last year, our muster was in Pacific Rim.
  13. I'm amazed Regent is still selling space for the 2021 World Cruise.
  14. I only caught the tail end of it, but Jim Cramer on CNBC yesterday morning said something about US cruise lines now planning to not start their operations until Q2 of 2021. NCL he championed as being able to survive this, based on FDR's previous comments of financial sustainability. Any one else catch this yesterday, maybe they can elaborate on everything he was saying?
  15. Don't forget FdR will leave with a very nice package, while loyal Regent customers will be left wondering what will happen to their deposits...
  16. Coincidentally Dr Gottlieb is now on CNBC doing an interview.
  17. There wasn't a purpose in the first place, other than to reassure you that you were part of the "First cruise to cancel from Regent". Sounded pretty insecure if you ask me...
  18. We've had hits and misses with butlers on Regent, but overall they've been a benefit. What we've learned is that the butler becomes your first point of contact for anything you need. Tours, dining reservations, setting up anything special in the room, or issues along your voyage. Special things our butler has done for us have been: - Securing a larger table for us and our new friends at Compass Rose, at a set time. - Coordinate a galley or bridge visit - Getting special food request together. We like pomegranate, but forgot to put it on our pre cruise request card. Ou
  19. We were on Explorer over xmas. The service was hit or miss from our experience and from others we spoke to as well. I know the hairdresser who was very popular, was leaving Regent due to frustration with the change over in management. I had two massages with two different people. The first massage was good enough, that I signed up for a second. The second one was a waste of money, if I hadn't been using onboard credit I would have caused more of a fuss about it. I was told by my Fiancé that the facials are now a waste onboard. They stopped doing extractions recently, som
  20. 784/785 are the safer choice. I did like that the 1200/1201 had more direct sun on the balcony, but the wind and motion play a big factor in risking going with 1200/1201.
  21. 1201 living room IS bigger, just looked at my old pics of that room. The dining table in 784 is smaller, holds 4 people. I’m sure the butler can bring in a table for 6, but space is limited. They should remove the single chair in the corner and move the dining to that area. Right now in the 784 layout, the dining area blocks the entrance to the balcony. The chandelier in either room is VERY dangerous. Many a heads have been hit on it. Multiple butlers have told me they and customers have hit their heads on them. Not sure if this is getting changed on splendor.
  22. There is a dining table that has seats for four people. It's small. We had dinner outside, just us, one night and it was a lot of fun. We did want to have a larger service and our butler (Ravi) said that wouldn't be a problem to make it for 6 people, we just ran out of time to plan that this trip. There certainly is enough space on the deck for that many people or more. The winds most of the time were non existent, there were some points where the wind was pretty strong though.
  23. Overall we were happy with the suite. I do wish that the back part of the balcony had glass or a railing to see through. We ended up spending the majority of our time on the side balcony, since it did have a view. Yes, it is a king size bed, the bedroom is quite spacious. I'd prefer that they give some extra space to the living room though. The furniture in the living room felt a bit oversized for the current space.
  24. Posting pics of 784, hope these help everyone in understanding the Grand Suite. Let me know what questions you have.
  25. I'm in 784 now. I will post pics once we return, ship wifi is too slow to deal with the time it will take to upload. In regards to noise, it's very quiet 95% of the time. The only serious complaint at this point is while docking, the room shakes for a solid 5 minutes if not more while the captain gets the boat positioned. Makes for no chance to sleep in on days in port.
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