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  1. It is actually pretty easy to find. I am not going to post where it is because I searched Google and it shows up right away. It is ranked #997 of 1408 restaurants in ------------------ on a trip advising website. Maybe a hint for future postings; When I post a picture I try to make sure it won't show up on Google search right away. Anyway, we like Scottish pubs (any pub for that matter) and we try to visit one at most places. Theo
  2. You both are on the right track it is the town with the "2 zees" as we used to remember this place. But which one of the gates is it? Theo
  3. You are talking about Vermeer I guess. Have you been to the (approximate) location of the "Little street"? The place I am looking for is more south of Delft, about an hour +. Used to be an important port in the old days. Theo
  4. As the country where I was born is so small that you can pretty well get anywhere from anywhere within the 2 hour travel limit that was set earlier, I wonder if I can get away with posting pictures from places that are off the beaten path and therefore maybe not easy to recognize. So here I go out on a limb and give it a try; Name the city and the name of the structure, obviously you don’t have to name the country and the distance to the river(s) are well within the rules. Theo
  5. Now I look at my comment again it does look bad but that was not the intention. I feel about the same way as all of you, living in our bubble (we love the people in our bubble but.....). We are retired so don't have to go anywhere but we wished we could. Looking forward to our first ever river cruise which we are planning now for 2022, we hope we like it as much as ocean cruising. Theo
  6. That's actually a pretty dark statement 🤔 but you are right. Theo
  7. I am not going to be around for the remainder of the day so if somebody want to use a WILD CARD please do, otherwise I will have a look tonight (West Coast Canada) to post a picture. Here is the translation from JP's post; "This sculpture is generally understood as an allegory of the long competition between the neighboring cities of Altona and Hamburg in fishing and processing, in which Altona was ahead of the curve at the turn of the century." Theo
  8. Oh well, I was close, just a few more hours of searching and I might have found it (not). @jpalbny you have way too many trips under your belt, no wonder you can find all those places. Mind you, you never can have too many vacations. Theo ps; like I said before I love your picture site, great job.
  9. I looked around in Honfleur yesterday with Google street view at several different buildings. Keep on looking I guess. There is a restaurant called La Chat qui Pêche so I thought that's it but no. Back to drawing board. Theo
  10. We thought it was a wonderful ship. Maybe because it was our first cruise (10 day Mexican Riviera out of San Diego) to celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2005. It got us hooked on cruising and Princess. Theo
  11. I tried that but so far no success. Maybe it is not Normandie but Bretagne (Britany). Although I tried that one too but still "no cigar". This might become a very difficult one to solve. Maybe a small clue might help us along. Theo
  12. Ireland, River Shannon????? Just a wild guess. Otherwise, no idea. Theo
  13. Now it was easy to find. There is a U-tube video I found about the surrounding area. below is a screenshot of that video. and here is the link to that video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dItyi2Mfrs Theo
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