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  1. You can book it in advance... under "Spa and Fitness" there is "Relaxation Areas" but I think you can only book weekly and couples weekly passes
  2. My nephew got his poke like the second day they were available for 12+ back in May. I think it might have depended on where you live. Also the gap between FDA approval and that shot was 3 days so he was able to get his appointment right away. Assuming it's approved Oct 26 which some think it will be, then Halloween is very probable. You are correct about your particular situation though, hopefully they do show leniency with a 5-6 week grace period after the FDA approval and dont get strict about it until maybe week 7. My cruise is an xmas cruise so I certainly feel a little more comfortable than you
  3. Pretty sure the current buffet procedure where they serve you is the #2 change that will be kept after all the other covid restrictions are lifted. #1 being the enhanced cleaning of course. Both of these combined will make any future outbreaks (mostly norovirus of course) basically non-existent. Lets face it, some people are disgusting at buffets, this is a good change
  4. Curious why you think there would be a month between approval and the poke? Its the same drug in a smaller dosage so all pharmacies currently have stock and they know how dosages work. Once approved the pokes should be able to start that day
  5. Pfizer is hoping to have their 5-11 vaxx ready and approved and good to poke by the end of this month... I'm sailing with an 11 year old a couple days later than you and have my fingers crossed this timeline holds.
  6. Really? The Aqua show requires a mask? It's outdoors.....Can't they just make the unvaxxed sit on one side
  7. Are you saying this wont work if you have a CC on file?
  8. You're the only person to have ever said that in the history of this show
  9. How long was this? Which type of full body was it? I see they have deep tissue, bamboo, swedish, etc
  10. From everything I've heard.... this is a benefit not a negative
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