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  1. Good to know 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful time. Hubbie and I are having to wait until Feb for a Caribbean cruise on Splendor providing of course us Brits are allowed into the US by then.
  2. I would strongly suggest you avoid the trains; they are usually an absolute nightmare
  3. One afternoon, we sat in a box to watch a film which, looking through the screen was quite blurred and distorted, so we moved to another seat. I can appreciate 'the occasion' of it but glad I tried it out first, IMHO it wouldn't be worth it.
  4. Now that lifting of restrictions has been officially put back to 19th July, I can't see my Q.V. Mediterranean cruise in mid Sept from Southampton going ahead either. Surely, Cunard will be announcing yet another comprehensive update on the proposed Queens' sailings and put us out of our misery 😥
  5. Me too, I think it'll be a close call. I'll be ringing my booking agent to see if they're extending the deadline for payment of balance.
  6. Hopefully, more countries will be added soon - maybe ones that will actually let us in unlike some which have been mentioned so far.
  7. Yesterday's statement from the U.K. government announcing countries that we'll be allowed to visit without quarantine was completely pointless and a waste of time. And it certainly doesn't look promising for the cruising industry to kick off further afield beyond the Summer Staycation voyages. Countries on the Amber list may as well be on Red. I'm booked on the Queen Victoria on 17th Sept, Med cruise from Southampton; with no time frame given alongside these new restrictions I'm preparing myself for yet another cancellation. 😢
  8. Saw that too on my 17 Feb cruise. I know we're thinking the worst or it could just be sold out. We're probably over analysing this but who can blame us! So frustrating, just waiting to hear the next (hopefully, positive) instalment 🤞🏻
  9. You were right, it was the Disembarkation info, got straight through to Regent as well👍 Thanks
  10. NO! I don't see the point. I understand the need for vaccinations & testing and I agree with the buffet set up but the thought of being under all the other restrictive protocols 24/7 once you're on the ship isn't my idea of paying for a holiday. Mind you, it will be interesting to hear passengers' feedback after taking these 'cruises to nowhere'. Do hope we don't see discarded masks littering our seas & oceans like the ones scattered everywhere on land.
  11. National Express (Coach) is, as far as I'm aware the only direct form of transport from Southampton to Heathrow. Avoid the train unless you specifically want to go into London, in which case it will end at Waterloo terminal where you will have to change to the Tube (the Underground) for Heathrow - this will of course add more time (over an hour), expense and hassle. Seriously, I'm struggling to think of anything worse. Obviously, double check N.E. are still direct and make the necessary reservations. Or there are some good suggestions on here re. car/chauffeur service.
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