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  1. I've always wondered about the FTTF benefit as well. We're a family of four; my husband and I have kids who are 12 and 14. We've only cruised twice, but both times we've been amazed by how expediently Carnival gets its guests through every line. We sailed from Galveston and were able to board before our scheduled time. Our bags arrived at our room very quickly--I can't say that I know how quickly because we were off enjoying the amenities of the Breeze. We rarely need to use the guest services desk, but both times that we've had to, our wait in line was less than five minutes. We are early birds, so catching a tender into Belize was a non-issue. I think that FTTF could benefit some people or families, but it's not for us.
  2. I don't have a PVP yet, but I'm planning on getting one this time. We want connecting rooms on the next vacation since we're planning on surprising my mom with a balcony (rather than the oceanview she's paying for). I truly appreciate all the advice. Looks like lots of time on hold is in my future.
  3. Thanks for the tip! I wasn't sure whether the FCC would cover the deposit or not. We filled out the form Carnival sent last week but haven't gotten any correspondence since then, so we didn't have any idea how that worked. We have done mock bookings but haven't gone as far as the point where we'd have to put down a deposit. We're obviously apprehensive about spending any more money right now, especially on a vacation that is more than a year in the future. My husband was under the impression that we could not apply the FCC to the next cruise until the refund was granted, and he was not super enthused about waiting at least 9- days to rebook. I appreciate your expertise so much. Thank you!
  4. The new cruise that we're looking at costs more than the previous cruise. Should we go ahead ad book the July 2021 cruise now? My husband doesn't want to do that because he says "we will have too much money tied up with Carnival" but I'm itching to get it booked before the rooms we want get booked. I'd love to hear some opinions from more experiences cruisers. This will only be our third cruise.
  5. We also paid for a large portion of our July 2020 cruise with gift cards. We opted for the FCC with $600 per room OBC. We want to rebook for July 2021, but my husband won't rebook until we get the gift cards back from Carnival. Our trip was just cancelled last week, so I was wondering how long we'll be waiting. Sounds like it could be quite a long time. It's comforting to know that we aren't the only ones in this position. I have an impatient hubby who keeps insisting that I call Carnival, and I keep trying to remind him that we don't really have a question or a problem and that calling isn't going to do us any good. I'll be glad to share what y'all have said. Thank you!
  6. Thanks, everyone! We've elected to go with the FCC. We have chosen to go on the same ship with the same itinerary at the same time next year. Y'all helped ease his mind. I appreciate you!
  7. We were scheduled to cruise on the Carnival Vista on July 4. We paid for the bulk of our trip with Carnival gift cards. I'd like to go with the FCC option because the onboard credit is appealing to me. My husband fears that Carnival is going to go bankrupt and we're going to lose several thousand dollars. He wants to go with the 100% refund option. Is that even a choice for us since we paid with gift cards?
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