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  1. She has a home in Naples, Florida And here in RI. @jagsfanTalk about killing two birds with one stone. Eye check and skin fix. We tried the Impossible burgers once. Family gave them a thumbs down. Maybe if I cooked them to my usual well done, maybe the flavor (leather) would have been more similar to an actual burger. Mark, I'm so envious of your trip. I need to work on finding a special needs dog sitter. BTW, I wore out my towel but my white ship shape, never worn t-shirt is in my closet somewhere. I have 50 ship shape bucks left. I'll buy that towel from you.
  2. I've got to give it to her. She wears that snake well. For a snake it is actually quite pretty but it still gives me the creeps to think about touching it.
  3. LOL. I had the wrong ship for March. I think she might just deserve an extra cruise!
  4. @BonTexasNYThat is a wonderful story! @A&L_OntForgot to mention this last night. I struggled with the problems at top but they came back to me once I saw the answers. By the time I got to the "Greek" math problems at the bottom I decided to give up. I used to do well in math, just loved the QBA courses I took in college but it seems that simple math (like making change) seems hard to do some days. @jagsfanMimi, positive thoughts coming your way today and in the future!
  5. @reallyitsmemaInteresting about the turkeys. What is up with that? My MIL always gets them from the turkey farm in MA. I think it starts with a B or it is in the town that's name starts with a B. I'll have to tell her tomorrow to get on the case and find out.
  6. LOL. Consider yourself lucky! I am going on 3 years with our mudroom and I am married to the "plumber". Gas hook up was moved from previous location about 3 weeks ago and now the dryer is in the mudroom and the washer, well, it is still off the kitchen. Next is the water lines but can't do that until the last pieces of baseboard are installed behind the new toilet. All I can say is it had better get done soon or I will be making the news, and not in a good way.
  7. My mother told me twice in the last month that the paper goods will be in short supply again. Sometimes I think hearing stuff like that is enough to send everyone into a tizzy. Kind of like saying the snow word up here in New England. DH said there was no kleenex band tissue a few weeks back. Not that much demand though, plenty of B & J brand left on the shelves.
  8. @jagsfanI'm sorry to hear your news. The waiting must have been difficult these past few weeks. Add me to the group wishing you a speedy recovery! @lenquixote66 Toby must have been so relieved to hear the good news. I'm glad to hear she felt well enough to take part in some shopping therapy. Way more fun that physical therapy, for sure! It is so sad to hear how much stress that insurance company is putting upon the shoulders of your entire family, especially Mallory. Seems pretty heartless to even think about how they book, then cancel, then point fingers, then come up with more hurdles to jump. My mother went through something similar when trying to get an MRI last year. The facility called to make an appointment, she pointed out she needed to go somewhere else (due to her pacemaker) and they put it down as patient refusal and she was back to square one with her doctor having to go through approval process all over again. It took months for the test to actually get done.
  9. Congratulations Sue! I guess Flight was cancelled because better things were destined to happen to you. I look at those machines and have no idea what I am looking at. It might be in my best interest to give them a try when we finally see the Symphony in April.
  10. I was wondering what that was. No french fries in the ones here at home, although I would not be opposed to trying one. It might be my favorite food group, besides dessert.
  11. I feel for you! I get sick myself, last time was on a 35 minute fast speed ferry that could not then dock for another 10 minutes once we arrived. I was ready to swim to the island at that point. The other time was about 4 years ago in Grenada down the god awful mountain road with no a/c and plenty of exhaust coming in the windows. Just thinking about it makes me nauseous. DH didn't even notice how green in the face I was, he had no problem. I was looking for the tin car in the photo. It must be really small, I couldn't see it.😀
  12. Glad you made it! Sorry you couldn't get to sleep. When I read the part about you not being able to check-in it brought back memories of our flight leaving Barcelona. I, too, could not check-in and my surprise at the airport was to to find out that I was going to be subjected to a secondary screening. I was directed to go sit at the "special screening" area, along with the other lucky people, to wait for it too start. nly problem was that there was no numbering system and the place kept filling up. I barely made the flight all for them to look over my passport and go through my luggage. Ugg! So stressful and no chance to get anything to eat while I waited.
  13. That's how I knew it was Canadian, no weird brown things on it.
  14. As are the pear. Can’t go wrong with any of them. Chocolate, espresso, grapefruit or Laura’s lemon drop. Only wrong one would be a dirty. Tastes like sea water.
  15. We had a similar situation after having the wooden siding stripped in preparation for vinyl siding. I found nails in my garden beds two summers straight. I complained to DH but heck, he never mentioned trying a magnet. 😒 The fire department my husband worked on sold t-shirts and sweatshirts for many years as a fundraiser. Can't say they were as creative, I must have 10 shirts/sweatshirts that pretty much all look the same. LOL. I would have needed about 5 to overcome that traumatizing event. I was going to suggest the same thing. I know in our state they have a rescue group for wildlife.
  16. LOL. Just catching up here and I had the same thought. What time/date did you go with? Didn't the last one say the 3rd is the earliest and you are flying the 4th? Sorry if you mentioned it earlier.
  17. @dani negreanuDon't feel bad Dani. I could see your video the first time around. Another interesting bit of information on life in Israel.
  18. Maybe a few t-shirts that say "I am happy and thrilled to be here. If I need anything I will let you know."
  19. I might use that on the cheesecake this year. And because it is an extra special gathering (none last year) I might just serve dessert first.
  20. Raising my hand. I was able to save about $500 on my Edge cruise in February. That was last week, maybe I should check again. Of course the price adjustment didn't go as expected. I think the rep told me it was more like $600 (dummy booking only showed $500 difference). I didn't receive an updated invoice so after another call and actual receipt I saw the refund was only $400+. On call #3 the tech said the invoice was correct even though I had the dummy booking up on my screen. After 45 minutes a revised booking confirmed what I saw on the screen. Of course I would have preferred to get the $600 the first rep told me but I never saw that price displayed. Getting price adjustments can be hit or miss. Sometimes the invoice is exactly what you expect and sometimes they manage to revise the pricing but lose the amenities like the OBC.
  21. What no spreadsheets? My husband says thats what scares them off. I actually did short videos on administering the correct drug dosage for his liquid meds. Quite frankly I think it was the video on the Nespresso machine that sealed the deal.
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