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  1. Born and raised in Morgantown. The first comment I made in Alaska was “how in the hell did WV get the name The Mountain State??” I legit had a friend ask if Alaska’s mountain we’re comparable to the mountains down further south in WV and I was like “those are big hills”.
  2. So, Alaska is our destination of choice. We’ve only sailed Royal Caribbean there. Ive read on different forums that Princess does Alaska very well, so I hopped on Princess website and checked some prices and am pleasantly surprised at the pricing, but I’m confused at why? 10 day, 5 ports, mini suite with some other perks, $6000. That’s less than what I have an aft balcony booked at right now on Celebrity. What gives? Was looking at regular balconies and it’s like $1500 per person, which is insanely cheap. Why is Princess so cheap? What am I missing?
  3. Thank you! While we are simple people, we really do enjoy nice vacations, great service, most importantly, great food, but we also do want to make sure we're getting our monies worth while we're there, and all inclusive, especially with Regent, seems to be just that. No extras for specialty dining, excursions, looks like even a pre cruise hotel and all airfare is included in the mock booking I did. We're already booked for Alaska again for next year on Celebrity, and I got such a great deal and cabin that I won't be canceling, but would like to look into the smaller ships for 2021 and forward.
  4. Well, is dressing up a suit? I know I'm not bringing dress clothes and hubby is definitely not wearing a suit. Khakis and collared shirts are about it for him, whether wedding, funeral, or cruise ship.
  5. We are really only interested in sailing Alaska. Neither my husband or I are beachy people. Our last cruise was last year on Radiance of the Sea, which is by no means a giant ship. We aren't really people persons either, and we actually avoided the main dining room every night and either ate in the specialty dining or at the buffet so we could sit out back and watch the scenery. Neither of us have any problems saying "no" when people try to sell us something, though I don't remember even having any issues with that. I guess I just want to see if they all inclusive, including the excursions and airfare, would be a benefit. I'm not afraid to spend money on Alaska, we spent about 12k on our trip last year. Also, if on the smaller ships if they're more strict about dressing up for dinner than the bigger, more commercial ships, as that would be a definite no from my husband.
  6. We had a fantastic time simply because we were in Alaska. It had probably nothing to do with the ship. I could’ve been on a kayak and been just as happy 😃
  7. We've sailed RCCL to Alaska. Looking for a smaller ship experience. Convince me that the almost triple cost of Regent is worth it compared to when we sailed on Radiance of the Sea, where we had a fantastic time. What are the biggest positives of sailing with Regent?
  8. Did you guys have an aft facing balcony?!
  9. For our Southbound cruise next August 2020, we're thinking about flying into Fairbanks instead of Anchorage and renting a car. We have friends in Wasilla, would like to see Denali and various town that are north of Anchorage, so flying into Fairbanks sounds smarter than flying into Anchorage and backtracking. That being said, does anyone have any experience with flying into Fairbanks? I assume it's a small airport, but do they have rental car companies? High likelihood of flight delays/cancellations? Just trying to see what would be the best option here.
  10. We went Aug. 24-31 last year and we only had rain in Juneau. Otherwise, it was beautiful and sunny every day, cold on the glacier day. But I would still bring a light rain jacket. In Alaska, you never know what's going to happen so better to be prepared. I will say that on our Royal Caribbean ship, they had a deck sale with lots of cold weather gear and rain gear and hubby got a really nice rain jacket for about $40, same quality as my Northface one that was way more than that.
  11. I can't imagine anyone really seeing Hubbard Glacier like that. It was absolutely beautiful.
  12. Really interested in doing this, as it sounds like everyone who has done it has a very enjoyable ride. After reading the website and Trip Adviser reviews, it seems like everyone brings a packed lunch with them, and you can also bring alcohol. For those who have done this tour, or live in Portland, is there somewhere close by the port or where you get on the boats to buy something good for lunch and a bottle of wine and some cups to drink it out of? The website also says that you can get off the boat when they are unloading the mail at the various islands. Are there good places for snacks/coffee/ice cream, etc. right there where you get off?
  13. We did northbound last year, and we absolutely loved it. Vancouver is a great start to your trip, awesome city. And Anita is right, the scenery just gets better and better with each passing day. That being said, we're doing southbound next year, because I got a pretty great deal, and also snagged an aft facing balcony. The port times are longer (in Skagway until 8 pm, as opposed to 5 pm on our northbound), and I'm much looking forward to the fact that we get that godawful long flight out of the way at the beginning of the trip instead of the end. However, I really don't think you can go wrong wither way you go.
  14. We went with Jayleen last August, and are booked again August 2020. She is fantastic, personable, and born and raised on Shelter Island right in Juneau. We had a great time for sure and we can't wait to go back and see her and the whales next year!
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