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  1. If you have never been to either city before, I'd suggest you do the hop on hop off bus tours. Both are excellent and will give you a good overview of the architecture, culture, history etc of each city when you have limited time. The boarding points for both are very close to railway stations.
  2. I live in Glasgow and you need to know that Greenock is a good 45 minutes from Glasgow. Not sure where you're docking in Edinburgh. Rosyth is around 30'minutes from Edinburgh. Leith is much closer to the city. I can't tell you about shuttles, just about timings.
  3. I agree totally with the others. Casablanca is underwhelming to say the least. A trip to Rabat, the Moroccan capital, is very interesting. Royal palace etc. Much nicer than Casablanca, in fact the last time we were there, we didn't get off the ship.
  4. Yes, you can now get a visa online. Just be careful you get the official Indian Government site and not one of the sites which do it for you, for a fee. The visa is now a double-entry visa. I'd advise you to read all the help pages first because you need a particular size of passport photo, and you also need your passport bio page scanned as a PDF and nor a jpeg. Sounds complicated, but if you read all the advice first, you'll manage.
  5. patnlcc


    I think I may have some onboard credit on our next cruise from a referral coupon. Can anyone tell me where if I can confirm this on the Seabourn site?
  6. That's a plus 1 for ITA matrix. My three 'go to' websites for flights are Google flights, ITA matrix and sky scanner.
  7. Sounds great. We've sailed a number of times on Seabourn but have avoided the TK Grill because we didn't realise they had veggie options. Hubby is vegetarian.
  8. Are there vegetarian options in the TK Grill?
  9. Thank you all. Let's hope they offer a beach BBQ and caviar in the surf!
  10. Sir Bani Yas Island is a stop on our upcoming cruise. Seabourn are offering two excursions, a safari or a visit to archaeological sites. We don't fancy either. Can we simply go to the resort I've read about and spend some time there or can that only happen as part of a tour?
  11. Can you list your ports of call, please? The very knowledgable and helpful folks on here will then be able to advise you.
  12. I also have a coupon for anyone who wants it. Email me at pat.marwick@ntlworld.com
  13. Have a look at the referral thread as mentioned above and you'll get a €400 coupon.
  14. We actively seek out cruises with lots of sea days. We love the unrushed feel of choosing what to do. No early rises if we don't want them. Lots of fun things on board like the Officers' Deck Party and the boat building as mentioned. On last year's April transatlantic we had an crew versus guests Olympic Games. Such a fun event.
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