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  1. This is a simple cash flow issue. Working for a company that is exiting bankruptcy you have to protect your cash on hand. Hopefully this will not be an issue, but if so, the cruisers who have not been refunded will end up as unsecured creditors if Crystal files for Chapter 11. If that happens all that are owed a refund will end up filing a pre-petition claim and receive pennies on the dollar when Crystal is sold or restructures its operations.
  2. Danube very low between Vienna and Bratislava. Low as well between Bratislava and Budapest. You can see a lot of sandbars that should be under water
  3. On the Crystal Mozart for the 10/10 - 20/10 Danube cruise. Itinerary was flipped at the start and we headed to Budapest first instead of the end of the trip. Danube is very, very low as the days have been sunny an highs of 70 degrees. Heading back to Vienna and into Austria---lets see how far we get
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