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  1. Thank you. Hopeful to find a few that's on my list and not available in states. Enjoy
  2. Is there one within the cruise port? Looking for a particular rum produced in Honduras...Pirates Grog No. 13. TIA.
  3. Perfect, thanks for the quick response. Enjoy
  4. Please refresh my memory as I don't recall the email format for the main dining maitre'd. TIA. Enjoy.😊
  5. Thanks for the info, as I recalled but wanted to ck in. TIA. Enjoy 😃
  6. Anyone know which nights would be elegant/formal? 7-day sailing, departs 3/15. Sorry, been awhile since sailing with Carni. TIA. Enjoy.
  7. Thank you for the insight, much appreciated. Enjoy.
  8. I thought you two would come thru, thank you. And you hit it re privacy. Thinking about placing the dw at window and I taking a center aisle...though was curious of the opposing aisle with stranger. Then again, have also considered grabbing two center aisle...not much to see on a overnight flight. I'll continue to track down YouTube or any other useful images. Thanks again. Enjoy.
  9. This is equipment listed for our ATL-LHR flight this Summer. DW and I are going to book Delta One, which we have no experience with this type seating arrangement. My question...which would better suit two flying together...two window seats, window and ajoining aisle seat or two aisle seats side by side? Thoughts. Enjoy
  10. Also be aware of penalties associated with the cheaper booking. What appears to be less on the front end , may not be so in the end if you have to make changes or cancel. Just my 2 cents. Enjoy 😁
  11. Thanks to all and kudos to eugeniuss. Just what I was looking for...a recent sailing on her. That sea day and San Juan were our guess due to port times in GT conflicting with early dining. Enjoy 😀
  12. Also be sure to ck what's above you and below you for ea of the two choices. Enjoy 😀
  13. Its 7 days...we've been on many but don't recall Carnival's pattern. Itinerary is Embark Sea day Amber Cove St Thomas San Juan Grand Turk Sea day Debark
  14. Or elegant, whichever you like to refer as. Eastern Carib sailing...anyone know which nights are formal? TIA 😁
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