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  1. You mentioned Icy Point Strait has improved. Can you give more detail about that? We are on the Serenade's August 9th Alaska cruise, and we are there from 8am - 7pm. I can't imagine what we will do with all those hours based on photos I've seen of the town. I don't know that I want to do another Whale Watch trip when we already have a 4-hour whale watch booked with Allen Marine in Juneau.
  2. I am wondering as well. We are booked on the Serenade Aug 9 for Alaska. Wondering if it will be a full ship?
  3. This topic has been so helpful & given me lots to think about as we start packing for summer 2021 Alaska cruise. Thanks everyone!
  4. Has anyone heard that RCCL still require vaccines for ALASKA this summer? I haven't seen anything that said that. We just booked an Aug 2021 cruise to Alaska because the RCCL website said all passengers must be vaccinated to board. I was so excited to cruise when I heard everyone on board HAD to be vaccinated. I checked this morning & the RCCL cruises no longer says that on the website. We booked less than a week ago & had to pay the full amount of the cruise upfront since we are so close to the travel date. Do we have the option to back out if they say "no vaccines required" as it said when we booked the cruise?
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