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  1. I have yet to get off in Ensenada My wife will get off and shop in the building next to the cruise ship. Mostly looking for vanilla, its cheaper there than in CA
  2. So our June Norway cruise is postponed for the third year in a row Maybe its not meant to be
  3. HI The Coral Princess is our favorite We have been on the Island once, a 15 day thru the Panama Canal. The Island has a bunch off added cabins in the back ( dont pick one, they have very thin walls ) we have heard). The gym is in the "basement" ( back of the ship on deck 6). If you like using the treadmill, be prepared to stare at a blank wall. It seems a bit more crowded on the ship also. There are also less entertainment spaces. the Universal Lounge in the back of the ship is gone. There is no International Café although the one on the Coral is small. We would not choose the Islan
  4. We did our first Alaska Cruise in late August. Flew into Anchorage at midnight. Spent the whole flight north of Vancouver watching the Northern Lights out the window. That might be your best bet.
  5. We have not seen one since last year
  6. if they are the new cabins added during the butchering( retrofit) of the Island Princess performed a few years ago, they have paper thin walls. The cabins added are not of the same construction as the original ship ( i.e. metal walls ). Pls look for other reviews of the Island Princess added cabins
  7. if 2021 Alaska gets cancelled, will there be anything left in Alaska to see in 2022 ?
  8. Make sure you visit the Adagio Bar in the afternoon. Its a nice quiet place to get away and read if you are looking to do that.
  9. Horizon court seating is open 24 hours We have sat and played cards until 2 or 3 in the morning many time on the Coral Princess. Sometimes they do maintenance and may ask you to change to another table. There are many chairs and sofas on deck 6 and 7 that are next to windows. Cant compare room sizes, have only been on Princess. Balcony cabins are plenty big for two, especially the closet space. I personally do not like the Island because of the mods that were made. the Coral is our favorite. it is the sister ship to the Island without the changes.
  10. We will see you at the cruise terminal as we are getting off the Ruby Princess on that same day after our wonderful 15 day trip to the islands and back.
  11. Two years ago i cant remember why we could not go. Last year the family reunion slid into mid june. This year........well
  12. This year will be our third year in a row we have tried to go I think its strike three, we are out Thankfully we only have a FCD at stake ( Plus a couple thousand in credits from this year )
  13. February will turn into April ? will turn into June ? will turn into 2021 ? I just hope Alaska tourism will not fold up and disappear .
  14. The Island Princess was "refurbished" a few years ago to add more cabins aft. The idea was to pack more people into a ship not originally designed for it. Those new cabins have flimsy walls and questionable plumbing. My biggest gripe is they moved the fitness center from the top of the ship to the bottom floor. Now when you are on the treadmill instead of a nice view out the back of the ship, you get to look at a blank wall. Wont choose the Island again. Its sister ship the Coral is still our favorite. I suppose both will be gone before long because they don't produce as much revenu
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