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  1. That means that on the new mega ships with 4000+ passengers there will be anywhere between 400 & 1200 passengers without a smartphone, that represents still a fair amount of money. I am one of the "former" passengers without a smartphone, it is one of the many reasons we quit sailing with Princess. Theo
  2. On that site there are 4 pictures of E425 which is on the starboard side and have the same obstructions as E424. Theo
  3. Thanks JP & Chris for a wonderful end to this tread. I also like to mention that I think that 99,9% (Oh well, nobody is 100% perfect 😉) of your pictures on SmugMug are amazing. I give most of them a 9.9 out of 10. I hope I can borrow one ones in a while to show our friends when we are planning land/river & ocean vacations. Theo
  4. Well you had me fooled. The horn players sure looked liked the ones from Reims, France. So my guess now is Portugal--Douro river mainly because of the clue about looking at a port not starboard. And the wine ofcourse. Theo
  5. OK I will fill in the blanks of my earlier post but if I am correct I will call a wildcard. I think this is in France with horn players from the city of Reims while on a River or Barge cruise on the Marne/Seine river. Theo
  6. OK, let see who is closer. I think that your Normandy guess would be closer. I think it is way more north than Camargue or, as I kind of hinted, in the Champagne area. Theo
  7. Still no answer on the last picture posted. I was sure that @jpalbnywould have the right answer and then surprise us with a great last picture from their marvelous collection to close this off. I understand that with the river situation in Europe (especially Germany & Belgium) most of us are more interested in that than solving a picture location so we just wait a bit longer. It would be a shame if this tread would die without a last blast. Theo
  8. I think this is in France with horn players from the city of ------------- while on a cruise on the --------- river. Because I don't have any suitable pictures I will not fill in the blanks but if I'm right my DW and I will celebrate the end of this tread with a glass of Champagne. Theo
  9. It looks like we have almost come to the end of this game because "The-while-we-wait-for-river-cruises" will be over soon when river cruises start opening up (even for us on this side of the Atlantic). I came in a bit late in the game, just by accident. After many ocean going cruises my DW suggested we try a river cruise. Never having done a river cruise I started looking for what would be available. We thought we found a suitable river cruise but then that nasty pandemic hit. Not a big deal for now I thought because I can at least start planning for a river cruise for 2021 or 2022. That's when I thought I ask the river cruise expert on CC how to go about it. First tread that showed up was this one and the rest is history. I had a blast with it, trying to figure out all the places and at the same time learned a lot about those places. I thank all of you for giving me such a nice pastime and I hope that we will meet some day on a river cruise. I will keep following this tread and maybe ones in a while have the answer but I wont be posting any pictures (no more pictures from places even close to a river). Theo Only 10 more posts to go to make the 5000, Wow.
  10. I am surprised that @notamermaid has no idea where this is. That statue (and others at the same place) has a very interesting story. Some of that story is pretty "cheeky"☺️. Theo
  11. Yes, it is one of the many back allies in Venice. We were there a few years back when there was heavy rain and very high water, it St. Marco square was under water but that apparently happens a lot. I can not remember if the steps were the approach to bridge. Your turn to post. Theo
  12. And does this mean we should wait 15 minutes before entering the room after the cleaning crew has been there? How would we know when they left the room? Theo
  13. I did not even notice until you pointed it out. I found the translation for the first word but could not find the second one. So, now that we figured out it is Italian that will narrow it down. Theo
  14. I did crop the original picture just a little otherwise Mr. Google would give it away. No, it is not East of Germany rather more south. Theo
  15. Since @Canal archivegave the answer to the last picture and assuming that it was the last picture posted by CA I like to take the freedom to post a picture just to keep things going. Also. it looks like that this tread will come to an end within the next few weeks because river cruises will start again. I think we should at least keep this tread going until it reaches 200 pages or 5000 posts ☺️. Here is the picture--where was this taken and which river is close to it. Theo
  16. OK, now it makes a little more sense why the date is in there. Thanks for the explanation. Theo
  17. This is one of the most confusing statements I have seen in a long time. If PVP is not available in your state why would they urge you to pay for it before that date. If you pay for it it seems kind of useless because you wont be covered. Do I miss something here? Theo
  18. The first picture of the wash house was not that difficult to find @dogs4fun & @notamermaid figured it out more or less. Now we are just waiting for the complete answer. The second picture however has me stomped. It almost looks like it is in somebodies barn with the stuff that is showing in the background. It is also not an ancient sculpture because of the year 1957 in Roman numerical. Theo
  19. I do too, we have been there a few times. You are too far North. Theo
  20. It is not that I have not enough pictures. My DW asked me a while back if I really needed to save all 35000- + pictures on my laptop 🙄, of course I do ☺️. The problem is that most of them do not comply with the rules but I'll keep on searching. Theo
  21. Not trying to be a wise guy but I like to give a more exact location; It is in the "Amstelpark" in "Buitenveldert Oost (East). This park is located along the Amstel river after which Amsterdam is named, a dam in the Amstel . I like to take the wildcard but I am running out of options. Theo
  22. If you watch it at night it looks different but it might give you a better idea of where this is located 😉. Theo
  23. You are absolutely correct. We went to St. Petersburg on an ocean cruise. This monument has several different reliefs like the one in this picture. I probably wasn't listening to the guide when he explained what all those reliefs meant. Next time I should pay more attention instead of walking around and taking (too many) pictures. @dogs4fun you're up for the next one. Theo
  24. I think the wild card is still open so here is a picture for you to guess where it was taken. The city is part of river cruises but we did visited a different way. Location-River & City. Theo
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