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  1. hey I just realized I never checked back in with you. Did this work out? Or did you get caught
  2. What about a name brand drink? Should i assume another buck or 2 for like Bacardi over some generic whatever there is or maybe a glass of quality (but not crazy) scotch?
  3. Going on a Symphony cruise in a few months and debating the drink package. Whats the average cost for like a mixed drink or just some whiskey straight up these days?
  4. I'm not looking to game the system on purpose... i legit have a cabin all to myself right now and may or may not have someone join me. No idea if they would want the package or not so I am looking at costs. But I know that if I buy it today I pay full price for the drinks today, just not sure how things work when the cabin adds another person since they weren't on the original purchase.
  5. Right now i have a cabin all to myself. If I buy the drink package today and add another 21+ to my room in lets say 2 months how does that work? Does another drink package need to be paid before the reservation is official or does it just get tacked onto the room charges at the end of the trip?
  6. Well I look forward to your update to this thread in July to see if you got away with this loophole. I got plenty of time before my cruise
  7. So you go with a party that needs 3 rooms and 1 person wants to buys the package... those same people are going to share with the people in the other room arent they? By your logic they should just charge everyone on the ship for the package since everyone is just going to share with everyone else.
  8. Bet there's still plenty of sharing between parties who book multiple rooms if that's the case... selfish people really do ruin things for the rest
  9. I just don't understand the policy at all. It's not like drinks are being delivered to the room. I understand you can't share a drink with someone not on the plan, but to assume that just because you're sharing a room means you'd be with the other person 24/7 and might sneak a drink to them just seems dumb. It's not like a room upgrade where both people in the room benefit. It would be like if you had 2 rooms in your party for 4 people and 1 person from each room wanted to do a specialty dining one day and the other 2 just went to the windjammer but all 4 get charged for the meal... except in this case someone not participating medically cannot join in.
  10. Right now the plan costs $57 a day which I believe is full price. My trip is almost a year out so I'll keep checking for discounts, but how low can I hope for? 30% off? Any chance for 40% or more? When are the best times to expect discounts? Also, I see that the official policy is that if 1 adult gets the package then all adults in the room need the package. How possible is it for an exception to be made if 1 of the adults does not drink either due to medical or AA reasons. I have read mixed things from no budging to a possible downgrade to the basic drinking package but haven't see anyone be able to get it completely off the bill. Is this something that is best handled over the phone or in person on the ship?
  11. Both pools are the same height... you're getting confused by the angle of the picture
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