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  1. I've only been on one cruise (so not much to compare with ;) ) but I had YTD and did not feel like I noticed anything lacking in service. I usually ended up eating around the same time each night, just due to happenstance, but I always ended up with the same wait staff and they came to know me and brought me my preferred drink when I sat down etc. I wouldn't think anything could've been better with the service I received.

  2. Thank you so much! That was what really confused me, I guess. I did quite a bit of drinking at the Alchemy bar and remember having read about being able to buy drinks, off package, so long as you hadn't already hit your daily limit. But those bartenders specifically wouldn't allow it.


    Now I'm not so confused because it seems like it was just those bartenders or that bar, maybe. I'll keep this all in mind come August :)

  3. From the FAQ I linked to:

    Beverages excluded from the program are:

    • Beverages promoted and sold in souvenir glasses
    • Bottles of liquor
    • Beverages offered at the gangway
    • Beverages offered through room service, mini bars and/or other in-stateroom beverage programs


    I saw that but does this mean that, even though they are not covered under Cheers, I will be able to purchase them separately? As an example I was unable to separately purchase the martini tasting at Alchemy Bar because I had the Cheers package.

  4. I’ve never gotten Cheers but I may have your answer as I read these Boards a lot. Someone asked about buying drinks after the 15 were reached. Another person answered that you shouldn’t get to 15 until you’re ready to quit. Get to 14, buy the next drinks you want then finish out the evening with your 15th. Hope that makes sense.

    I guess my question would be, isn’t your sail/sign marked with a Cheers sticker? Will they let you just buy when they can clearly see you have Cheers?


    I've seen this recommended as well and when I tried to just buy a drink instead of using my Cheers they would not let me do it the last cruise I was on. I also tried to do the martini tasting at Alchemy and they would not allow me to as it was multiple drinks served at once and that is not allowed with Cheers, but they wouldn't allow me to just purchase the tasting, either, because I had Cheers.


    Which, I guess, is why I'm wondering about room service. I know, I know, 15 drinks is a lot but I hit my limit at least 2 nights on my previous cruise (and came very close the other nights) so I just want to know what my options are. If it means I order a few room service drinks before dinner so that I can have the rest of my Cheers drinks for that night... well.... ;p;pclear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704

  5. This is the top-most post about Cheers I can find so don't mind as I just jump in to ask a vaguely related question!


    I know that there is the 15 drink limit and all of the things that are (and are not) included in that. I know that you can order a 'round' for your friends and your drink counts toward your package but the other drinks are charged to your SS account... so this may be a very stupid question, I guess. But I'm just looking for the clarification. What about room service drinks? They are not covered under your Cheers package and so they charge to your account, right? Can you do that with the Cheers package? Does it count against your per day limit? Can you still order room service alcoholic beverages even after you have hit your daily limit?

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