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  1. Should be a nice visit to Colon. It's at the bottom (of the itinerary).
  2. I was thinking about taking this cruise next year on the Star, but have been on that ship before (nothing wrong with the Star, just like to experience different ships). I was convinced I was going to do a MSC itinerary instead that only focused on Norway, but this looks so much better. Anyhow, your review may swing me back to NCL. Thanks for sharing
  3. Just left Seaview yesterday. No status with MSC and did self disembarkation (where you keep your luggage and walk off the ship). Was at MIA by 8:30am. We had loads of slow downs and errors that were our own (we had booked a shuttle we couldn't find for almost 30 minutes, etc...). We didn't even start to walk off the ship until 7:30am and I believe disembarkation had been going on for over 30 minutes at that point. If I were to do it again I would walk off between 7-8am and after exiting the terminal I would walk to the right past all the other passengers until it opens up (around Terminal G, pickup spot 6) and grab an UBER/LYFT. No congestion there at all.
  4. NCL does not offer this on all cruises. It was not offered on the STAR last summer out of Venice. I actually called the front desk about it and they said it isn't offered on all cruises.
  5. This is obviously an issue with the original poster and not MSC
  6. We also loved the Jewel. The Spinnaker lounge was a great place to hang out in with a great view. I haven't seen anything like that again on another NCL ship. The only other NCL cruises we have taken were on Star & Breakaway. Would cruise on the Jewel again just for Spinnaker.
  7. We were on the same cruise. We had a blast - no regrets. If I was going to be nitpick I would say I personally thought service was pretty slow compared to our 2 other NCL cruises on the Star & Jewel. I figured it was the large size of the Breakaway. I also felt there were not many seats at any of the bars if you wanted to hang out and listen to the band, etc... Atrium was nearly impossible to find a seat so we spent many nights sitting up at O'Sheehans looking over the rail (which was fine with us). Never saw seats available in Shakers when someone was performing. I felt bad for the bartenders because they were just slammed the whole time. I mean drink after drink with no break for them, time for small talk, etc... I bartended in college and I think it was the most demanding job I could imagine for a bartender. They were making drinks and taking the next drink orders simultaneously. The size of the ship allowed for lots of great shows and activities though. Rock Of Ages was incredibly well done for a cruise ship. Embarkation/Disembarkation was a breeze. Anyhow, just my opinion. I would sail the Breakaway again and out of NO again.
  8. We are also on this cruise. I won't dress up. I dress up every single day for work in a suit. I will bring pants for some of the nicer restaurants just to gain access. Definitely looking forward to it though! See all of you in 2 days!!
  9. We were supposed to get off at 8am but someone jumped off our ship to teach her boyfriend a lesson and we didnt disembark until 5pm.
  10. I was on the Star for this. I find it funny NCL has not communicated anything with us other than a automated post cruise survey. I don't blame NCL for this drama queen jumping overboard. I guess she showed her boyfriend. It would have been nice if they offered us more than 15 minutes of free internet to make other arrangements. 15 minutes of free internet is basically enough time to send 2 emails with the slow speeds you find on ship. Their response for those of us onboard was inadequate in that regard. They made things "available" like the conference rooms to make calls but there were so many people it was a joke. They had a system where they assigned group numbers to access the phones and I believe they got up to group 6 (and there were around 20 groups total). I'm personally grateful that I only lost about $300 in train tickets to our next destination. There were many people having to book tickets back to the US for Monday/Tuesday at $2000 each. How the captain and ship handled the search and rescue seemed top notch. Very respectful dialogue. Attitude was very somber on the ship and everyone felt bad when we assumed a life was lost. I'm glad she survived but I hope she gets locked up in a croatian jail for awhile personally because this is a criminal act.
  11. We take our son with Autism on cruises. He is fairly non-verbal but pretty mellow and generally goes with the flow. I emailed the access desk at NCL and we were able to get priority embarkation/disembarkation and tendering. They also offered a private muster drill in our room but we declined. We never really felt that crowded on the ship. There are long lines to get on/off the ship but otherwise it was pretty good. I suppose the buffets are pretty busy as well and can be overwhelming. We did bring BOSE noise cancelling headphones for our son. Everyone seemed to know us by the end of the cruise because we were in the action most nights while he was wearing his headphones. Regardless, I generally felt like we could always get away from crowds if we had to. Regarding the kids club - when we visited the kids club the first time they were very nice and happy to include our son in all the activities. We ultimately did not leave him there because they just weren't equipped to make sure he didn't just wander off. I'm not criticizing but there was no check in/check out, etc... that you would find if letting your kids spend the day at a day care or somewhere else that is focused on child care. We generally felt unsettled about leaving him in the kids club even if only for an hour or two. Anyhow, that was our experience with a child on the spectrum. We had a great time though and are going on our second NCL cruise in a few weeks out of Venice.
  12. We also have a son with autism and they have offered to come to our room for a private muster drill. The class cabin won't matter. This was set up thru the special needs department.
  13. Hi - We are taking the Norwegian Star on August 12th from Venice thru Greece, Montenegro & Croatia. We are incredibly excited and looking forward to a great trip. Several of the excursions say "As tour visits religious sites, please dress appropriately; no bare shoulders or shorts are allowed." This is understandable but I'd prefer not to wear pants in the heat. I just may not go into some of these sites (I generally avoid places where I have to wear long pants on vacation). I did a search and there is not a lot of information on this. I saw the tips for my wife regarding bringing a shawl to cover your shoulders. So, for my wife it sounds like she should bring a shawl to cover her shoulders? Are capri pants are OK? I saw some people say they wore mens shorts below the knees but I am looking for input on this. Were people getting turned away for wearing shorts? I may buy convertible pants but I'd prefer not to. Anyhow, looking for any insights people may have. Thanks.
  14. It means you start with a bloody mary when you wake up, then maybe a mimosa, then a few beers, have a bushwhacker or two by the pool, then a few glasses of wine and a liquer before bed.
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