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  1. Not for me. I can't see being cooped-up in a standard cabin for that long - it would start to feel like a prison cell. I think I would go insane after a month or 2. I guess the bean counters see a market for this. Best of luck to them.
  2. Oh yeah, check that out. Hopefully these places will be well used by the teens.
  3. What are the "social100" venues located at a couple of places on the upper decks, is that RCI code for TBD or something new?
  4. Are there ways around Law? Is that what you're really asking? Yes - be rich, famous or a politician. Otherwise, no. The simplest way around FL law prohibiting vac passport is simply to not require vaccines to cruise.
  5. Is the only way to prove of vaccination the little paper card they give out after the shot(s)?
  6. Being able to smoke during dinner in the main dining room. lol - just kidding.😁
  7. It definitely looks different up there. And although the deck plans show a sports court, it doesn't look like the traditional basketball court.
  8. It would be nice to know how far apart the CDC and the major cruise lines really are? I feel like the biggest sticking points come down to pre-cruise testing and vaccinated passengers only. It makes me wonder if the big cruise lines agreed to vaccinated passengers only, would the CDC reopen ports?
  9. I do remember them. It was difficult recognizing them in the other picture wearing sunglasses & hats.
  10. I remember her posting in the roll call. I think I met them once or twice - maybe at Duffy's and at the M&M? RIP cruisers.
  11. Thanks, I missed that one. I guess RCL is willing to gamble a little with Brilliance that the ban may be overturned.
  12. It depends on what you mean by "fully". The US will never be 100% vaccinated, some people simply won't take the shot. If we end up with 50% - 60% of the population vaccinated and 15% - 25% who previously had the virus, we might get to that ever changing herd immunity threshold.🙏
  13. I just can't get beyond constantly wearing of a mask and getting my temperature taking every-time I want to do something. There are plenty of places I enjoy going to and get to lose the mask the entire time I'm there. I'm going to stick to that until cruises once again resemble something I love to do. About the only plus I see now is the reduction in passengers. I'd love to sail on an Oasis class at 50%-60% capacity.
  14. Unless the restrictions are lifted, the Radiance isn’t going to go there. That’s how it’s going to work. You should consider that you may end up with a 5-night cruise with only one stop, and if that’s acceptable to you.
  15. I’m finished booking cruises for the foreseeable future. I miss cruises for sure but what am I going to do? Canceling more future cruises that probably will never happen as advertised isn’t the answer for me. I’ve only book refundable cruises in the past, otherwise I’d be stuck with 3 FCC’s and no guarantee they’ll ever sail. When they are up and running again, maybe I’ll book another. I’m a little concerned about the quality of service after the reboot so I’m in full wait and see mode.
  16. You don't need to sell one brand in order to redefine another. If they raised a billion in cash last month, I doubt it was from revenue.
  17. They might but I would not just assume that. I read the statement from the COO and all she said was things would remain the same up until the sale of the company. She mentioned nothing about FCC carry-over. Clearly this equity firm is picking up a deal on the street because they have money and knows RCCL needs money. The firm may decide to tell RCCL the FCC's is your problem, not ours. Hard to say at this point if this Firm is ready or able to run a cruise line. My guess is they plan to turn them over quickly, or sit on the ships until the market rebounds and sell them to the highest bidder. I'd be surprised if they end up sold for scrap, but these are trying times.
  18. Richard Fain is saying he sees light at the end of the tunnel. Problem is, there may not be much left at the end of the tunnel. I wonder how much CocoCay is worth???
  19. 2020 New Year's cruise on Oasis. It's been a long time since going a year+ without a cruise.
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