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  1. If you do decide to upgrade, (do it!) remember to call and order room service through your butler. If you do it that way, you are not charged the $7 (or whatever it is).
  2. 15, Lido Deck 16, Epic Lounge (Haven Key Card Access only.) 18, Posh (Haven Key Card access only.)
  3. I read, through your link, that the drink package isn’t valid on Harvest Cay, but last week on the Epic, a cruiser told me that there is a Haven area at Harvest Cay, and that the drink package was valid and worked for Haven cruisers in that Haven area. Have any Haven cruisers experienced this? Haven’t done a Western Caribbean itinerary yet, so haven’t had the chance to see Harvest Cay.
  4. I want to sleep on a mattress made of Jim Zimmerman’s voice.
  5. I was able to get Ketel One and Tito’s instead of Smirnoff with no upcharge. On my last cruise, was also able to substitute Bacardi8 for the Barcadi that’s on the list. Also at no charge.
  6. They may have changed the type of chips they use. In that case, they won’t take them.
  7. I’ve read several posts where people took a power strip on board with them. Just make sure it does not have a surge protector. The surge protector is what isn’t allowed. All my charging is done through USB ports. So I bought a four USB charger on amazon. Plugs right into the wall and charges my phone, iPad, and watch. This one... https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Charger-Foldable-PowerPort-Samsung/dp/B00VH8G1SY/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1542150614&sr=8-12&keywords=usb+charger
  8. Hey, FYI...I wasn’t being snarky, though rerreading my post is looks that way. Just didnt want want you to get your hopes up. But I’m rooting for ya! Good luck!!!
  9. Hahahahaha!!! Only week that might be more expensive than Christmas week is the following week...New Years week. We always cruise between Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas break. Those two/three weeks are usually the cheapest of the year, in our experience.
  10. If you wanted to, you could also have your butler bring an SDP meal to your room. When we were on the Epic, our butler (Roland) brought us all the menus from the specialty restaurants. Except for Teppenyaki, we had our dinners in the room. No need to worry about reservations! He just asked us to write down what we wanted, from where, what time to have it delivered, and to have it to him by noon. Oh, you can have a Haven Restaurant meal delivered too.
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