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  1. I think you have 60 days to transfer the booking to an other TA. Theo
  2. My DW just told me not to take my girlfriend Alexa with me, 3 persons in de room is too much and she hates Alexa's voice 🤔. Theo
  3. An other thing what is good to know is that there is a minimum charge for the Princess Vacation Protection of $ 39.00 US even on a 1 day cruise. We did not know, just found out for our 4 day Vancouver-Los Angeles cruise. We always thought it was either 8% or 7% of the cruise price (depending on cruise status). Theo
  4. Darn, I don't get away with anything. Theo
  5. Note to self what to pack for our next cruise; Bars of soap Pillows Showercurtain Chair Window cleaner etc. etc. Oh, almost forgot: clothes Theo
  6. Your best bet is probably to phone Princess EZair, or you TA, because it looks like that you past final payment if you sail in February. We had a good experience with the people at EZair 2 years ago when we wanted to fly in the day before instead of a same day flight. Theo
  7. We always try to use EZair & airport transfers through Princess because they are covered under the Princess Vacation Protection Plan. To cover this under independent insurance would be, in our case, almost more than the cost of the cruise. Theo
  8. The picture taken for E319 is at an angle wihich does not show the top of the lifeboat. Here is a picture of what the obstruction is. Theo
  9. I think this is because a lot of us on these boards are of the senior/retired variety and have nothing better to do while we are at home waiting for our next cruise. 😉 Theo
  10. Thanks for the info, We will look into it and might change cabins although the price is right, Almost the same as the flight and a hotel. Theo
  11. I wonder if anybody knows which of the inside cabins on the Coral Princess have the “NON Convertible” beds. We booked the 4 day Coastal from Vancouver to Los Angeles (beats flying the day before) in an inside cabin followed by the 19 day Panama Canal cruise in a balcony cabin. The inside cabin shows that the beds are Twin and not convertible (see below). Just wonder if these cabins are smaller and if we should change our booking. Stateroom / Cat: Guar / ID Twin - Not Convertible Stateroom / Cat: BE Beds: Beds: Convertible Twins Deck Group: Middle Ship Zone: Forward Theo
  12. Ask on the main board of Princess. It was requested not to post questions on this board, sorry. Theo
  13. Absolutely the best of the obstructed view. we have been in E632 On the Crown amd Ruby. I took those pitures myself. We were on the Crown for 2 weeks and the Ruby for 5 weeks. Theo
  14. Was your booking still there? Bon Voyage---SOON😁
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