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  1. There is nobody in the roll call so if anyone here is going on this sailing out of Galveston, FTTF is currently available if you've been looking for it.
  2. Sailing on March 21, nothing received yet. Is this a physical letter or an email? We're cruising no matter what, but the extra OBC sure would be lovely. Won't go to waste!
  3. ultrafighter


    My husband and I like to collect Starbucks mugs from places we visit, so we want to get one from Cozumel. I see two locations within maybe a mile of each other? a) Is that accurate? b) Is one of them better than the other for souvenir type things?
  4. Thanks! It's been a while since I've sailed, and the mom brain is strong. I really need this kid-free cruise.
  5. I'm hoping someone can also tell me which night is elegant night. I'll be on this ship for a 5 day in March.
  6. On my second cruise I woke up around 4am with difficulty breathing and chest pain, scared I was having a heart attack at 34. Turns out it was costochondritis. Who knew? I was just thankful that I wasn't going to die on my way to Mexico. I think the visit to the infirmary and shots for a steroid and a painkiller cost about $300.
  7. 31 And we just booked it on Sunday. It's the most last-minute cruise we've ever done, and it's exhilarating!
  8. Exactly this. Our next cruise will be just my husband and I so we'll skip FTTF since our kids won't be a factor.
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