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  1. I booked a Hawaiian cruise for June of 2022 with my CN certificates. Hopefully that one will work out!! ~Joanne
  2. I know...we had some awesome perks as well as a great price!
  3. Hi All, I'm so sad. I canceled my August cruise on the Breakaway today.😥 Final payment was due and I just couldn't take the chance that the cruise wouldn't sail; additionally I didn't want to wait to buy airline tickets if it did go...so I decided in our case, it was best to just cancel until this whole coronavirus is over. My PCC tried to talk me into making final payment because they would give me an additional 20-50% toward another cruise if NCL canceled the sailing, but I just couldn't do it, not with unknown airfare prices. I guess I'll just look forward to our Hawaiian c
  4. We missed Bonaire on our cruise last week and got a whopping $4.00/person!!! ~Joanne
  5. This trip report is awesome! We leave next week, so this really makes me look forward to the cruise. Thanks for sharing...looking forward to more!!! ~Joanne
  6. Has anyone done the Occidental Resort for the day? I was looking at that one. and it looked pretty good for $84/person for the day.
  7. Hi All, I bid on an upgrade from an inside to a balcony for our upcoming Epic cruise. I got an email yesterday that my bid was accepted, but we got an enclosed balcony, but it's supposed to be a large balcony on deck 11, cabin 11009. What can you tell me about these enclosed balconies? We've never had one...did I get a bad upgrade??? ~Joanne
  8. Beautiful video! We're leaving the 23rd of August...I can't wait! This makes me really want to head to this beach! ~Joanne
  9. Can anyone buy a Posh Pass on the Epic, and if so, how much are they? I've never gotten one before...is it worth it?
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